A Vision of a Rose

Slowing Down

It took everyone a few days before we decided to really do stuff.

Pietro was on the road to recovery. Helen began working on healing the tissues and I had helped her, having started training with healing magic.

During the time off that I had, I was mostly resting, healing, and thinking about how to talk to Clint about what's going on with me whenever I'm around Vision.

One evening, Clint brought me food to eat, like usual since we got back since I was told not to walk unless I had to. Before he left, I said, "Can I ask you something?"

He paused, hand on the doorknob. He turned back to me and walked to me, sitting on the edge of my bed. "What's up?" he asked.

"Well, there's this guy that recently joined the team," I said slowly, trying not to hint that it was Vision, "and ever since I first saw him, I've felt...different around him."

"How so?" Clint said.

"The pain goes away that I feel, I feel safe, and I find it hard to talk and concentrate around him," I said. "What does it mean?"

Clint did a small smile as he looked at me. "It means you're in love, Baby Sister," he said.

"What?!" I replied, startled.

He nodded. "Nothing to be shocked about. It happens to everyone," he added. "Is he young?"

"He's wise for his age," I said. "Close enough."

"Is he good looking?" Clint said, eager to learn about the person.

"I think so," I said. "But I don't know if he feels the same about me as I do him."

"I can talk to him for you," Clint offered. "Or not." He changed his mind when I quickly shook my head. "Ok, well, have you been around each other a lot?"

"Not since we got back," I answered.

It was true: since I was given bedrest, I haven't seen a lot of Vision or the others. Only if they stopped by. Vision did the first day I was resting, but it was when I had just woken up from a nap. He had apologized for disturbing me and before I could call out to him, he was gone. He hadn't came back since.

"What should I do, Clint?" I asked. "I don't know what to do. I need help."

"Hang out with him more when you're healed," Clint said. "Once you have an idea, then ask him out." He paused, an idea coming to mind. "In fact, Tony's having another party soon. Ask him to that."

"Should I?" I said, my heart racing at the idea of having to ask Vision out on a date. The thought horrified me.

"You want a chance with him, right?" Clint said. When I nodded, he continued, "Then go for it!"

I looked down, nodding slowly. "Alright, I'll do it," I said.

"And if he turns you down, then you have your big brother to back you up," Clint said. He got up and kissed the top of my head. "Enjoy your meal. I'll check in on you before you go to sleep."

"Thanks Clint," I said as he walked out.

I ate my food in silence and then got up, limping to the window. I knew I shouldn't be on my foot when it's this bad, but I had to think, clear my mind.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," I called. I turned as the door opened, feeling my heart skip a beat: it was Vision.

"Is this a bad time?" he asked, seeing that I was in my nightgown, which is what I've been in for awhile since I haven't left my room.

"No, no, you're fine," I replied, trying not to blush. I went to walk to the bed but my leg suddenly gave in, causing me to collapse.

Or, at least I would've had Vision not flown to me and picked me up, carrying me to my bed. "Careful," he said, setting me down on the edge. "You really shouldn't be on it yet."

"I just had to think," I said.

"You have a lot on your mind," Vision stated. "And there's something you want to tell me."

His words caught me off guard and I just looked at him, speechless. "How-?" I began.

"Your posture and the look in your eyes," Vision answered as if it was nothing. "So, what do you want to ask me?"

"Tony's throwing a party soon," I said. I got stuck on the next sentence by looking at him so I turned to the window, staring at him in the reflection. He looked at me through the windows, eyes locking. "W-would you like to go with me?"

Vision smiled slightly and placed a hand on the side of my face. I expected it to be cold, but it was actually warm, like human skin. He turned his body to me and tilted my head to look at him. "Took you long enough," he replied.

"You knew?" I asked, confused.

"Can't miss it with how you reacted around me compared to the others," Vision said. "I may have been born only a few days ago, but I definitely know when someone likes someone."

I looked down, blushing. "Do the others know?" I said.

"That I don't know," Vision said. He surprised me with a hug. "I'll go to the party with you."

I smiled, returning the hug. "Thank you," I said. I felt relief course through me.

"Thank you for asking me," Vision replied.

The day of the party arrived and I was back to walking, though I had to use crutches if I was on my feet for any length of time.

Every night since Vision accepted my invitation for us to go together, he could come visit me and we would talk for a little bit before I got tired and he left to let me sleep.

