They're Alive?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Albus Dumbledore stared at the door opposite to his desk.

He was in very deep thought. Most were about the school, some about Fudge's annoying letters, and the one that he was currently worrying about, was Harry Potter. Ten years ago, he devised a plan. It was perfect.

He would take the boy away from the Wizarding World, where he would be long revered as the Boy-Who-Lived. The one who vanquished Voldemort. He would be showered with adoration and glory. No doubt all of that would get to a child's head. Of course, he trusted Lily to keep the boy in line. But his father, however, would be a different story, him being an only child to the richest couple in the Wizarding World. And if he would ask them to go into hiding again, to keep Harry from interacting with witches and wizards, he doubted that they would agree. James was restless after only six months in hiding. He would never survive ten more years.

No. He took the boy and gave him to his relatives. Being muggles, he would have no trouble in having magical people come by. And since Petunia Dursley was Lily's sister, she would no doubt, care for Harry as her own. And he even took it further, by lying in the letter that he sent to them, saying that Harry's parents perished in Voldemort's attack. Surely they would take sympathy on the poor boy.

Then there came his parents. They went back to their place immediately after the wards went off. But they were too late. He had already sent Harry to Little Whinging and he had already devised a story. He told them that Harry died along with Voldemort, so as to keep them from searching for him and bringing him back to their World.

Now came the hard part in his plan.

This school year, Harry Potter would come to attend his first year in Hogwarts. His parents were here too, no thanks to Minerva, who offered them jobs here. He originally planned to tell them the truth when he comes back but he would be under Lily's wrath, having kept an important part of her from her for so long

If he would tell them, Lily and James would take out their anger on him. He might be a powerful wizard, but even he, trembles under a mother's wrath. He knew he made them suffer but he what's done is done. He had already made plans for Harry. He believed that Voldemort couldn't be dead yet. He needed to train him and tell him about his Horcruxes. He needed this knowledge to defeat Voldermort when he comes back.

But if the Potters would find out the truth, they would try and take him away from him. Then he'd never get to train him and he'd never know about the secret to killing Voldemort. He couldn't entrust this task to anyone else because once everyone finds out, it's not only the Potters and the rest of the Marauders who would turn on him, but the entire Order.

No. It'd be a disaster. The Wizarding World would be doomed.

He had to think of something. Anything. What should he do?

Then an idea came to him.

'What if I lie further?' Albus thought to himself. He pulled out a book from one of his nearby shelves and opened it. He flipped through the pages until he came across a page that had what he needed.

'Perfect... this spell would do the trick.'


Harry Potter looked at the clock on the wall for the fifteenth time that day. It was nearing nine o'clock. He didn't know why but he was setting out hope for the man or woman that would come for him. Ever since he was younger, he had always dreamed about an unknown relative who would come and take him away from the Dursleys. But now, since that was actually happening, he felt nauseous.

What if all of it wasn't real? What if it was just a prank. It already seemed like that for the entire day. For once, the Dursleys didn't want him to work on anything. They just told him to stay out of their way. It was all so... weird. And it had 'Harry's getting pranked' written all over it.

But the letter looked so real. He couldn't help but hope for the stranger to come.

He looked at the clock again and he saw that he had five minutes until nine. He ran towards the door and swung it open. His eyes swept over the sidewalk, looking for signs that someone was approaching.


Harry checked back inside and looked at the clock. It was nine. He went back outside and his heart leaped up to his throat. There, by the sidewalk of the ever so neat and proper Privet Drive, was a humongous man, and although he didn't quite believe it, he looked about twice as huge as his Uncle.

He cautiously walked towards the man and looked up at his face. He seemed to be kind. His beetle black eyes said so.

"Um... hello..." Harry greeted.

The man looked at him and smiled warmly. "Well 'ello, little feller! Ye Harry?"

"Y-Yes..." There was something familiar about the man, particularly his voice. He had a feeling that he had heard it before.

The man laughed and Harry was forced out of his thoughts. "Righ'. Me name's Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid! I'll be takin' ye to Diagon Alley to ge' your supplies."

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yep. We 'ave ter get ter London first, if you don' mind travelin'" Hagrid answered.

"No. I... I don't mind really." Harry told him. Hagrid beamed at him and started rummaging through his coat, which seemed to be nothing but pockets, and pulled out a vial half-filled with a creamy white liquid.

" 'Ere. Drink this." he told him.

Harry eyed the glass container warily. "W-What's that?"

"Oh this? It's nothin'. It won' hurt ye. Just somethin' to get yer magic runnin. It hasn' been used fer a long time righ'? You bein' raised in the Muggle World an' all. Tha's what Dumbledore told me, anyway." Hagrid said, handing him the vial.

