New World Order: River

Chapter 5

She was careful, too careful. It must have eaten her up inside to not be able to do as she pleased, hiding, not able to feed conventionally. Standing over the corpses of three inspectors, and the discarded shell of Ava, I see the blood drawing kit, along with a variety of rotting fruits and vegetables.

By the smell of the bodies, the master’s long gone... and since the owner of the residence is missing, one can only assume that he’s the master’s new host. Inhaling deeply, my heartbeat quickens when I pick up her scent, it’s faint but its her’s. “Cori.” Moving with speed into another room, it’s empty... and then I hear him.

He’s in the basement, his back to me, when I come upon him. “Where is she?” My voice startling him, he drops the book that he’s leafing through.

Removing his gun, he fires two shots, and dodging them, I have him backed up against the wall struggling to breathe. He knows the general, that’s how he found this place. “Ephraim goodweather.” I state, backing away to allow him some space. “You must be Quinlan.” He says, rubbing his throat.

“Where’s Cori?”

“The woman with the soldier.”

“They were taken...” I state, reading him.

“The soldier has the cure, in his blood. The Occido...

“You have the Lumen?”

“It’s in a safe place.”

“The General has it.” I tell him.

“You know, it defeats the purpose of asking if you can read my mind.”

With the help of the General, he’s been to Cori’s and the soldier’s home, and then on to here. He’s searching for the master, and the reason why is most disturbing.

“He’s become the master’s new host.”

He’s silent, as he relives the moments when the master took over his son’s body. The unimaginable horror of witnessing his child being overtaken by a parasite, fuels his drive and clouds his judgement. He’d better be careful, or he’s going to end up like those inspectors or worse.

“Not for long, I’m going to cure him, and kill it.”

We’ve gone our separate ways, him in search of the soldier and I in search of the master. I’d heard of men with the power to cure the infected, but I’ve never had any time or need to seek them out. I’ll kill the master and end his bloodline for good, the cure is in my sword, when it connects with his host’s neck. I hope that the doctor reaches the master before I do, for I’ll not hesitate to remove his son’s head, to destroy the master’s essence.

This fight has gone on long enough, and I’m tired. Her scent on him, tempted me to go with him in search of her, but we’ll not have peace until my mission is complete.

It’s time that I paid the General another visit.


The General was more than accommodating, my former friend was a mass of nerves, knowing that I know of his duplicitous nature. Playing and being played by all sides, he gives me a lead to the master’s whereabouts, and a quick read let’s me know that he has nothing else to offer.

Taking up residence in an abandoned home, I awake to footsteps lightly going from room to room. The scents feminine, and the predator within me awakens. I can see her clearly in the darkness, moving about on tiptoe, she’s armed with a silver sword.

Tall, slender build, long hair... Dutch is her name.

“I know that you’re here.” She says, whispering.

“What do you want?” My voice loud in the dark hallway accelerates her heartbeat. “The General sent me, he said that you could use some help, with tracking down the master.”

“Did he now?” What could be his true reasoning behind sending, a lovely creature such as her my way. Turning on the lights, yields and even prettier sight which gives way to a long study of her features and attributes on my part.

Mr. Quinlan, I’m Dutch... Dutch Velders.”

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