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Chapter 14: Kiss

Whenever someone mentions the names Gary Oak or Misty Waterflower, the general population has an association with the other automatically. Quite often, those names were also synonymous with the term ‘making out’ seeing as the pair were caught doing just that if opportunities arose. But as the general population often underestimated, the ‘making out’ sessions shared between the two were never just rampant hormonal urges displayed for the public. More often than not, it was a special moment imbued with delicate meaning, each lip touch a symbolic marker of personal understanding. And for each member of this relationship, different sorts of lip locks were the preference and most meaningful.

Misty was a timeless romantic, everyone who’d known her in the slightest was familiar with that fact. One of her favorite sorts of kisses were Gary’s tender ones, the kind he’d give her after a long day at the gym battling newbie trainers or after hectic meetings at the Indigo Plateau. His lips would be soft on her own, caressing her and nibbling just the slightest in a manner that said ‘It’s over, and tomorrow will be better. I promise.’ She’d be comfortably wrapped within his strong grip, and they’d do little more than this, which suited the redhead just fine.

One of Gary’s favorite kisses were the sweet kind; they were the ones where Misty would get up before him and sneak into the bedroom with breakfast made and a gentle brush of lips. Or when she’d surprise him at the Oak Laboratory when he’d be working late for his grandfather, bringing him a cup of much needed coffee and a loving peck to brighten his mood. Or simply when he hadn’t seen her in weeks because of their busy schedules and they’d lock within each other's grasp and press love between them, their mouths happily tasting and remembering.

In the youngest Waterflower’s opinion, you also couldn’t miss out on those quick kisses. Those exchanges in busy hallways during gym conference meetings or snuck behind people’s backs as they were engaged in some attention grabbing situation. The sort that cropped up when both parties knew the day was far from over but a instantaneous pick-me-up peck would cure the aching need for a few hours longer; because it was only that long they needed to last before they’d be with each other once more. When Gary had that look in his eye, the hungry, ravaging look that could not be fulfilled with the subtle brush of lips and would lead to an all-the-better reunion for them.

The brunette often also included angry kisses as one of his preferred kind, but don’t jump his bones yet. Both leaders from Viridian and Cerulean were known for their aggressive temperaments so it shouldn’t be shocking that more times than not the pair would slam doors and throw inanimate objects and then kiss each other so fiercely that there would be scratched backs and bruised arms and swollen lips left behind in the wake. But for Gary those were one of the best kisses given. He loved the feel of waking up sore and abused, carrying markings from Misty that showed she had claimed him as hers alone with reddened skin and bitten lips.

Then, for Misty, there were also the sad kisses that meant the world to her. When she felt so weighed down that not even pastries or romantic novels or Pokemon battles could cure her, Gary was there with his sad kisses. It was almost as if he felt her pain echoed within himself and wanted to share the burden of handling it. These kisses would be amongst tears and clenched hearts, where their connected lips would repeatedly break and rejoin, break and rejoin. There would be consoling words and brushes of the forehead, hands lacing and bodies cuddled together underneath warm blankets, soothing lips used to emulate the cascading emotions running through the two.

And there is one collective type of kiss that both Misty and Gary can agree that tops all their other favorites though. It’s what they identify as the passionate kiss. This is the kiss that takes all the heavy feeling from every other type of kiss they enjoy and combines it into their ultimate kiss. It's that sort of kiss where their toes curl and the muscles in both their backs tense from pure anticipation and elation, leaving only the burning desire to never stray from the other's side. The type of kiss you have after spending years together through both pain and joy, the hardest of Pokemon battles and the easiest of lazy days in the sun at the Pallet Town's Oak Laboratory; by experiencing the most strange of life's circumstances like being repeatedly stalked by crazed fangirls or the most relaxing of situations like vacationing in the Orange Islands as an anniversary present.

And it's this type of kiss that the general population is unintentionally most privy to, no matter whether they understand its significance or representation. Because to Gary and Misty, lost within each other in such a case, the world could ogle all they wanted and never change the feelings such kisses held.

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