My heart would always flutter when he was around and whenever he would speak, it felt like I was floating in the sky, in his arms, of course. Whenever we hugged, I never wanted it to end, feeling protected by my savior.

Sometimes, I had dreams about the night he saved me.

Other times, I had nightmares about what I saw when Wanda had used her mind control powers on me. It caused me to wake up screaming. Almost like a cue, Vision would rise up from the floor, since his room was right below me, and he'd sooth me until I fell back asleep. Then he would float back down and the rest of the night would be peaceful once again.

I didn't have the courage to tell Clint what I had seen yet. I didn't know how to explain it to him.

"So you ask him?" Clint asked when he and I went to breakfast the morning of.

"He said yes," I replied as I went to get my plate of food but Clint got it as well so that I only had the crutches to worry about.

"Good," Clint said. "So, you going to tell me who it is? Or do I have to wait."

"You have to wait," I replied.

We went to a table and sat down, Natasha already there finishing up eating. "You," she said, pointing to me. "When you finish, I'm taking you out to prepare for tonight."

"Um, ok," I said. "What are we going to have done?"

"Hair and makeup," Natasha said. "You'll look stellar, especially with your date Clint told me you had a crush on."

I looked at Clint as he gave me my plate.

"What, you think my best friend wouldn't tell me that his little sister's falling for someone, hard?" Natasha said. "I've seen it, too."

"Alright, alright, I got it," I said as I started to eat. "But right now, I'm starving. So let's dig in."

The other two started to eat as well.

After we finished, Natasha dragged me away from Clint and out into New York City.

"I know who you like," Natasha said as we walked.

"Oh really?" I said. If she could figure it out, then could the others, besides Vision, himself? "Who is it, then?"

"Obviously it's Vision," Natasha said. She smirked as she notice me jump and almost stumble. "The guys don't notice it easily but hey, I'm a girl, I know the whole crush situation. I know what it feels like." She paused. "So what is it about him that you like?"

"Well, for one, he saved me from Ultron," I said. "He got me out of there when I tried to run. And he is handsome, even if he is an android." I let a smile cross my safe. "I feel safe around him, protected in his arms, as if there were some kind of attack, if I stayed there, everything would be ok."

"Then he's perfect for you," Natasha said. "Make sure your relationship lasts."

"I'll make sure," I replied. "Because I definitely don't want it to end."

The two of us spent the morning getting our hair done and then she took me out to lunch. I asked how much I owed her but she waved it off, saying that she thought I deserved a treat. After lunch, we went to get our makeup done and she surprised me by getting out of the bag she had brought my dress.

"Go change," she said as she handed it to me. "Change then makeup."

I nodded and went to go change, coming back and then having my makeup done.

Like when Natasha did it, after they finished, I had a hard time believing it was me in the mirror.

"This is you, Kid," Natasha said, patting me on the back. "Even that android boyfriend of yours can't resist how amazing you look."

I blushed, not noticeable with makeup on. "We're not officially together yet," I said.

"Key word, yet," Natasha said. "Come on, let's get to the tower. You can go to your room and I'll send Vision to you."

The party was starting and Clint glanced around the room for me or Natasha, trying to find us. But we weren't there.

Tony came up to him. "What, the two girls bail?" he asked.

"Don't know," Clint replied. "Rose has a date for tonight."

"Who's the lucky devil?" Tony questioned.

"Don't know," Clint answered. "She refused to tell me."

"Maybe they're hiding away from us, doing stuff they don't want us to know about?" Tony said.

"She's not like that," Clint said quickly. "Plus, she's not the one to let someone have their way with her without picking a fight. No, she and Natasha are still out."

"They've been gone awhile," Tony remarked. "Left after breakfast."

Clint sighed, "I know. It just makes me worried."

Vision passed by them as he looked around for me, a slight frown on his face. "She doesn't seem like the one to blow someone off," he muttered, backing off to the edge of the party. His light cyber blue eyes scanned the incoming crowd.

"Hey," a voice said behind him.

He turned to see Natasha. "Miss Romanoff," he said.

"We just got back," Natasha said. "She and I. She's in her room, waiting for you."

Vision nodded. "Thank you," he said, going that way.

"Coming your way, Kid," Natasha said into a small microphone in her shirt. "Look sharp."

"Thanks Nat," I replied before turning the microphone off and putting it in a drawer. I looked in the mirror as I stood up, using the bed to help me keep up.

Once again, it was too beautiful to be me.

"I have got to stop being so negative on myself for looks. Some girls would kill for looks like mine. After all, this isn't the typical brown hair, brown eyes mix."

