Perpetually Pugnacious: EgoShipping Oneshot Collection

Chapter 6: Jealous

There she was again, cooing over her precious Pokemon. Gary was on the border of admiration and disgust as he swung his feet back and forth underneath the clear filtered water of the pool.

“That’s my sweetheart! Great job Wartortle! Just a little more and you can pass off to Vaporeon!” she called from her end of the pool. In her arms was a tired Buizel, and Dewott rested on her shoulder as he yipped to the turtle Pokemon with encouragement. Additionally, Gary’s Blastoise was beside the girl, shooting random bursts of water with his Hydro Cannons to provide obstacles for the weary Squirtle evolver. The youngest Waterflower was currently in the middle of a training session with the newest members of her gym, trying to catch them up in level with her already strong brood. Misty’s Gyarados passed beneath Gary’s outstretched legs, brushing one of his horns along the underside of the Viridian City gym leader’s calf. The sea snake Pokemon was clearly asking for a play session, but Gary shook his head at the Pokemon as he continued to watch Misty work. Gyarados let out a rumble of disapproval, but left the male alone, seeing his mood wasn’t happy today.

Finally with heavy panting, Wartortle arrived before Misty and tapped his front fin to Vaporeon’s tail, who set off instantly for his thirty laps in the pool. The Cerulean City gym leader placed her Buizel onto her other unoccupied shoulder and snuggled Wartortle to her bathing suit clad chest in adoration.

“Amazing work Wartortle! At this rate, you’ll be fit for gym battles in no time!” she preened. The youngest Oak sneered at the comments, knowing that the ginger haired girl was exaggerating, but said nothing as another of Misty’s gym Pokemon, this time Goldeen, saddled up beside him and shot a small jet of water onto Gary’s folded hands. The addressed teen merely stroked the female fish’s head comfortably before returning to his sulking. Goldeen, unsatisfied, was about to hop out of the water to perform a Tackle onto the brunette, but stopped at the warning roar of Gyarados who wasn’t too far from the pair. Misty briefly turned to her giant Pokemon with a questioning look, but was ignored as Gyarados began swimming in a circle to create a Whirlpool for Goldeen to play in. Gary saw her smile in affection before turning back to Vaporeon’s workout.

After another fifteen minutes of waiting for Misty to finish up and having Corsola, Seel, Seadra, Lanturn, and Golduck all attempt to interact with him, Gary finally saw Misty congratulate her eeveelution and bring it, along with her other tired trainees and his Blastoise, to the warm pool for some much deserved relaxation. If there was one thing the Viridian City gym leader admired about Misty, it was her dedication to a good work ethic.

He rose from the pool’s edge and made his way over to the ginger haired girl, excited to speak with her when suddenly a whoosh of blonde flurried passed him to his target.

“Misty!” the eldest Waterflower cried as she reached the addressed girl in a panic. “We have a situation! Lily hurt her ankle and can’t perform in tonight’s ballet! We really need you to stand in! Please Baby Sis!” Daisy really did look near tears, and Gary understood why. Apparently a very important entertainer from Sinnoh was coming to the Sensational Sister’s ballet tonight, and Misty had told him if all went well, they’d get another three month tour that the Waterflower girls had desperately been wanting. Daisy pleaded again with her youngest sister, but also turned to the Viridian City gym leader with a withered expression.

“I know you were supposed to have a date with my Baby Sis tonight, but this is super important Gary. I really hope you understand . . .” Daisy trailed off, watching for any negative signs from the cinnamon haired male. Despite feelings of dejection, Gary Oak was nothing if not the chivalrous knight in shining armour.

“Of course. Is there anything I can do to help?” he asked in genuine interest, watching Misty’s face light up at how accommodating the green eyed teen was being when she knew how indigent he could be. She gave him one of her special smiles, those that said she adored him, and Gary decided he had made the right choice.

“Of course!” Daisy shouted in joy and relief, taking Misty’s hand and running over to the Viridian gym leader to do the same. Before long, she was tugging them down the hall, calling out instructions and planning the altered program.

