New World Order: River


After being beheaded by Quinlan, the Master's taken another form, Zach Goodweather. Ephraim refusing to give up hope, and believing that he can cure his son, goes in search of the descendant of the one whom the Occido Lumen speaks of, whose blood can cure the strigoi infection. Thinking that the Master had been ended, along with the order, Quinlan's purpose had been satisfied. He was ready to retire to a life of seclusion, with the woman whom he fell in love with. After the attack at the ball, where many of the world's notable people were in attendance, Quinlan has lost track of Cori, and now has to continue on with his life purpose, of finding and ending the Master. Happiness will have to wait. Cori's on the lam with River, they've run into a silver sword-wielding old man, who's uncovered a new way to fight the strigoi. Fighting for their lives and humanity, will River make the ultimate sacrifice as he's being coerced to do, to save her and those that he loves.

Horror / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hidden under the desk, the worm slowly slithers away in search of a new host. It finds it’s mark, a young lab technician, hiding in her office. The incubation period only takes seconds, before it’s directing it’s new vehicle out of the building and in search of the host that it’s been wanting from the first time that he turned Ephriam Goodweather’s wife.

“Ma’am, you forgot your things.”

She’s five feet five inches, auburn haired, pretty but young. Placing my things on the conveyor belt, I catch up to her outside of the market. Offering her the bags she doesn’t take them, instead she just stares at me. “Is there something wrong?”

“A true southern gentleman, I had thought that your kind had been finished off.”

“No, not many of us left, but we’re still around.”

Perhaps I could offer you some type of sustenance for your service.”

“Sustenance, you’ve been out of the game for awhile huh?” I say, with a laugh.”

“You must forgive me my poor social skills.”

“Oh it’s nothing and as tempting as that offer is, my better half would kill me.”

“Is that her?” She says, looking past me into the store. Following her gaze, Cori’s wrist is being scanned to pay for our supplies. “Yeah, she’s the jealous type...” Turning back to give her the bags, she’s gone. Scanning the area, she’s vanished. “Hey, what are you doing?” Cori’s come outside, and is making her way over to me.

“A lady left her bags, I came out here to give them to her, and she vanished.”

“Vanished like disappeared, like Casper?”

The look she’s given causes her to chuckle. “We’ve already got the vampires, I’m just waiting on the werewolves, zombies and ghosts to come out.”

“That was weird though, let me take these back in.” I say, in reference to the woman and her bags.

“Uh uh...”

“What are you a thief now?”

“How is that stealing? She ran off and left you with them, she doesn’t want them.”


“Yeah, I know.” She says handing me the other bags. “C’mon we gotta hurry, if we want to catch the last rail out.” Damn it, i’d forgot about the rails closing early, we’re on high alert for a possible strigoi breech. Citizens are coming up drained and mutilated in various communities. No infection outbreak, just dead bodies.

After the attack, Cori and I headed to virginia where my parent’s reside. They were never pleased with my choice in women, but her they took an extreme dislike to. She’s a southern belle, thats ten brownie points. Swears like a sailor, minus twenty brownie points. Crude, ill mannered, quarrelsome, and callous, were the words used to describe her by my mother at dinner. I was too shocked to even come to Cori’s defense.

My surprise turned to genuine panic, when she came to her feet with a humorless laugh. “Well, I guess that’s a hell of a lot better than being superficial ass’s.” I can still hear my mother’s sharp intake of breath, and my father’s sputtering. That’s Cori being polite, and courteous, I thought that I was going to have to dodge a plate and a glass of wine.

We were promptly dismissed, with a reminder for me to not bring her around anymore. Cori said an impromptu farewell with a few choice words, that would’ve made a pirate blush. All of this over a disagreement concerning the elimination of “the order”, and my parent’s opinion that “the born” should be destroyed. What am I going to do with her?

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