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The Rogue Vampiric: Dhalia

Chapter 2


She’s in William’s room, he’s turned her and so he should be the one to disclose what she has become. Outside, I reprimand him for his impulsive actions. “Do you even know who she is?” I ask.

“Young William has a weakness for women of color.” Varga states, intruding on our discussion. “She’s his mate, he’ll come for her. I’ve been pursuing him for awhile, he doesn’t keep with a pack.” Says William.

“Instead of killing her, you turned her... and what of her family?”

“Aristocrats.” He responds.

“Black aristocracts are as easy to dispatch as the poor, no one will care enough to ask questions.” I say. “Her father’s Lord Grey.” Interjects Varga. The imfamous Baron, accused of the death of his twin brother when they were children. No evidence to prove that he was responsible for his brother’s disappearance, he was never charged. Known for his business acumen, his wealth borders on the perverse. Wedding a black woman, he produced an heir, and she’s in my home, a newly turned vampire.

“Her family doesn’t have a history of wolves to my knowledge, so why would you think that she’s his mate?” I inquire. I can hear her moving about in the bed, she’s coming to. “Why else would one track a human, other than for food? He attacked another on the hunt for a meal, she was the main course.”

“Maybe he wanted her for supper.” Says Varga. “He had plenty of chances to do it, and he didn’t.” States William.

“Enough, she’s awake.” I say. “What are your orders?” Inquires Varga, producing his sword. William draws his, blocking the way to his bedroom. “Let her be, I’ll handle this.” I say, as William allows me access to the room. Entering she comes from behind the door brandishing a candelabra, which i’m quick to take from her. Moving with speed past me, William latches onto her, capturing her in his arms. She struggles against his strength but quickly gives up. “Unhand me, you bastard!” William tosses her onto the bed, and in an instant is beside it blocking her from getting off of it.

In her rage she tackles him, knocking him to the floor. Wrestling for the upper hand, she lets lose a frustrated yell as he pins her to the floor with a laugh. “You’re a wild one aren’t you?” He says.

“Let her go.” I say, envious of the liberties that he’s taking with her. Dark brown skin, curly hair, she’s a beauty, he’s chosen well. Offering her his hand, she swats it away from her. I offer her a hand and she reluctantly accepts it. Pulling her to her feet, her hair in wild disarray, I fight the urge to straighten it. William sensing the attraction, sends a warning hiss my way. As the coven leader I could have him whipped for his impudence.

She’s attractive but I know not to overstep my boundaries, he chose her for himself. Now whether she chooses him is a different story, i’ll keep my distance. “William.” I say, letting him know that it’s time. “What do you remember about the celebration last night?” He asks her. “I was in a maze and an animal attacked me or was going to. It was a dream nothing more.” She says. “It was real, the beasts that you saw were werewolves.” He explains. She’s quiet as they all are when we tell them the truth. But she does something that’s a first, breaks out in laughter.

“Look, I don’t know who you people are but I demand that you release me. My father will pay you if it’s ransom that you want.” She says. “We have no need for your money.” He informs her. “Then what do you want!” She demands. “Tell me that you don’t feel it, sense the changes in you. He tells her. “You drugged me.” She says. “I have no need to drug the women that i’m interested in.” He says. Studying him, she comes to the conclusion that he’s older than he appears. “What is going on?” She asks. Taking her hand, I open the window to allow the sunlight in. Placing her hand in the sun, she doesn’t burn, i’m perplexed and wondering what the hell is going on. “Was something supposed to happen?” She asks.

“You were supposed to bur... Yanking her hand back, the sound of sizzling flesh can be heard and smoke comes up from her arm. She is not immune but she can tolerate the sun for short periods of time. Her sire’s not immune, nor can he tolerate the sun, so how is it possible that she can?

Placing her arm back in the sun produces the same results, a delayed burn. “What is wrong with me?” Her fangs protracting, she touches her mouth and in a flash shes before the mirror. “What did you do to me?She says, examining the elongated teeth. “Hold her!” I say, anticipating what they always do. Too late, shes already headed out of the room.

Facing Varga, he’s seized her by the arm. Testing her strength, she pushes him off of her sending him flying into the wall. “Careful Varga, she’s an alley cat...” William says on his way past him, in pursuit of her.

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