“Thanks for the help Gary. The show was such a big hit and because of that, Daisy, Violet and Lily are sure to get that tour!” Misty was tucked into Gary’s side, her arm around his back, as the two strolled together towards Professor Oak’s lab in Pallet Town. The green eyed trainer had driven the pair down to his hometown after the show ended because Gary had promised his grandfather to help with some new research. Unfortunately, this evening was his only free one of the week and rather than spending the night in Cerulean and rising early to head back to Pallet Town in the morning, the youngest Oak opted to head back after the ballet with Misty when she told Gary she’d close the gym for a few days to relax together with him.

“And that means you’ll be busy as ever,” the brunette commented quietly, squeezing her ever so lightly as he spoke. Misty, not quite catching his words looked to him in confusion, but he shook his head as they reached the wooden front door. The resident of this house fished his keys from his cargo pants pocket and unlocked the door, separating from Misty only to lace their hands together and pull her into his childhood home. The lights were dimmed in the hallway so Gary, from instinct, maneuvered them into the dining room where he was sure at least some leftover dinner awaited him courtesy of Tracey. His thoughts were correct, but what surprised him was the person still sitting in the kitchen sketching a Swablu.

“Tracey!” Misty cried in excitement, happy to see the Pokemon watcher after so many months. Releasing her hold on Gary, the redhead rushed into to Tracey’s open arms as he hugged his friend dearly. The resident bird Pokemon panicked and took flight to the rafters above them, chirping out in indignation.

“Misty! What a nice surprise!” Tracey reciprocated, before waving a hand at Samuel Oak’s grandson standing near the doorway with a peeved expression. “Hey Gary! Good to have you home!”

“Hey Trace---”

“Tracey, did you make dinner? It was probably delicious! Please tell me you have leftovers!” the only female present chattered as she released her friend and observed the table spread. The ignored Oak was slightly miffed, but let it go in favor of snagging a bit of the good food the talented drawer was inclined to making. At the midnight haired man’s nod, the gym leaders settled themselves at the large kitchen table and the former Orange Island companions began catching up on things that concerned each other and their mutual friends, all over food. Gary tuned them out as he devoured the casserole.

“. . . And then Duplica called me to say she’s off on Sayda Island performing her show for the next two weeks,” Misty concluded, munching on her dessert of berries that Tracey had so graciously washed for her. This perked the former researcher’s interest seeing as he’d studied on Sayda Island for a few months when working on fossilized Pokemon studies.

"Sayda Island has a great research facility for ancient Pokemon,” the bronze haired trainer quickly stated, garnering the attention of the other two. Misty’s face then shifted from confusion to excitement.

“That’s right! Gary you resurrected an Aerodactyl during your time there right?” Misty was glowing with pride and the tall trainer was about to ride that ship and gloat his success before Tracey spoke up.

“I remember! That first time when Aerodactyl broke free and was running wild for the day because it was so terrified. I tried to grab it and ended up flying the coop!” the watcher related to Misty, who’d never heard this part of the story. In all honesty, Gary embellished a few details and excluded anything that made him appear to be a fool, including the mishap with his grandfather’s assistant.

“Really? I hope you weren’t hurt!” she exclaimed, looking at Gary for a moment before Tracey had her full attention. The brunette couldn’t help but feel like the bad guy, even though he didn’t do anything wrong per say.

“Do my aged ears deceive me or is that Misty’s voice I hear coming from my kitchen?” a wizened voice echoed. Coming down from the stair to the far right of the dining area was Professor Samuel Oak, one of the greatest Pokemon researchers in the world and the redhead’s favorite father figure.

“Professor Oak!” No longer confined to the kitchen chair and Tracey’s story, Misty happily skipped over to the elder Oak and enveloped him in a hug suited for actual grandfathers and granddaughters. The hearty laugh that surrounded them was like a muffled bubble to Gary as he watched his girlfriend greet his Grandpa in a manner the younger Oak saw fit only for himself. Regardless, whenever Misty’s face face lit up in such a way, Gary could never deny her. So he sat, arms crossed, watching his family member getting all the affection poured onto him that the brunette wanted.

“My my, Misty, I swear you get prettier every time I see you,” Professor Oak complimented, patting her head affectionately. “My grandson,” he waved to Gary at the dining table here, “certainly got lucky picking a girl with good looks on top of great intelligence and skill.” Misty blushed and tried to negate the statement, clearly unaccustomed with such flattery from anyone.

“Oh stop it Professor. I’m nothing of the sort!” The viridian eyed gym leader couldn’t help the desire to correct her, wanting to list all the amazing things that he liked about Misty, but refrained from the conversation much as he did with Tracey. His input was not desired at this time.

