New World Order: River

Chapter 12

He’s left us, and his words still replay in my mind. Choose between who, and what? The decision’s been made, so we must follow through. We have no clue as to where Quinlan and the others went, but we follow the direction that they went in.

Strigs popping up in hallways and upon our entrance into rooms, we end them. It’s a simple task, of ending the scattered infected, but the real fight has already begun, as we open the door to a massive room, where the infected lay headless.

The Born can be seen fighting their way through a vast amount of strigs, and Dutch quickly shuts the door on the skirmish. “What the hell are you doing? I ask?

“Wait... wait...wait... did you see how many there were, there’s too many.”

“Open the damn door, we can’t let Quinlan and them...”

“No, she’s right...” Says Eph, interrupting me.

“How many silver bombs do we have?” Inquires Alex.

“We can’t throw silver in there, Quinlan and the born are in there.”

“We can’t stand here twiddling our fucking thumbs either.” Says River.

“All in favor of using the bombs?” Ask Eph.



Eph raises his hand, and all eyes are on River waiting. He’s taking too long, and so I try to get to the door, to warn Quinlan, when River stops me. “Do it!” He yells, holding me as I attempt to break free of his embrace.

“Quinlan!” I scream, as the door’s opened and the bombs are tossed in. “Quinlan!”

There’s a series of bangs, and then a pause before the screeching. “It’s now or never folks.” Says Eph, reopening the door.

Releasing me, I shove River away from me, before quickly following Eph into the room. Strigs are laid out on the floor screeching in pain, their bodies contorted. We go about it as quickly as we can, ending them. I’m searching for Quinlan, when I notice the boy, he’s watching me.


Following my gaze to the boy, he’s now watching Eph, and a demonized smile lights his face, before he disappears out of a door. “Wait!” I yell, to his back as Eph goes after him. We have no choice but to follow him.

Running down a series of hallways, and up a flight of stairs, we end in a hallway with closed doors on both sides. Eph enters a room searching, while we buddy up and search other rooms. “I’m sorry, but it had to be done.” Says River, following me into a room.

“River... I don’t want to talk about it right now, let’s just get through this.”

“I feel like I’m losing you.”

“Yeah, what gave it away?”

“Look, nothing happened between me and Alex, I told you.”

“I know, but that still doesn’t explain why you were in her room. I’m sure that she didn’t drug you and drag you there.”

“I gotta admit that her offer was tempting. I’m a lil bit jealous, when you go to him, and do god knows what with him... and I did go to her room with the intention of sleeping with her, but I couldn’t follow through. I tried to get drunk enough to do it, but I over did it and passed out.”

“Okay, so I owe her an ass whooping, and you a shot in the ass, we’ll be even then.”

I want to laugh at his expression, but laughing would only take away from the seriousness of the situation. I go back to searching instead, and leave him standing there.

Entering another room, River doesn’t follow me, and it’s for the best. I love him, but if my situation with Quinlan is too much to deal with, then we’ll have to end our relationship. I’m not choosing between them, I can’t.

We’re moving from room to room, when I don’t recall Eph leaving the first room that he went into. River’s with Dutch, and Alex, when I make my way quickly to his room. “Eph?” It’s dark, the hallway’s light offers little to no visibility into the room. “Eph?” Too late, I hear the purring and am immediately pulled into the darkness. A hand muffles my scream, and trying to fight my attacker is useless, as it’s strong. Holding me tightly, I know that it’s not human, and i’m struggling to get loose, but mentally preparing for a stinger. “Calm down.” His voice calms me, and I want to hug him, but he has me pinned, my back to him.

Hearing the screams, and yells from Dutch, Alex, and River, I try to get to them, but Quinlan’s keeping me in the room. There’s the sound of gun fire, and then an eerie quietness, that causes my heart to sink. Quinlan’s still, holding me hostage and then I sense it, danger.

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