Harry tentatively accepted it. What if it was a drug? Or poison? He looked at Hagrid again and he nodded at him encouragingly. Oh well. He gulped and drank the contents of the vial. It took effect almost immediately and he only swallowed only half of it. The other half was spilled on the driveway.

His vision became blurry and his head pounded. It was so painful. His thoughts became jumbled up and he felt himself fall down. A strong hand pulled him back up and Harry shook his head, trying to clear it. He accomplished it a few moments later.

"Ye alrigh' Harry?" Hagrid asked him.

"Yeah... I just..." he blinked and tried to recollect his thoughts. Then he remembered everthing.

Oh, right! He was going to London for his school supplies with Hagrid. His Aunt Julie and Uncle David gave him permission! He even played a game of catch with his cousin Will before leaving. He must have been hit by his ball when Hagrid came. Now he remembered!

Wait... that seemed wrong... his aunt was... P-Pe...


No. His aunt was named... Julie... and his Uncle was Ver... no, David.


"Right Harry! Let's go!"

Hagrid grabbed his hand and they walked down the street, out of Privet Drive.

Meanwhile, the Dursleys were looking at each other in a daze. Their memories jumbled up and replaced.


"James!" Lily called from the sitting room. Her husband came in after a few minutes.

"Yes, love?" He asked her.

Lily looked through the contents of the box in front of her before turning to him. "We need more potion ingredients. And I need more books."


"James!" Lily cried shrilly.

"Right! Right!" he said, scratching the back of his head. "Erm... Lils, don't you think you're being a bit... I mean, the term's not gonna start until a month from now. Don't you think you should take it easy?"

"No. I need to make my lesson plan and and do more research and do advance notes..." then Lily started listing off some more jobs she had to do. James tuned her out for the most part.

"Alright! Alright. We'll go." he finally said. "I have to pick up my broom anyway."

"Why? What happened to your broom?" Lily asked. She never heard anything about her husband's broom being broken.

"Nothing. Nothing. It sorta... got broken...? After I played Quidditch with Sirius?"

Lily sighed. "Forget I asked..."


James grabbed the pot filled with floo powder and handed it to his wife. Lily accepted it and threw some into the fire

"Righ' then Harry... I've got some things I need ter be doin. Real importan' business, mind. Here. You bes' trot to Flourish and Blotts an' ge' yer school books. I'll meet up with ye then." Hagrid said as he handed a sack filled with money to Harry.

"Erm... I don't..." Harry started to say.

"Don' worry. Just ask someone in the shop fer firs' year material..." Hagrid told him and he walked off.

"Hey! Hey! Wait!" Harry called after him. But it was too late. Hagrid was gone. "Great. How am I supposed to find a bookstore when this is my first time here?"

Harry tucked the sack into the small shoulder bag that he brought along and started to look around. He passed by a few shops, though none of them seemed to sell books.

Quidditch... what was that?

Wands... hey. I need one. But Hagrid said I should go to the bookstore.

Daily Prophet...

Ice cream...

Potions... hey, I'll need to go there...

Flourish and Blotts. Bingo!

Harry ran towards the direction of the shop and pushed the door open. He was immediately greeted by the sight of hundreds of people. He tried looking around for a staff member but no one seemed to be near the entrance at the moment. He decided to dive into the crowd and pushed his way through. He found himself in the Housekeeping section. He looked around again. There were only a few people in this section. Harry tried walking away and finding the shelves marked with the subjects he wanted.

"Excuse me, may I help you?"

Harry jumped up in surprise and quickly turned around to face the owner of the voice. It was one of the female staff. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Erm... I'm looking for first year books..."

The woman smiled at him and led him towards the shelves on the other side of the shop. Harry thanked her when he found the bookshelves marked with the subjects he was looking for. He started looking around and picking up the books he needed.

"Right. That's Charms... what else?" He consulted his list. "Hm... Potions... Potions..." He looked up from his list and searched for the potions section. He found it a minute later and looked for his book in one of the shelves.

"Where...?" Harry muttered to himself as he walked along the shelves, never taking his eyes off the spine covers.

"Where is that-Omph!"


"Ow..." Harry groaned as he pulled himself up.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry!"

"No... No. It's okay. I..." Harry looked up and was met with concerned emerald green eyes.


"Are you hurt?" asked the woman in front of him.

"No. I... I'm okay..." Harry said as he dusted himself off, his eyes never leaving the woman in front of him. "Have I... seen you before...?" He asked as he took in her features once again.

"I doubt that, young man. Unless you've been a student of mine. My name's Lily Potter."

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