“Ahaha, don’t doubt yourself my dear.” Pausing momentarily, a thought seemed to occur to the elder Oak as his eyes lit up. “By the way, did you get my email about that new water Pokemon I wanted you to raise?” Misty, after shaking her head and apologizing with the excuse of busy gym work keeping her from technology, excitedly asked about his request.

“Oh, I’d be happy to show you in the morning if you’re staying. . . you are staying over, aren’t you Misty?”

“Yes, of course. This is so exciting, I can’t wait! Tell me about him, or is it a her?” Tracey, who’d been quietly watching the exchange in a similar manner to Gary, decided he liked the silence no longer and attempted to engage in conversation with the other neglected male.

“So, how are things between you two? You seem a little. . .”

“Discouraged?” Gary helpfully provided. He placed his head dejectedly on the table, watching the pair across the way adamantly talking.

“Apathetic.” Tracey’s answer was uncertain. Gary was surprised at the word selection, but wouldn’t deny it. Perhaps his manner of keeping cool and controlling his emotions could outwardly be considered apathetic, but how could he describe to the watcher a feeling of lacking love and utter ignorance from his normally dedicated girlfriend?

“I can’t help it Tracey. I must be tired or something. But it has nothing to do with her,” he lied smoothly. Drawing mindless shapes on the kitchen table, Gary observed the assistant’s reaction, hoping he’d take the comment at face value. But no, Tracey was no moron. Certainly his grandfather wouldn’t have accepted him as an apprentice if he were.

“Are you sure? You’ve been, well, sulking all evening. And you rarely sulk Gary. Not unless Misty yells at you for something or you two have a major fight, or---” He should have known that a Pokemon watcher was an expert at differentiating behaviors in people just as much as details in Pokemon.

“It’s nothing. Really. I’m just feeling . . . neglected,” the tall teen let on. It was embarrassing admitting his feelings when he pushed such a tough and cocky persona. Then again, Tracey was a good listener and a pretty decent friend.

“Ahh, I see. You two aren’t spending enough time together. I can’t say I’m surprised, not with your jobs as gym leaders and the extra research you’re always doing here.” Gary wasn’t surprised either. He’d known Misty long before they started dating and their time together then was just as minimal as it was now. Being in a relationship though, made it harder to take. “But cheer up, we’ll make it work! Didn’t you say Misty’s spending a few days here with us?” A mischievous look crossed other’s features.

“Yeah. To make up for some lost time alone.” Something the green eyed man thought he could actually get when factoring in that normally both Tracey and his grandfather tended to be out cold from work tiredness before the moon even rose in the sky. Today Gary’s luck decided to vanish.

“So then we can make it work for you Gary,” he replied with assurance. Just as Tracey was about to say more, rambunctious laughter pealed from the other occupants in the room huddled by one of the many computers in the Oak residence. Their quiet conversation had altered when the Professor showed some appealing event to the ginger haired girl on the screen turned away from the kitchen guards. Gary’s featured deadpanned.

“Yeah. If I could focus her attention on me for more than ten seconds,” the gym leader prattled, rolling his eyes and rubbing his cinnamon spikes in annoyance. If only.

“Well, good night Misty.” The trio had already bid goodnight to the oldest resident of the household and now his assistant was the next to catch up on some sleep. “I hope you sleep well, though I have no doubt you will,” Tracey winked at the overtly quiet Oak while speaking to his ginger haired friend. Misty, though not seeing the gesture, understood the implication and handed her Orange Islands teammate a square punch to the chest. The victim choked a laugh and bowed in apology. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

After the black haired watcher disappeared into one of the many rooms the Oak Laboratory housed, Misty turned around to her favorite person in the world and seductively wrapped her arms around his stiff posture. This gesture melted Gary’s frozen persona a bit as he wrapped his hands around her small waist and settled his lips on her ear. Now this familiar pose, Gary certainly liked.

“Well, Tracey wasn’t wrong. You’ll give me comfortable accommodations won’t you Mr. Oak?” she whispered to into his neck, enjoying their closeness for the first time today.

“I suppose I could help you out Miss Waterflower. For a price,” he added, allowing one of his hands to snake up and tangle itself within her short orange locks. As a form of retaliation, Misty ghosted her lips over Gary’s jugular temptingly before pulling back with a smirk.

