New World Order: River

Chapter 2

My last memory or her, was of her ushering the soldier out of the ballroom. Per her thoughts, she wanted from him what I could not give. The intimate moments that we shared, wasn’t enough for her, and so I was compelled to share her with him. A great price to pay for fleeting moments with her. I do not doubt her feelings for me, as I know her thoughts. She cares for me, but she cares for the soldier also. My plan was for us to become established somewhere as far from civilization as possible, minus the soldier. But I know that, that’s just a fanciful illusion. He is a part of her life, and so if I am to have her, he will become a part of mines.

A meeting with the “Ancients”, and i’m beyond furious. The fools, they would withhold information from me! I did not destroy the crimson worm, his essence and so the “Master” he lives. My plans to live a peaceful, life of seclusion with Cori have been interrupted. I’ve left her well-being in the hands of the soldier, and trust that he’s capable of keeping her safe, his life depends on it. According to the “General”, she’s secure and I dare not ask where, as I may be tempted to seek her out.

And so I’ve resumed my mission of finding and ending the “Master”. West Virginia is where I left his dismembered vessel, and that is where I am following the trail of drained and mutilated bodies. News travels fast, and bad news travel’s even faster. The “Order’s” been informed of my failure, and have given me unlimited resources to hunt down the Master and destroy it. We thought that we’d dismantled the “order”, but we just took down one branch. They’re not too happy with what my brother’s and I did, but it was them who struck the first blow, attempting to round us up like cattle. I guess we have an understanding now, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend temporarily”.

She’s watching me, no staring at me. She’s been tasked with showing me around the headquarters of “the order’s” old stomping grounds. A look in her direction, and she smiles demurely. Moving around her, her heartbeat accelerates, and she shifts nervously. Her scents intoxicating, predator and prey, she takes a few steps away from me. A mousy creature, petite, attractive and a self proclaimed writer. Vampire romance fanfiction about “the born”, I have to smile at that. “Sir, would you like to see the other room?” Her voice’s melodic, and quiet in the empty lab. Nodding an affirmative, she leads the way into the room, where I thought that I’d ended the Master. The room’s been sanitized, but a closer look and I can see a trail leading from the room. “Those are just offices back there.” She says, from behind me. The trail leads into a small cubicle.

“Whose space was this?”

“I don’t know, but I can find out.”

West Virginia... Virginia...I’m unable to tell the difference between the two, and the trail stops there. Ava Morrison, the one whom I seek, this is a first. The Master’s never taken a female form, It must have been desperate. Video surveillance showed the implantation of the red worm into her, and my guide fainted upon seeing it. Reality versus fiction is a lot harder to digest. Her last scan was at a grocer, and that means that she’s keeping her victim alive. She’ll have to resurface again and when she does, i’ll be waiting.

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