I turned as there was a knock on the door, allowing a smile to cross my face. "Come in, Vision," I said.

The door opened.

"Rose, Miss Romanoff said that…" he began but his voice trailed off when he saw me. After a long pause, he said, "I'm sorry. I couldn't find the right word to describe your appearance." He added quickly, "That's a good thing."

My smile widened and I half-walked, half-limped to him. "That's all I need to know that I look good," I said.

"But you always do," Vision said as he met me half-way and put one of my arms over his shoulders. "Where are your crutches? Don't you need them?"

"They're by the door," I replied, gesturing to them.

Vision flew me over to them and grabbed them for me. "I'll take you down the stairs before I let you down," he said. "I hope you don't mind being carried."

"For you, I'll make an exception," I said.

Vision glided out of the room and to the party.

I noticed Clint and Tony look my way as we came down the stairs and I was placed down.

"Wow, picking up on the good-looking ones already, Vision?" Tony asked as the two of them came to us.

"Why didn't you tell me this was your date?" Clint said to me before Vision or I could reply to Tony.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," I answered as I reached over and took Vision's hand in my own. I looked up at him and smiled, him looking down at me and returning the smile.

Clint smiled as he saw that. "Well, as long as you're happy, I approve," he said. He turned and dragged Tony away before the inventor could say another word.

"That went better than expected," I said once they were out of earshot.

"Indeed," Vision agreed. "Let's sit down and I'll get you a drink."

We walked over to where a couple of chairs were and I sat down while he went to get a drink.

"No alcohol," I called after him.

"I know," he replied.

I watched as he left, smiling. Without turning, I said, "Pietro, how you feeling?"

"How'd you know I was here?" Pietro asked as he walked next to me.

"I sensed you," I answered as I turned to him. "How's your recovery?"

"It's getting along," Pietro said. "I never got to thank you for helping me."

"You saved my brother," I said. "It was the least I could do."

"How are you doing with your recovery?" Pietro said, gesturing to my crutches that I had set next to me.

"Well, I'm up and out," I said. "So that's gotta mean something, right?"

"It is an improvement," Pietro agreed. "I have one more tissue-therapy session before I'm cleared again."

"I have ten sessions before I'm cleared, and I don't start those until I'm off of crutches," I said. "So right now, I have to wait a long time. And the sessions are spread out over a month."

"What about using magic?" Pietro said. "Like how you helped me?"

"I was told the spell to use on you," I said. "I haven't done any personal training on healing magic yet. I would've while I was resting, but Clint insisted I only focus on recovering before I practice, even if I wasn't on my feet."

"He's just being protective," Pietro said. "After all, he has only one little sister. And speaking of sisters, I'm going to find mine." He sped off before I could reply.

I turned as Vision returned, thanking him as he handed me my drink.

"I heard that we're going to be a new Avenger team," Vision said as he sat down. "You, me, Sam, Rhodey, Wanda, and Pietro."

"Really?" I said, taking a sip of the drink.

"Yes," Vision said. "This is also a party to open the new Avengers Headquarters. We should be moving there tomorrow."

"How far is it from here?" I said, not really wanting to move too far from my home. I still wanted to check on my other family every so often.

"About half a day's trip," Vision said.

"And once we're settled in, we start training," I said.

Vision nodded.

I leaned back in the chair. "I'm not sure I'll be making the original trip with you guys," I said. "I still have my therapy I have to do. Helen talked to me about it and everything. One month long after I get off the crutches."

"She will be there," Vision stated. "And if you want, I can help you move your stuff."

"Oh, it's not my stuff that bothers me about moving," I said. I rested a hand on my leg. "It's this."

"Then I can carry you," Vision insisted.

"You don't want me to stay behind, do you?" I asked, curious.

Vision shook his head. "Not especially," he answered truthfully.

I chuckled.

"I appeared to have missed something," Vision said, slightly confused. "Why are you chuckling?"

"You know, even though you're basically Ultron's son, you have inherited Tony's stubbornness," I said with a smile.

Vision thought that over for a moment and then did a small chuckle, himself. "Yes, it appears so," he agreed. He reached over and took my hand in his. "But it doesn't change how I feel about you." He kissed the back of my hand. "Rose."

I blushed, once again glad the makeup didn't reveal it. My smile grew. "Vision."

"I hope this is meant to be, because if not, then this'll be more painful than even Ultron's abuse."

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