“Gary Oak. Is that anyway to treat a lady?” said the teaser, lifting the brunette’s spirits more. He took this opportunity to hoist the girl before him up as she squeaked when he held her bridal style. “Gary!”

“What Red? I’m pretending to be your prince here. Don’t complain.” The redhead giggled and nodded her head, giving him permission to act the role. He gallantly trekked to his room, amusing his princess all the while, and slightly stumbled opening the door. He flicked on the lights with his charge’s help and gently tossed her onto his cloud-like bed when they entered the space. Misty buoyantly yelped when she landed amongst the satin pillows and watched Gary intently as he gently folded his leather jacket onto the back of his desk chair before facing her.

The thoughts that ran through the Viridian City gym leader’s mind as he observed his crazily attractive tomboy of a girlfriend weren’t the most innocent, but he didn’t have much of a chance to filter through them. The videophone upon Gary’s desk shrilled, snapping up both occupants’ attention.

The brunette groaned and rubbed his temples as he prayed to Arceus that his gym wasn’t burning to the ground this very moment or some other emergency event wasn’t about to call him out this late. That was usually the only reason he got called in the evenings at the Oak Laboratory, since the Pokemon League didn’t want to interfere with his grandfather or his research that Gary was a part of. The green eyed trainer took a momentary glance to Misty, who’d sat up curiously and urged him to answer before doing just that.

“Hello, Oak Residence. Gary here.” The screen fuzzed as the visual connection attempted to catch up to the auditory effects.

“Gary!” a smooth and all too familiar voice called from the other line. Oh Mew, no, please no! Please let it not be the one person he least needed to hear from this second in time.

“Ash?” the Viridian City gym leader cautiously asked before an imaged appeared on his screen. Messy raven hair, determined chocolate eyes, a sharp and distinctly happy smile . . . no doubt about it.

“Hey! Good to see you man! How are you? Woah, did your hair get longer? And you have crazy bags under your eyes, have you been sleepin’?” Gary, unprepared for such a call, merely stared at his childhood rival and friend as he checked away question after question. What in the world was going on right now?

“Umm yeah, all’s good and whatnot, I don’t sleep much and I probably do need a haircut soon, but Ash. It’s almost two in the morning. What’re you doing calling me?” And interrupting some down time, he wanted to add, if the situation were more appropriate. The boy across from him scratched his head sheepishly as he laughed awkwardly.

“Yeah, sorry about the hour Gary. It’s just, I really needed to speak to Misty about something important, but when I called the Cerulean Gym, Daisy said she’d headed to Pallet with you so I gave the lab a ring. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t important, I swear! But I have this water Pokemon contest thing I’m doing with Dawn,” at the mention of this name, a young girl with teal locks bounded behind Ash and gave him bunny ears before passing. “And I can’t think of a good enough winning strategy with my current water Pokemon,” a loud yip resounded as Ash turned and shushed his Pokemon. “And Brock suggested asking Misty since she’s an expert AND a gym leader,” Brock too made an appearance momentarily to greet Gary and wish him well, a gesture Gary returned. “So if you’re not too busy, you think you could grab her for me so we could talk?”

For a moment, the man with the chocolate spikes was tempted to hang up the phone and pretend none of this conversation happened. Yet, seeing the hopeful look Ash now was feeding him and knowing that if his friend really wanted to speak with his girlfriend, he’d end up calling a hundred times if necessary, the former researcher was certain it’d be better to do as asked. Conceding, he motioned Misty over, who’d never strayed from watching him converse quietly, and passed her the telephone.

“Hello? Ash! Oh hi!” Gary sighed as Misty greeted her childhood friend with gusto, stripping off his clothing and climbing beneath his sheets. Finally admitting that everything and everyone was against him today, the youngest Oak tucked himself in and used the melodious intonations of his girlfriend’s voice rattling off advice as a lullaby to help him sleep.

The soft rays of sunlight were hitting Gary’s face. He could feel the warm spots on his forehead and nose, but the tired gym leader didn’t enjoy the idea of moving from his comfortable position. He was exceptionally warm tucked under his covers, and his achy muscles from the previous day’s activities didn’t allow him any thought of getting up. Instead, the brunette turned over to hide from the light and huddle closer into his warm pillows. Pillows that were skin soft and distinctly smelled of chlorine, lemons and lilies.

