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Chapter 3: Key

“. . . I don’t understand.” Misty blinked in confusion as she hugged the water pokemon to her chest affectionately. This elicited a happy squeal from said pokemon and the Cerulean City gym leader smiled down at him before turning back to the cinnamon haired gym leader sitting across from her on the Waterflower couch.

“His name is Key.” His voice was collected and deep, the words rolling off his tongue like honey. His eyes flashed momentarily in affection as Misty blinked again with a changeless expression.

“Yeah, I heard you the first time. I just don’t understand . . . Why?” The redhead hesitated for a second, stroking her pokemon’s top fin softly as she tried to comprehend the circumstances behind this naming.

“Why not?” He replied nonchalantly, legs propped up and tapping his toes together with Misty’s as the watched each other unwaveringly on the couch. The only difference between the two gazes was Misty’s confusion turned into irritation and Gary’s calmness changed to smugness.

“Because it’s shaped like a heart.” Her words were deadpanned, as if this fact should be obvious to the male playing with her feet in a carefree manner. Didn’t he realize how awkward this name was?

“And . . .” the male quipped indifferently. The female water pokemon expert felt her mouth twitch, the first step in her quick acceleration to 'pissed off'. All he had to say was ‘And?’

“You named it Key,” she reminded with straining patience. The silence nearly stifled her. Gary stopped focusing on playing footsie and looked back to Misty’s peeved expression with complete innocence.

“Yes. And . . .?” And then the pokemon world exploded within the Waterflower household.

“IT’S A FREAKING LUVDISC! WHY WOULD YOU NAME A LUVDISC, WHO IS SHAPED LIKE A HEART, SOMETHING LIKE KEY??” Said Luvdisc chirped at his new master in concern, the anger frightening him as she reassured the heart creature with her gentle touches that reflected nothing of her actual emotions at the moment.

“You’d rather I name it Heart?” The explosion didn’t phase the gym leader in the slightest. He was familiar with the water trainer's temper tantrums and frankly, Gary loved making her mad just because he could. It was a pleasure to see her own heart-shaped face blazing with emotion, and he always knew the perfect way to tame this wild Luxray of a girl. And his plan of action went into motion the moment Misty broke threshold and tried to shove one powerful fist into Gary’s smirking face. He caught it and tugged her, along with her new Luvdisc, into his arms for a bearhug. She struggled against him for a minute, anxious for the welfare of her new precious friend, before settling into him with her back against his chest and his arms loosely capturing her.

“You wanna know why I named this little guy Key?” he whispered into her ear when she had been fuming for over a minute in silence. He tucked some of her loose orange strands carefully behind her ear before letting his lips touched it softly.

“No.” Misty remained pouty and defiant, but even the cerulean eyed woman couldn’t stay angry at the affection being poured onto her by her sweet boyfriend.

“Okay,” he breathily conceded. His agreement, plus the continued kissing of Misty’s cheek and neck had her retaliating not too long after her initial refusal.

“. . . Tell me Oak.” Her face was turning red from embarrassment, and she was so thankful he couldn’t see the effect he had on her, even though she was sure he already knew. Luvdisc, on the other hand, took her redness as a sign of calming down and drowsily snuggled into her warm arms. Misty unconsciously mimicked her new pokemon’s action.

“It’s because you’re the Key to my heart.” After a few seconds digesting his muffled words behind her hair, Misty let out an unladylike groan.

“. . . Oh my Mew, you’re ridiculous. Are you serious?” She turned her head to face him, their lips merely centimeters apart as she watched his grinning face in disbelief. Gary was quick to quip a comment back about his seriousness.

“As serious as Ash is wearing four day old underwear right now.”

“. . .”

“. . .”

“. . .”

“. . . Okay . . . So Key is really mine?” she reconfirmed, complete putty in Gary’s loving arms. It was better to let sleeping Growlithes lie and ignore the sheer lameness of his commentary. She pecked his cheek as his smirk was replaced with a romantic smile.

“Of course. No one else means as much to me as you do Misty. So you’re the only one who can have him.” He sealed his declaration with a chaste kiss to the lips.

“Thanks Gary.” Her radiance nearly drove Gary into another bearhug, but he refrained in respect to the now sleeping pokemon cuddled within Misty’s grip. Instead, he tucked his head into her shoulder juncture.

“ 'Welcome, Red,” he mumbled into her delicate neck again. When she turned minutely in his grasp to look at him in amusement, Gray raised a brow in question.

“Just so you know, I decided to rename him Caserin.” Her tone of voice was final. But Gary couldn’t help the choke on his words as he started to retaliate.

"Ahh Mist, you can’t do that---”

“Watch me Oak, watch me.” She smiled smugly and kissed his pouty lips again with sincere feeling of love. Luvdisc cooed in contentment below them, unconcerned and unaware.

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