New World Order: River

Chapter 6

She’s petite, pretty, and all smiles when introductions are made. Holding River’s hand a tad bit longer than what’s necessary, when he offers her his appreciation for interfering with the old man’s plans, I can’t help feeling a tinge of jealously.

“It’s Eph who’s owed all of the regard, it was his plan, I just went along with it.”

“Well, thank you for going along with it. I’m sure that he couldn’t have done it by himself.”

“You’re welcome.” She says, with a smile.

“Okay, so now that the pleasantries are out of the way, what do we do with the old man? I vote for keeping him locked up.” I state.

“We can’t do that.” Says Alex.

“He’s a warrior in this fight.” Says Eph.

“The old man, he can barely stand without assistance.” I say, incredulously.

“He’s been fighting this war, way before we even knew that there was a war.”

“So what, we take him with us?” Ask River.

“Yeah, he knows more about the master than we do, and if anything he’ll be more of a help than a hindrance.”

“Fine.” I state, with attitude.

“We’re leaving in thirty minutes.” Says Eph, as River and Alex leave to go release the old man and the guards. “What?” States Eph, gathering his things. I’m giving him the evil eye, waiting for him to acknowledge that the old man is going to be a problem, in more ways than one. He’s ignoring me, working around me, when I stop him, with a hand on the bag. “Can you move, please?”

“No, what in the hell are we going to do with him, when there’s a situation where we have to get out of dodge quickly?”

“He’ll be fine...” He says, moving my hand out of the way.

Studying him, he avoids my gaze. “You’re a terrible liar. Why do you need the old man? I mean... It’s none of my business...”

“You’re right, it’s none of your business.”

“BUT... if it affects me and River, then I’m going to make it my business.”

“Look, the master took something from the old man, his wife and it would give him peace to see his demise, even if he can’t be the one to execute it.”

We’re both silent as I consider his response. “Fine, keep your secrets, I’ll find out on my own anyways.”

We’ve gone back to New York, much to my vexation. A place of good memories, where I met River and Quinlan, and a place of horrors, where the master held me hostage. The feel of his abnormally warm, clammy grey skin, still gives me the chills. The plan is botch a rescue attempt, so that “one of them” can get close enough to inject him with River’s blood. I’m willing to go along, but I sure as hell ain’t no heroine, I’ve had all that I can take of the monster.

Calling upon the General, he welcomes us with open arms, arms that I want to hack from his lying, double-dealing body. “You’re most welcome to stay the night, and you can be on your way in the morning.” He says, offering drinks to Eph and Alex.

“I don’t trust him.” I say, to River from our post in the corner.

“It’s just one night.” Says River.

Offering us drinks, River takes two, handing one to me. “Your room’s still open, it’ll be like you never left.” Says, the General. His attempt at trying to be sociable fails miserably. “Thank you.” Says River, as he makes his way back over to Eph. “I don’t want to go back to that room...”

“Bad memory huh... I remember one great memory in particular...” He states, with that charming smirk of his. “It’s still early, we can make a few more good ones before we leave.”

“I’m up for it, if you are.” I state, kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll be through in a minute, I’m gonna grab a bottle.”

“A few more minutes of waiting and I was about to start without you.” His smile doesn’t reach his eyes. “What’s wrong?” I ask, concerned.

“It’s nothing, i’m just tired.” He says, sitting on the bed his back to me.

“Well... it’s nothing that a hot shower can’t cure.” I state, straddling him. Removing his shirt, while softly nipping at his lips, his response is slow, gently teasing my lips with his tongue. Controlling my dominant nature to take control and move things along hard and fast, I let him lead.

Stripping me down to my panties and bra, his fingers find my bud lightly stroking me through my panties. I’m quickly maneuvered onto my back, his kisses moving down my neck. Inhaling sharply at the sensations coursing through my body, his kisses heightens my arousal. Slowly moving downwards, his tongue makes a connection with my nipple and the bra’s quickly discarded.

My breathing coming quickly, body trembling with anticipation as his lips slowly make their way down, his tongue makes a connection with my nub, and an orgasmic wave hits. His tongue circling, induces moans, his name comes from my lips, as he gently and rapidly pleasures my sex. “Don’t... stop...” I manage, my orgasm cresting. His tongue teasing my clit, warm and wet, my body convulsing my release, as he licks the dew of my essence.


We’ve been directed to a firehouse by the General. It seems to be deserted, until a warning shot’s fired. “Hey!” I Yell, as we take cover. “We’re here to see Quinlan!” Yells River. There’s no further communication on their end. “Should we go in?” I ask.

“Sure, i’ll be right behind you.” Says, Eph.

The door opens and a blonde appears. Who the hell is this bitch? “Come in, “Q’s” waiting.” She says. “Q?” I state.



“This is just one big reunion, huh?” Says, Alex.

We’ve informed Quinlan of the plan and he’s accepting of it, somewhat... “A half-breed strigoi, a couple of humans, one frail and near death, drives up to the masters headquarters, armed with silver swords, bombs, and guns. In this scenario, I see maybe only two of us walking away, if not running away from the place, me and the cure.” He says, in reference to River.

“The master’s not stupid, he’ll have a sentinel of the corrupted guarding him, and not the lower ranking of them.” He adds. “We think it’ll work.” Says Alex. “What do you have to gain from this? You, who’s so willing to lay her life on the line, and for what?” Asks, Quinlan.

“For what’s right, for us humans... I lost a brother, who i’ll bury as soon as we kill the master. I want to bury my brother, soon.” She says.

“And you?” He asks, Dutch.

“I just like fighting the Strigoi, gives me a purpose.”

His eyes come to rest on me, and I know what he’s doing, reading me, and then his eyes lock with River’s for a few moments. “I’ll call my brothers to help us, I plan on surviving this.”

“Good, now how’s about a drink to liven up the mood. It’s been a pleasure being here with you “Q”, but you have definitely got to loosen up!” If she calls him “Q” one more time... “Quinlan making his way over to me is intercepted. I’m straining to hear them above the blonde’s and Alex’s chattering, and have to settle for trying to read their lips.

“How long is that going to take?” Asks, an eager Eph, whispering.

“A day or two at the most.” Responds Quinlan.

“We’ll give them a day, and then we have to leave with or without them.”

“Are you that eager to sacrifice everyone’s life in here for your son?”

“One day.” Says, Eph with finality.

What...what has happened to Eph’s son, and what isn’t he telling everyone? “Are you done being nosy, or are you so fascinated with Quinlan, that you can’t keep your eyes off of him?” Inquires River. “I’m done being nosy, something’s happened to Eph’s son.” I state. “Yeah, everyone’s lost at least one loved one in this fight.” He responds, pulling me to him.

“You?” I ask, my arms circling his neck.

“No, I’ve been lucky.”

My thoughts drift back to my mother, and a sadness overtakes me. “Hey... don’t do that, I didn’t mean to...”

“You’ve had her long enough, soldier.” Says Quinlan.

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