Throne Heir - Taekook


In which the Korean Prince Kim Taehyung loses his kingdom to the one he has once helped who´s no other than Jeon Jungkook, the new king. And Taehyung´s fiance.

Romance / Drama
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The Kingdom of Korea was ruled by their king kind Park Chanyeol who ruled along with his husband, Byun Baekhyun. And they were having a son, with the name of Kim Taehyung.

The most beautiful person of the kingdom. Taehyung was raised to be kind, and he truly was. Everyone adored the pretty boy, enjoying his company or just admiring from afar. It was forbidden to approach the beautiful prince.

And that was the problem with Taehyung’s parents. Since he was so beautiful, fragile and stunning, he was a prey for any men who were longing for power. Other kings and lords took notice of the beautiful Korean prince.

Which scared his parents. They were known for being a powerful country, yet too frail when it came to military power. So when new kings came, they approached their beautiful son. Courting him, admiring him for his beauty or chasing after him.

A few even tried raping or kidnapping the boy. Causing Chanyeol and Baekhyun to freak out over this, being utterly scared for the sake of their little Baby. And what do parents do when they were scared for their child?

They protect it. And for Chanyeol and Baekhyun is was locking Taehyung away so no one could see his beauty ever again. Taehyung was fourteen when he wasn’t allowed to leave the palace anymore, he couldn’t even go out into the garden without protection or guards.

And what does a child do who’s overprotected by his parents? They rebel. And for Taehyung it was running away from the palace.

Along with his best friend Park Jimin, he ran down into the village that was near the palace, hiding his unreal face behind a coat and his sweet tempting and feminine body under thick layers of clothing. And being the prince, even a hidden one immediately drew attention.

Especially from a raven-haired beggar that kept watching the beautiful boy. Nothing could deny Kim Taehyung’s absolute beauty, not even multiple layers of clothing.

And what was the beggar’s name?

Jeon Jeongguk. To this time, a twenty years old male. A boy without family living in the dirt. But that changed once he met Kim Taehyung. Because Taehyung prevented some drunken men from hurting Jeongguk that day.

The little prince has told some soldiers in the village about them before sneakingly grabbing Jeongguk by his thin wrist to run away with him before these men could grab the poor boy again. While Jimin was keeping them safe from the eyes of the public so Taehyung could stay with Jeongguk in peace. Taehyung treated Jeongguk’s wounds and spent the whole day with the young beggar.

And Jeongguk instantly fell in love with his kind saver. He was flashed by Taehyung’s kindness and beauty, wanting to have the little beauty so bad for his own that the thought devoured him.

From this day on, Jeon Jeongguk promised himself to be a guy worth his angel’s love. Taehyung was found by guards of the palace later on that day. And Jeongguk was devastated when his angel was taken from him.

But even more when he found out who Taehyung really was. The prince of Korea.

And he promised himself to become strong enough to take Kim Taehyung as rightfully his.

So this was exactly what he did.

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