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The League of Assassins: Nova


Nova's a seer, and an assassin, who's been sent to the future to kill Ben Solo. A one way trip, orchestrated by "The League of Assassins". Jumping to the future caused a "Butterfly Effect". Supreme leader Snoke never existed, Darth Vader is the leader of the "First Order", and Kylo Ren's his apprentice. No longer a boy, but a man in need of guidance. Falling for him, can Nova successfully complete her mission, killing Kylo Ren, formerly known as Ben Solo, or can she bring him back to the light.

Scifi / Erotica
Madame Noire
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Entering the compound, cloaked and hooded, I make my way past the other hooded figures. Trying my best to ignore the murmurs, of the others in passing, I can’t help picking up on a few words of disdain. The only female member of the league, i’m not highly regarded or respected.

Forced to become a perfectionist, by the Leagues overall prejudice of my sex, i’ve managed to become one of their best assassins. Training harder than the rest, i’ve successfully garnered a one hundred percent kill rate, with zero civilian casualties. I’ve earned the title of “Beta” Nova, only second to “Alpha” Khan, because he’s male. I love my brother’s in arms, and the League, but I grow tired of their male superiority complex.

The doors open to a large assembly of my peers, and to my utter outrage, i’m immediately manhandled and taken to the council. The doors shut with a resounding groan, as i’m forced to stand before them, my hood unceremoniously removed.“Beta Nova, you’ve been summoned before us, due to allegations, that you’ve withheld information from us.” Summoned, did they not see that I was just dragged before them? Letting my anger die down, I take a few deep breaths.

Trying to bring to memory, exactly what they’re referring to, I take my time answering. “Beta, what do you have to say in your defense?” I remember now, Ben Solo. He’s going to assassinate the League.“I plead guilty.” A loud murmur goes up. “Keep order in here!” Arro states. Seated before me, his eyes are fierce, but softens as they come back to me. My only ally, he campaigned for the league to take me in, due to his allegiance to my father.

“You were able to see the Leagues demise, and you refused to warn us. Is this true?” Silver, seated next to Arro asks. Accurately named for his long, lovely silver hair. Handsome chiseled face, athletic body, if he didn’t hate me so much, i’d allow him into my bed. “I knew, but the boy can be converted back to the light. It’s not too late.” Silver quietly confers with Arro, who’s eyes remain fixated on me. I can’t help feeling, that i’ve let him down.

Silver, and Arro stand in unison, and the rest of the council follows suit. “For your act of treason, you’re hereby labeled a traitor to the league, and stripped of your Beta title. In recompense, you’re to jump to the future and assassinate Ben Solo.” Silver states. “Successfully complete the mission, and you’ll be welcomed back into the arms of the league, fail and you’ll have your freedom, but not for long.” Arro adds.”

All in favor, Say aye.” Silver says. A loud “Aye!” echos throughout the room simultaneously. Kill a boy, before he annihilates the League. “I can’t agree to this.” “But you will!” Arro’s visibly upset, his body quaking with anger. “You’ll do as you’re told. This is your chance, to prove your worth to the League.”

“Haven’t I already done that?” I say, just as hotly. “Do you accept the contract?” Silver inquires, tired of the discussion. If I don’t, i’ll be beheaded, what’s a girl to do? “I accept.” I say, with quiet acquiescence.


In my rooms, I contemplate my decision, Ben Solo will die, at my hands. Lying back on a quilt in front of the fireplace, I peer into the future again. He’s with his uncle, Luke Skywalker. Training incessantly, with his light saber, tall, dark haired, handsome prominent features, that he’s yet to grow into.

A light kiss on my neck, abruptly pulls me from the trance. A hazy male figure atop me, forces me into attack mode. Swinging at his face, my arms are subdued above my head, I roll out of it, and am promptly returned back onto my back. “It’s just me kitten.”

The hated endearment infuriates me, which causes me to try to squirm out of his grasp. His mocking chuckle, reinforces the realization, that I may want to calm down, until my vision returns.

Khan’s above me, I can now see his face clearly. Long black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, fair skin, gorgeous. The epitome of a male chauvinist, but for some reason i’m attracted to his dominance. I can’t stop myself from opening my legs to him.

My lips meet his hotly, tongue probing, demanding entrance. Pulling me atop him, he lifts my gown, fingers lightly stroking my nub. Forcing a gasp from me, with his ministrations. Breaking away from the kiss, he goes for my neck, sucking. “If you fail, the council’s going to send me to kill you, and they’ll know if you fail.”

Hands in his trousers, I silence him with long slow strokes. “I know.” I respond, not really caring at the moment. Sliding and then kicking his trousers off, I straddle him. Slowly sliding down his length, his moan of pleasure empowers me.

With quick savage strokes, he meets my savagery with the same enthusiasm. “No matter how seductive, that I find those eyes of yours, or how much satisfaction, that I take from your body, make no mistake, I’m going to kill you.” He says, kissing me. I can only moan in response, to his threat, concentrating on my release.

