New World Order: River

Chapter 11

Cori’s disappointment in me has flowed over into the next day. Shes become a mute when in my presence, which isn’t such a bad thing. Her attempts at trying to awaken my jealous nature, falls short, as I can read her.

Her interest in the Doctor is highly exaggerated, but it does serve to anger and confuse the soldier. He’s up to his neck in it with her, and neither of us are doing well in the “forgave and forgotten” department, but at least she seems to be coming around.

I’m in my room, planning a trip out of the safe zone to feed, when Cori enters. She’s not in one of her vindictive moods and reading her, I know what she wants. Closing the door quietly behind her, its been awhile since I’ve tasted her. I’m hungry, and on impulse want to quickly satisfy my need, but she hasn’t been on her best behavior of late, so she’ll have to work for it.

She’s watching me from the door, unsure... Now that’s a first. Shifting uncomfortably from my silent observation of her from across the room, she becomes angry that I don’t indulge her.

“You know why i’m here.”

“Of course.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“I want you to ask.”

“I’m not begging you.”

I don’t know how her need for me to bite her, is even greater than my hunger, for her thoughts are ripe with salacious sexual acts that involves my strigoi tongue.

“We’ll see...”

The quick transportation of moving her from the door, to the bed leaves her breathless, and ends with my body pressing hers into the bed. Her lips meeting mines quickly, and hungrily, forces the monster inside to come forth. Pulling away from her, I force it back, as her body moves with unease beneath mines. ” You’re too hot...” She says, pushing me away, before resuming her attack upon my body. Raining light kisses down my chest, I halt her attempts to disrobe me.

“No? Well lucky for you, that I’m starved for your attentions.” She whispers playfully, her tongue making its way down the sensitive part of my neck. A quick deep breath to calm the monster within, before her clothings ripped away from her body. Roughly pushing her back onto the bed, I want to see her in her natural state.

She’s still, watching me as the back of my hand caresses her face, and slowly moves downwards. Her sharp intake of breath as I brush past her breast, gently circling the tip, causes my temperature to rise. With both hands on her body, my nails lightly rake down her stomach. Her body quaking with need, the scent of her arousals too tempting, and I can no longer contain it.

“Do it... please...”

Her hand on mines, stops me from turning her face away. “I want to see.” She’s seen me feeding once before, in the tunnel. I’ve yet to let her see me like that again. “I don’t want to see your rejection.”

“What... I’m attracted to your strigoi anatomy. I love you, as you are, and I want to see you, as you are.”

Her words, although they’re meant to offer me comfort, fail miserably. I’ve been shunned by females before, during my gladiator days. Wealthy women seeking perversions of the flesh, called upon me to feast upon their bodies, in the most depraved ways.

My refusal ended in vicious words, insults and one death. The senator had me publicly whipped, when the masses demanded my head. I didn’t have to endure it, but I did to reassure them that I was somewhat human. Our friendship ended the same way wars were waged and fights began, over a woman.

“Let me enjoy you, for now.”

Turning her gaze from mines, she inhales deeply at my bite.

She’s by my side, as I’m listening to the chatter behind the door, a few dozen nesting. The General’s led us to his lair and he’s here, I can feel him. Lifting two of the bombs from her person, I toss them into the darkness, quickly closing the door. The response is two muted bangs, followed by a collective high pitch wailing. “This should hold them for awhile.”

“Where’s the Master?” Asks Eph.

“If you have to choose, I trust you to make the right decision.” I state.

“What are you talking about?” Inquires Cori, taking my hand in hers.

A silent communication from my brothers, and we leave the humans to fend for themselves.



I hear in parting.

Following his call, we end up in a ballroom. “Is this to be the final showdown?” I state, upon entering the room. The boy, short of stature, young...stands on the outskirts of a small sea of the corrupted. “My son... even in this body, I’ll easily dispatch you.”

“Hopefully after I’ve been wore down from the fight against your minions. Sad... I always knew you were a coward.”

“Destroy them!” He commands, his voice loud and angered.

Seven in number, we go up against the horde of corrupted.

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