Opening his eyes in muddy confusion, the sleepy trainer’s gaze fell upon the pale chest in front of him, the chest that he’d been using to sleep on, the chest that belonged to his beloved redhead. How did Misty end up being his human pillow? The last thing he remembered was passing her the phone and heading off to bed . . .

“M’rning,” a diaphanous voice called above his head. Gary looked up to see half lidded sleepy cerulean orbs staring at him affectionately. The green eyed trainer worked up a smile on his equally weary features as he scooted upwards to land a sloppy kiss on her pinkish pixie lips.

“This is the best thing to wake up to,” he huskily commented, tucking himself into the crook of her neck as he tightly held her to him. Her arms floated to his hair and she began massaging his head.

“I couldn’t agree more.” The genuine tone in her voice reassured Gary of her affections and wrote off yesterday as an off day. That is, until a knock was heard and a certain assistant’s voice called from the other side of the Viridian gym leader’s door.

“Gary? Misty?” Another knock as the addressed male dug his face deeper into Misty’s warm skin to muffle the real world. “Breakfast is ready and Misty, you had a call come in earlier from Sabrina of Saffron City?” Misty’s soothing hands stopped their motions and she started detaching herself from the youngest Oak as she informed Tracey that they’d be down soon. Who Misty was referring to, the brunette had no idea because he had no intention of moving from bed or letting Misty move away either. He held fast as the water Pokemon trainer tried loosen his arms from around her and played the cute tactic with her.

“Stay Misty,” he whined, not willing to lose her when he finally got to have her time without interruption. “Breakfast and phone calls can wait,” he mumbled childishly. Misty hummed above him, partially giving up to look for a strategy.

“Gary, it could be important. Sabrina tends to call only when necessary, and you have a ton of work to do today. You can’t put it off by staying in bed all day long.” Her reasoning was faultless, but that wasn’t going to be enough to convince him, the green eyed trainer decided. He shook his head against her skin as Misty cooed to him that they really needed to get things done.

“Come on you, up and at ‘em,” she finally said with a no nonsense tone, forcing the brunette off her with a bout of exceptional strength. He flopped to the side unceremoniously as Misty quickly hopped out of his comfortable sheets and scurried over to the Oak’s closet to grab some spare clothing she kept here in Pallet, testament to how often Misty liked to stay with him.

“Mistyyyyy~” the cocooned male called from his bed, having no strength to catch her and bring her back to his side. When the ginger haired trainer turned to face him with amusement, hair thrown up into a side ponytail he hadn’t seen on her in years and dressed in his purple tunic versus her own tank tops, the youngest Oak gave up any hope of success.

“I’m going to return Sabrina’s call and I’ll see you for breakfast in a bit.” She blew a kiss to his still entangled form on the bed and disappeared quietly through his door. Gary, being alone, let loose a frustrated groan and bobbed his head against his pillow repeatedly.

“This is so unfair!”

He released a sigh for the third time in the last minute, unable to wrap his head around the strange connection trainers and Pokemon could have in isolated regions. His grandfather had asked Gary to look into something interesting that a fellow researcher had related to the eldest Oak. Apparently Samuel’s associate had a set of Pokemon, psychic and dark types, that she specially trained in caves rampant with ghost types that built up unheard of resistances and immunities amongst the three sorts. Unsure of whether this was an environmental effect, a training-built resistance, or something else altogether, his grandfather’s fellow researcher had asked the renowned Oak to study and theorize what it could possibly be with her research sent over. Of course, being so busy the duty fell to Gary, and as of this moment the brunette’s brain couldn’t establish any ideas.

Especially not when the only thought to cross his mind was the fact that after a loud and busy breakfast his beloved redhead had been busily training the new Pokemon the eldest Oak had passed her this morning back within the meadow behind the laboratory. The Viridian gym leader leaned back in his chair as he expertly twirled a pen in his fingers, once again trying to focus on Pokemon and not Misty. It wasn’t easy though, the tempting features of her heart shaped face, her large, expressive cerulean eyes, her uniquely colored hair that was as soft as Umbreon’s groomed fur . . . Oh, that reminded the trainer that he needed to attend to his Pokemon’s care at some point tomorrow too . . .

