New World Order: River

Chapter 4


She’s my world, and I love her. From the first day that I met her, I knew that I had to make her mines. Watching as she tries to balance the drink, and snack tray, I’m over to her quickly offering assistance. Smiling brightly, I’m rewarded with a kiss. We’d reached an agreement with the old man, every other week I’m put in a sleep stasis for a few days, so that they can collect my blood.

With such a momentous revelation as this, I’m surprised that the order hasn’t been informed. Surely they can get the cure out to the infected on a massive scale, and far more quickly than the old man. I’m not sure that his objective, is as noble as he makes it out to be.

Taking a seat on my lap, she playfully nips at my ear. “When are we going to get a pool, you promised me one months ago.” She inquires, raining light kisses down my neck. “Keep that up, and I’ll start digging the hole today.” Her light giggle turns into an ear piercing scream.

Our backyard fades away, and darkness surrounds me. I can hear the sound of a machine beeping from far away, and then I hear her voice faintly. “This is total bullshit!”

“Language... Mrs. Haynes.”

“It’s just Cori, you old geezer.”

“He’s fine, I assure you.”

“He’s been under for days, how much freaking blood do you need!”

The sounds of a scuffle can be heard, followed by breaking glass. “Get her out of here!” Shouts the old man gruffly.

“If he dies, I’m going to kill you!”


I’ve been reliving the same nightmare over and over, a repeat cycle of the backyard scene. It ends abruptly and I’m nowhere, just darkness. I can hear a machine that must be monitoring my vitals, and the occasional conversation, but mostly darkness and no sounds. The old man must have kept to his word, and refused to let us go. My outcome... a permanent sleep stasis, the bastard.

I don’t know how long I’ve been like this, but I’m worried about Cori and my parents. I’ve yet to hear her voice again, and... Whoa! The sensation of a loss of equilibrium, causes me to feel sick to my stomach. The sounds of a fight ensues, followed by gunshots.

Saying a mental prayer, that strigoi’s haven’t breached the facility, and that I don’t get bitten. Well I might survive a bite come to think of it.

“Wait, we can’t move him...We’ll have to keep him here, look at his vitals.” Says, a woman.

“Shit.” Comes a man’s voice.

The sound of running feet, and a few more gunshots ring out, before I’m in the backyard again.

Opening my eyes, the light hurts them, and trying to block the light, my arm flops back down weakly. A glance around the room, and I see that Cori’s tucked into a chair sleeping. “Cori...” My voice comes out in a hoarse whisper, but she stirs. Trying again, It’s louder, and her eyes pop open.

Looking at me wide eyed, she’s over to me her arms wrapped around my neck tightly. “Oh my God, you’re awake!”

“Where’s... my... parents?”

“They’re fine, I’m so happy that you’re awake.”

“What happened?”

“This man and woman came to rescue you. They locked the guards, well the one’s that they didn’t kill, and the old man up.”

“I’m concerned... about the reason... why they came...” I say, breathlessly.

“Shh... don’t worry about that now, just relax.” She says, with a kiss on my forehead.

It takes a week plus for me to be fully restored, the old man kept me drained to the point where I couldn’t regain consciousness. I’d never hit an old man, but he deserved the slap that Cori gave him. After an interrogation, he’s still sticking to his story “the savior of mankind.”

My rescuers are Ephraim Goodweather, and Alex Green, a “to the point”, no nonsense, resistance fighter, who reminds me of a watered down Cori. Eph, as he likes to be called is or was a former CDC employee, who wants my blood to cure his son. How much, he does not know, as the master is currently inhabiting his son’s body.

Come to find out, Eph and the old man know each other. They used to be partners in this fight, until Eph stole the Occido Lumen, per the old man. A book that maps out how the master can be ended, and of a lineage of men, that carries the cure for the strigoi infection in their blood.

That man is currently me.

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