Hands on my hips, he guides my strokes with a fierceness, that has me saying his name. “I’m hoping that you’ll fail, so that I can take you one last time, before I choke the life from you.” The man is definitely not one for romantic sentiments, and if that’s the best that he can muster up, i’ll accept it.

“I’ll miss your nightly visits also.” I manage, on the verge of release. Moaning out his name, I ride him hard and fast, as my orgasm peaks and sends wave after wave of pleasure through my body. One hand around my throat, he continues to pound into my crevice, as each wave hits. Growling out his release into my neck, we take a moment to calm down, hearts racing. Kissing him, I come to the realization that, I’m going to miss this man, more than I care to admit.


Time travel has been outlawed by us, we’re the only ones who have accomplished it. The Leagues’s made this one exception, due to us being endangered of becoming extinct. We’re made up of seers, and mind readers, all of us have a resistance to the force.

Standing before the gigantic ray, that’s going to jump me into the future, the council watches from behind a glass window. Khan is in attendance, and a glance in his direction, shows him watching me with a hard indifferent gaze.

As the date is set, and the count down begins, I turn my gaze away from his. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... Wait... what was that? Looking back in his direction his face is a mask of hardness. For a fleeting moment, I thought that I saw regret, sadness... No, not him, he cares for no one, but himself. I offer him a small smile, before looking away. 5,4,3... “Wait!” I can hear him, but a blinding white light obscures my view of him. 2,1... I can feel my body vibrating, and then darkness.


Waking up, i’m in a “green” room. The floor is the earth, grass. Huge plants and would you know it... trees! Sitting up, the room swirls, forcing me back onto the bed. A willowy like creature, with glasses, enters the room. Is this a walking tree?

“Ah, i’m glad that you’re awake.” A walking, talking, tree! “Who are you?” I asked alarmed. “I’m willow.” What are the odds? “I’ve been tasked with, seeing to your well being. Trying to get out of bed, the room spins again, and I topple off the side. I’m expecting to connect with the floor, but a warm body breaks my fall. An electric shock hits me, when we make contact.

Setting me back onto the bed, I see his face. It’s him, my mark. He’s no longer a boy, he’s a man, and he’s finally grew into those handsomely sharp features. He smells of the earth, and gazing into those dark brown depths, I quickly look away, lest I get lost in them. “Thank you.”

I’m looking for something to stab him with, when the tree, touches my wrist. “She may need a day or two, before she’s back on her feet.” - “I wouldn’t do it miss, he won’t be so easily dispatched, and in your state, it’s a fools errand.” I get via telepathy from the tree.

Oh, shit, i’m an open book to mother nature. She’s right, I had better wait, until i’m a worthy opponent. “How did I get here? I thought that I was at the resistance’s headquarters.” Sitting at the foot of the bed, I subconsciously, run a hand through my hair, which doesn’t go unnoticed by him.

“I brought you here, after I found you at one of our former compounds.” He hands me a note. “This was on your person.” Reading it, i’m beyond shocked.

“I didn’t mean to get in the way of the jumper, I meant for them to abort it, but now i’m here with you. I couldn’t foresee a life without you. let’s just say that over the period of our nightly rendezvous, you’ve grown on me. I’ve come to the conclusion, that i’m in love with you, and i’m going to complete your mission for you. I’ll find you once, it’s done.”

What’s your mission?” Kylo asks. I’m too busy rereading the note to respond. khan’s here, and he’s going to assassinate Ben. “Ben...” Shaking his head in disgust, i’m perplexed at his reaction. “It’s Kylo Ren, and how do you know me?” I go for the gamble and wing it. “Doesn’t everyone know the Jedi killer?” His expression’s solemn, for just a moment. “Please refrain from using that title, just Kylo.”


I’m back on my feet, and being that my mark is here with me, there’s nothing to do but plan my kill. He leaves the compound in the early morning, and comes back during the night. There’s only a few people at this small compound, no more than twenty. I’ve decided on a new course of action, Darth Vader is supposed to be dead, and I will make it so. From what i’ve been told, he stood by and watched as the Emperor, Darth Sidious, killed Luke. Once the deed was done, he killed his master. Luke should be alive, not this dark lord.

I’m still on the fence with Kylo. I’ve been asking about a hooded dark haired, fair skinned, gorgeous man, but as stated, we’re chosen because of our ability to blend in, and not be easily remembered. I’m battling a man of the resistance, swords clashing, he’s not much of an opponent, but I entertain him, holding back. I’m letting him win, and feigning tiredness, when Kylo returns to the compound. His aircraft interrupts our fight. “Where does he go during the day?”

“To his mother’s compound maybe, we don’t know. He surveys the dead compounds, looking for stragglers, hoping to join the resistance. That’s how he found you.” Emerging from the aircraft, I can’t help noticing how attractive he is. “The man goes for my face with the sword, and I block it easily. I go for his stomach, and jumps back with a nervous laugh. “You shouldn’t hold back, he needs the training.” Kylo states, walking past. The man stops, with a hand on his hip, breathing hard. “You’re holding back?”