Seeing how unfocused his thoughts ran, the youngest Oak decided to leave his work for the night and head outside to at least get one of the many things on his mind tended to. Misty would most likely be near the lake around the Tauros pens so, exiting the stuffy lab through the giant quartet of glass doors, that became the gym leader’s main destination. As he strolled through the warm spring air, he was greeted by his large fire dog Pokemon who appeared to be running laps around the entire area with his grandfather’s Stantler and Rapidash. He parted ways with the other runners to jog alongside his master joyously, barking to him his exciting day as the Oak stroked his bouncing fur dotingly. Gary admitted his pleasure for excursions to the Pallet laboratory if only because it gave his precious creatures a restful place to relax without fear of battle.

In the distance the green eyed male made out the bright hair of his target sitting on the pen fence casually, but the girl wasn’t alone. Beside her was another female, lean and with flowy chestnut hair waving gently behind her. If her one piece black dress and white gloves didn’t give her identity away, the floating Jigglypuff certainly did. The former researcher slowed his pace towards them, Arcanine following suit until the pair was just a few meters away. Gary listened to the two speak, lost for a course of action.

“So, Bell, how long are you staying in Pallet?” he heard his love question. Gary tugged Arcanine towards bush cover and hid them away from the girls’ potential line of sight. A wistful hum was heard as the spy watched the chestnut haired guest shrug in nonchalance.

“Don’t really know Misty. A while maybe? It all depends on where I can stay,” said said airily.

“Have you asked Professor Oak? He has more than enough space here,” his unaware girlfriend suggested. Gary felt his chest constrict and anger bud inside his mind. There was no way in Arceus’s name that she would stay with them. Not as long as he could help it.

“And potentially risk pissing off dear Oaky’s precious Gary? Mew no,” the girl chimed, laughing briefly before noting the way Misty’s posture bristled at the comment. “Oh right, apologies Misty. I tend to forget that you and he are dating. I just can’t help picking on him from years of habit.”

“Well try please Bell. I love you, but I won’t stand for your teasing.” Gary wanted to run up and squeeze Misty to death for being on his side, but refrained. At least his cerulean eyed girlfriend remembered the strained relationship he held with the fellow Pokedex holder. Bell, on the other hand, dismissed the scolding with a wave of her petite hand.

“Yes yes, I know. You’re madly in love with that jerk, Mew knows why. I swear, when we had gone out, it took all my willpower not to tear my hair out! I mean he’s such a--- Misty?” The brown haired girl had started chatting unnecessarily, much to the Oak’s horror, but then noticed the way his redhead’s tough demeanor fell away to reveal a surprised expression. Surprised and upset.

“You and Gary went out?” she questioned quietly. Bell blinked repeatedly before nodding and resting a hand on her companion’s shoulder.

“Well, sort of. I was sure Gary had mentioned it to you . . . It was just for a little while and it really led to nothing--- Oh Gary?” Finally finding the time appropriate, the addressed male stormed passed Bell and directly to Misty’s side before throwing the girl over his shoulder and storming off. Misty had begun yelling and beating the taller gym leader’s back as he hopped onto Arcanine’s back while Bell had shouted questions as to what was going on. Ignoring both, Gary motioned for his trusty fire Pokemon to head back to the laboratory, leaving behind a flustered brunette near the lake.

It was a speedy process as the determined Oak dropped from his transport’s back, bounded into the house with obliviousness to Misty’s cries and the way his grandfather and Tracey watched them in confusion. Retreating to the safety of his room, the Viridian gym leader finally let Misty’s raging form go as she scrambled to put the most distance between them possible.

“What the hell, Gary! You come rushing in from nowhere, disturb a conversation Bell and I were---”

“There is nothing you need to discuss with that woman,” Gary interrupted. Misty’s temper flared even more at being cut off. She pointed an accusatory finger at him from across the room, her eyes slits.

“Who are you to decide that? Or are you upset that she let your secret out of---”

“It wasn’t a secret!” he angrily shouted. Anything that pertained to Bell always ruffled his feathers. And in truth Gary wanted nothing more than to bury that mistake of his life farther than any hole Dugtrio could dig. Bell was a momentary lapse in sanity he had when he was a child, but not a day went by that he didn’t regret turning to that chestnut haired girl for comfort.

“So why did I never know about you being together?” his fellow room occupant interrogated, not pleased with this new piece of information it seemed.

