New World Order: River

Chapter 7


Relinquishing her to Quinlan, Alex keeps me company, outside we watch as a few fireworks light up the sky. “I’d forgotten that today was the fourth”. She says, refilling our glasses. “Yeah, there’s so much going on...”

“What’s wrong?”




“Is that what you told her? You’ll feel better if you talk about it, I guarantee it.”

“It’s nothing.” I say, wanting her to just let it be. “It’s what the old man told you right?”

“What do you know about that?”

“I’m not stupid, a thimble full may be all thats needed for the lower strigs, but the master...he may need a lil bit more.”

If she only knew, the old man thinks that he’s going to need all that I have, plus my soul. The sacrificial lamb, as the Lumen states. We could end it all, with just one life, mines.

I’m not sure that I’m that man, I can’t go willingly to the guillotine. “There’s another way... we can win this fight, without you giving your life.”

“How did you know...”

“Your woman isn’t the only nosy chick, who can read lips.”

I offer a small laugh. “Mmm...and she is only lucky chick.”

“I’m the one that’s lucky.”

“Well when you’re ready for a “one man woman”, or just a distraction, im here for you. Tomorrow may be the last day for some of us, might as well seize the moment. She’s not spending the night alone, why should you?”

I dare not say anything, as anything I say will be held against me, according to the laws of Cori. Finishing off her drink, she pauses next to me, a light touch on my arm, an invitation... she waits for my response.

Stretching my arm I touch a warm body, and reaching to pull her to me, she willing melts into my embrace. Her body melding into mines, snuggling closer, I know that something’s wrong. My eyes pop open, and inhaling deeply, the scent isn’t hers. “Shit... ” I say, finally looking at her.


“We didn’t...” I state, and pulling the covers back.

“You must have been dreaming...” She says, pulling the covers back over her. “I was throwing it at you every which way, and you wouldn’t bite.”

Rolling onto her stomach, she pulls the covers around her, exposing me. “Then why am i naked?”

“I tried to take it, and you wouldn’t cooperate. When a woman invites you to her room, it’s not to talk.” Burying her head into the covers, I’m at a loss for words.

Grabbing my clothing, and quickly dressing I head for the door, shoes in hand, pants unbuckled, and run right into Dutch.

“Oh... I was looking for Alex...”

Trying to look behind me, I close the door on her prying eyes.

“She’s asleep.” I state trying to side step by her.

“Uh huh... I thought you and the “asshole” were a couple.”

“It’s not what you think.”

“No...? Well since everyone’s sharing, I might as well have some fun too... She’s an asshole, but she’s a pretty asshole.” She says, to my retreating back.

The reinforcements will be here tomorrow, and then we can make our assault upon the master.

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