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New World Order: Cori

Chapter 2


Watching her train with the others, she’s fast but her temper is causing her to lose. “Red” as she’s dubbed him was specifically chosen by me to be her opponent. A mountain of a man, and she like everyone who meets him, had her reservations. I have to fight the urge to not look away as she’s slammed to the mat again. Taking controlled breaths, to try control the pain. She’s taken a beating and this time she’s not rising as quickly as before.

Looking to me for approval, I give my affirmation with a slight nod. Going for her feet, he’s rewarded with a kick to the face. Blood gushing, his features contorted in pain, she’s back onto her feet. “I can’t even see to hit the bitch!” A knee to the stomach, and another solid kick to the head crumples him. He’s nowhere near finished, that’s why I chose him. She tries another kick but he anticipates it, and pulls her to him. She’s locked in a bear hug, squeezing she cries out. “Yield...” He says to her. Refusing, trying to breathe, he hugs her even tighter. Dropping her weight, she twist’s his hand, and trips him with her feet. “Ah...!” With his arm bent backwards to the point of breaking, she has him on his knees. “You yield.”

Hunting for the corrupted in the storm drains, I lead them down a tunnel where we’re greeted by a mass. Letting them follow us to a large open space we finish them off. Going even deeper, she’s at the front of the group and her scents intoxicating. I should have fed earlier, she’s a distraction but not for long. We’re ambushed by a pack of the corrupted dying of hunger they’re salivating.

They’re wild, coming at us in a frenzy. I easily dispatch them, helping the others end them. I hear her abnormal heartbeat, it’s increased. She’s been backed into a corner by four of them. Removing the head of one, another’s stinger is extended to drink. quickly removing the offending organ, I end one with a bullet to the head, and the last two are beheaded by her. “The weak get preyed upon.” I can feel the animosity before she even speaks. “I didn’t need your help.” She says hotly. “Next time position yourself, so that you don’t get isolated from the group.” The corrupted in other parts of the world, are nothing compared to those here. There isn’t enough food to satisfy the growing numbers of the corrupted, and they’re more aggressive.

“Well.. what do you think? Do you want to keep her?” Hines asks, Intruding upon my watch of her in training. “Her attitudes poor, she’s ill-tempered, and has authority issues.” His small smile before he puts on a serious face again, doesn’t go unnoticed by me.

“Does she stay or go, we have another woman...”

“Might as well stick with what we have, I don’t want to start over with another one.” I interrupt. “Yes, sir.′ He says, leaving me to my own thoughts as I resume my watch.


“New York’s still a major issue. New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, and Pennsylvania are also being looped in as high risk areas. Civilian numbers are low enough that “The order’s” pushing for a decontamination for the entire north east. They want to wipe these states off of the map.” Hines advises, to the assembled principles. Why is he alluding to the truth, the decision has been made. The decontamination would make sense, as the other states are controllable. Cut off the infected limb, to save the body. My concern is for myself and others like me, what will they do after the major threat has been eliminated. What will they do with us? For now we serve a purpose, but what’s going to happen after we’ve served our purpose? I don’t mind a life of seclusion, if it’s with someone.

The hunters, and the important militia gather for meals, with dinner as a formal occasion. She’s missing again. I shouldn’t concern myself with her affairs, the soldier’s most likely the reason for her absence. “What’s going on in that head of your’s Quinlan?” Meddlesome Hines inquires. “The sanitation of the northeast.”

“Um... it’s unavoidable. We’ve lost this war, there’s no shame in it. He says. “Excuse me.” I say, quickly going to my feet. Leaving the compound I pick up her scent, shes with him as he makes his rounds. “I think the walls are high enough. We’ve had our share of them testing our barriers, but none have ever broken through.” He says.

“Quinlan”. She says, as they come upon me. “Mrs. Haynes.”

“Please, just Cori.”

“You were missed at dinner.”

“Was I?” She says, sarcastically.

“Their inner monologues, inquired about your whereabouts.”

“Well I’m glad, to hear that they care about my well being.” She says, uncaring. It’s best that we end this conversation, my presence seems to bring out the worst in her. For some reason I’m rather fond of antagonizing her, she always takes the bait.

“Mrs. Haynes.”

“Quinlan.” She states tartly, her feathers ruffled. “Mrs... you’re married?” I hear upon my departure. “I was...”



“Oh, i’m sorry.”

“I’m not.”

“Cold hearted... It should make for an interesting story one day.” Interesting indeed... The saddest thing about betrayal, is that it never comes from your enemies. Multiple murders of sorts, and the weapon of choice... a corrupted. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. But, who am I to judge?

Forewarning my brothers of the sanitization, I go in hunt of a meal. She’s young and starving, lost her father not to long ago. Hiding, I know that she could not have heard my approach. And then I hear it, i’m not the only one after a meal. This one’s honed it’s predatory skills, silently stalking us both. “I know you’re there, show yourself.” Stepping into the light she’s petite crouched low, baring her teeth. “Let’s get this over with.” She attacks, coming at me fast. I catch her in mid air, with one hand, driving my sword through her stomach with the other. Wailing in pain, I silence her by removing her head. In my meal’s attempt to get away, she falls and i’m on her. Her small struggles are futile, as I drink my fill.

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