I want to like this man, enough to not be able to kill him. “You should learn to keep your thoughts to yourself, unless asked for them.” Stopping in his tracks, he turns, his face neutral. “You were being deceptive, and I gave constructive criticism.”

“That no one asked for. Perhaps you would like to take his place, maybe we both can teach him a thing or two, since he needs the training.”

“I don’t have time for games.” He says turning to leave. “I get it.” To my opponent, I bow to him. “Thank you, for not being afraid to challenge a woman, says a lot about your character, to be man enough to lose to a woman.” Kylo’s light saber firing up, has the man backing away from me. Good, let’s see if he’s a worthy opponent. Attacking out of anger, my sword clashes with his. He’s strong, and his hits leave me breathless. Slashing at each other, we both easily dodge one another’s attacks.“You’re good.” He says his back to me, his saber circling.

“I don’t feel the force within you, so how are you resisting me?” His attack is foreseen, and I go for his face. “I’m not putting forth any effort, so one must agree that it’s a natural resistance.” “Not possible.” He says trying to use the force on me, when that fails, he slashes at my side. “There’s always a balance, good and evil, those with the force, and those without the force, who can resist the ones with the force.”

“I’ve met some like you before.” I stop in my tracks at those words, and his sword nips my shoulder. The heat of the sword, burns through my clothing, touching my shoulder. Crying out in pain, he’s over to me, examining the wound. Lifting me, he carries me into the building. “It’s not that bad, the shock from the heat, alarmed me.” Looking down at me, he doesn’t respond. Setting me down on my bed, the tree’s instantly at my side. Taking a look at the burn, she applies a salve. “The wound will be healed in a day or two.”

Saying nothing, he leaves. What was that about? The tree finishes the bandaging, and leaves behind him. Enough playing around, I have to find Khan, before he finds Kylo. I’ve made the decision to leave the compound to go in search of him.


I’ve made my way past the woods surrounding the compound, when I hear him coming up behind me. ” I can take you where you need to go.” Turning to him, his piercing gaze unsettles me. “You said that you’ve met others like me, where did you meet them?”

“It’s no use, they’re no longer there.” I’m afraid of what’s coming next. “Where are they?” His face void of feelings, he answers. “I was sent to kill them.” Fully absorbing his words, I inquire further. “Any survivors?” I ask, hand of my sword. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He says.

“Were. there. any survivors....!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Looking away from him, I try to contain my anger. “A few managed to get away, I haven’t been able to locate them.” We’re silent for a few moments, with him breaking the silence. “I can keep you safe.” If I wasn’t so angry, I would have laughed out loud. “I can take care of myself.”

“You want to do something for me?” His slight bow to me is cute. “Take me to your master.” His demeanor changes, and his body becomes rigid. “I can’t do that, he’ll know who you are and kill you.”

“I’m with the league of assassins, and I was sent here to kill you!” My shoulder hurting, I swing my sword with all my might, he’s quick to counter, by grabbing my arm close to the wound, and applying pressure. My arm going slack, I lower the sword, the wound aching. “I’m sorry, I only meant to stop you.” He says calmly. Holding the wound, my anger compels me to hurt him as he’s hurt me.

I attack with my dagger, going for his heart, but he’s quick to deflect it. Turning my wrist, so that the dagger drops. Catching it with my other hand, I go for his inner thigh. “Stop this, I don’t want to hurt you!” He says stepping aside, and away from my attack. Grabbing my wrists, and pulling me to him, he twists my wrists, until I give in and drop the dagger.

Taking my sword from me, he watches me, to see if I’ll pull another weapon out. “You’re not much of an assassin.” He says, matter of factly. “I really don’t want to kill you, if I did... believe me you’d be dead.”

“Why don’t you want to kill me?”

“I believe, that you can be brought back to the light.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Please, you were a child when I first saw you.”

“Which I am, no longer. What’s stopping you from killing me now?”

“You’re a Jedi knight, there’s not many of you left, we need you.”

Scrutinizing me with those beautiful brown eyes, I’m trying to look as believable as I sounded.


“Believe what you want, give me your hand.” I say. “I want to see the blood on your hands.” Reluctant at first, he gives in, letting me read him. I see them, holding their own, but there’s to many of them. There’s five stormtroopers to every assassin. Some of the council escapes. What is silver and Arro doing here, in this time?

Releasing him, he still holds onto my hand. His fingers entwine with mine, and I shake his hand free of mines. “You could come back to the light, you’re not that bad off yet. Until then, I want nothing to do with you.”

“There’s no going back, i’ve killed my father to become the man that I am.” His words hurt me to the core. Hans Solo, dead at the hands of his son. “Those are the demons, that you’ll have to deal with, but there is good in you.”

“Do you really think so?

“I know so, and have defied my people for that very reason. If you would only let me help you, take me to Darth Vader.”

His anger evident, he tosses my sword at my feet. “I told you, that I can’t do that!” Calming down, he retrieves my dagger, handing it to me. “I’ll take you to see my mother tomorrow, the leader of the resistance. Then you can go where ever you want, and I won’t follow you. Your arm should be completely healed by then.”

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