New World Order: River

Chapter 13

Upon waking, Dutch and Alex are laid out on the floor unconscious. Last I remember, we were overtaken by the boy. My warning came to late, as I was the first to see him standing in the doorway.

Coming at us fast, knocking Dutch backwards into the wall, with a swipe of his hand, she falls flat. The resounding thud causes me to cringe.

Alex managed to get off two shots, that he expertly dodged, before hitting her in the chest with such force, that I don’t think she’s going to get to bury her brother.

No words, just a loud ringing in my ears, that brings me to my knees, with a painful groan. “I want to see the look on her face, when she sees what you’ve become.”

The pinch of the stinger, is alarmingly painful. My teeth clenched, I have no choice but to submit, as the ringing is never-ending, I collapse.

Checking Alex, she’s alive and moving over to Dutch, she stirs when my hand makes a connection with her neck. “Dutch, you have to get up, I gotta find Cori.”

Sitting up, she’s a bit out of it, and going back to Alex, I gently try to coax her back to wakefulness. “Alex... ” Her eyes fluttering, they open and im relieved that she’s okay. “Can you sit up?”

“She does so slowly, a hand going to where she was hit. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah...Where’s Eph?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I’m done... I’m about to get the hell out of here.” Says, Dutch.

“You two can go, I have to find Cori.”

Helping me lift Alex to her feet, I touch the area where I was bitten. I don’t feel different, but I have to know for sure. Am I one of those things, can I become one of them?

“You two gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, we’ll be waiting until dusk, then we’re leaving. Says Dutch, straining to support Alex’s weight.

Making my way back to the room where Eph was searching it’s empty and heading back down stairs, I encounter a few strigs.

Quickly putting them to rest, my vision starts to blur. Shaking my head to clear it up, images start to form. I can see Eph, apprehended a stinger in his neck, it retracts, and I realize that I’m seeing through the eyes of a strig.

And not just any strig, the master... Eph’s talking but I can’t hear him, the floor comes into view, followed by blood and bile. “What the fuck.”

He’s sick.... the master’s sick! A hands thrown up in self defense, and it’s quickly removed. I’m staring at a wrist gushing white blood and worms.

Quinlan’s standing before him, and his mouth form words, that I can’t read. Eph comes back into view, and he’s struggling against his bonds, fear evident in his eyes. One hand comes loose and he quickly frees himself.

Cori’s gun trained on him, he stops his advancement towards Quinlan. The Master must be speaking, as they’re all watching him. “You bit him?” I make out those three words from her, before im staring at the ceiling.

Quinlan’s raised sword is the last thing i see, before the link is broken.

They burnt his body, and set the castle aflame. I left, as I felt the changes within, into what, I had no clue. I was changing, and wanted to be as far away as i could from those i loved.

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Lets go back in time, to when Quinlan was known as “Quintus Sertorius”, the gladiator, the fifth hybrid. As he and Cori hunt River, a new breed of hybrid vampire, his story is told. He’s made an offer to trade his immortality for a mortals life. Live out the rest of his days in a human form, or keep his immortality and watch the one he loves wither and die, never able to truely possess her.

River, the master’s bite has transformed him, inhuman speed, strength, mind compulsion, and an insatiable thirst, are the gifts/curse endowed upon him. He can change strigs into humans and humans into hybrids, and giving the gift of immortality to another, he wants to change Cori. What good is a life of immortality, if you can’t share it with the one you love?

The hunters have now become the hunted... Eph’s son was taken by the Master, and murdered by Quinlan and Cori, thats the way he sees it. River could have changed his son, given him his life back, but they took that away from him. Recruiting Dutch and Fet, they’re on the hunt for a murderess, a half-strig and a vampire hybrid. The war ends with all three of their deaths.

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