“Because you can’t give me the time of day let alone enough time to discuss something like me and Bell having a relationship that was more platonic than anything else!” Gary exploded with hurt, finally letting the crux of this argument reach his actual concerns. Misty began to indignantly reply to her boyfriend, caught up in the angry atmosphere.

“What? What are you talking about! I give you plenty of--”

“Do you? Do you even recall having a full conversation with me in the last forty-eight hours, anything that wasn’t more than an off handed comment?” Misty’s temper finally hit a wall and her mouth stuttered as she was thinking of a guaranteed moment to relate to the upset Gary; but it turned out the redhead was unable to quote one as she shuffled through her memory.

“You can’t, can you?” he vented in a haughty manner. “That’s because we haven’t! In the entire time we were supposed to spend together yesterday, our days off I remind you, you spent it training and putting on a performance. You couldn’t even spare me the evening because you’d rather hang out with my old man and Tracey and Ashy-boy! I couldn’t even have breakfast with you in peace today before work and gym business took us away and then SHE arrives when I free up!” His thoughts began to jumble together in his uncontrolled fury and feelings of neglect, losing his observational tendencies that would have alerted him to Misty’s shock. All he wanted to do was shout some more before curling up in bed in exhaustion.

“I’m not a clingy person, but Mew damn it Misty, I need someone to love me sometimes and as much as you may hate it, that responsibility falls to you!” His anger was slowly subsiding as his tone of voice dropped, his features contorting into a pissed off pout.

“You think I don’t love you?” she asked in shock, the conversation clearly never going in this direction in the redhead’s mind. She rescinded the idea of keeping her distance from the tall trainer and walked towards him with an even gait. “Gary, you stupid, stupid boy. I freakin’ adore you, and don’t you ever forget that.” She stood before him and took his shaking hands into her warm, steady ones. Her aqua colored eyes, for the first time in a while were focused solely on him. “Maybe sometimes I don’t show you often enough how much you mean to me and I do get consumed with other things, but I LOVE you and I never want you to feel like I don’t.”

To compliment her words, she gently reached forward and pressed their lips together as meaningfully as she possibly could. A warmth seeped into him as such that he hasn’t felt in ages. The ginger haired trainer before him pushed deeper, trying to get him to see her effort behind the gesture. For the first time in days Gary’s insides were set aflame by that familiar sensation only Misty could bring out in him, and he freed his hands in order to cuddle her head and waist to him.

“You are my world, Gary Oak. And I’m sorry if I haven’t been the most attentive to you lately. I will fix that, I promise.” With each whispered sentence Misty pecked his lips, tugging gently on his hair the way she knew he enjoyed. Their eyes remained glued together, taking note of nothing other than each other. “And in return, I’m asking you to be honest and always tell me things about yourself and how you’re feeling. No judgement.”

“Okay.” Another long kiss as their limbs entwined more. “I’m sorry for not mentioning that pesky girl, but you know I don’t like her much,” he mumbled against her lips, not willing to let go for anything. He ran his hand through her orange locks, twirling them around his fingers as he relished being in her grasp.

“Yeah, now I realize why,” she joked. She was tracing patterns on the back of his neck, pushing herself even more flush against him than she already was. Her eyes were sparkling as they continued to stare at each other, lost in the special little world that admitted entrance to Gary and Misty alone. Once more a kiss was shared before the Viridian gym leader spoke.

“If you don’t mind waiting a while, I’ll explain everything to you later,” he mentioned, moving his lips from hers to attack her neck with petal soft touches. At the same time he inched them away from the middle of the room, one train of thought running his body through a set of motions.

“Of course. When you’re ready,” was the assurance. Misty followed him without hesitation, trying to make up for the lack of attention she’d inflicted upon the man before her. Either that or the water Pokemon trainer simply didn’t want to stop exchanging touches with her love.

“Right now, though, I’m ready for something else entirely,” the brunette cooed, taking the last steps that landed them in the welcoming arms of his soft bed where he proceeded to pin the petite girl to. All the conflicting thoughts about their Pokemon, the gym duties, the attention Misty gave to Ash and Tracey and his grandfather, Bell’s arrival, it all faded away as he leaned down to entrap his mouth around hers. Consequences be damned, he’d finally beaten out his bad luck, he knew, as his gesture was returned with equal effort by the girl underneath him.

And that was really all he wanted.

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