New World Order: River

Chapter 8


Making contact with my brother’s, they’ll arrive soon, to assist with the suicide mission. If the humans want to die, who am I to interfere. My concern is for Cori, she’s been reckless in my absence. I’d given her a severe rebuking, to which she left me and sought residence with the soldier for the night.

The humans milling about the compound are a sorry looking militia, if I ever saw one. The old man’s war-weary and fading fast, the resistance fighter is courageous, but lacks experience, and the Doctor... well he’s probably going to get everyone killed.

“Where’s Cori?” Asks the soldier, entering the room.

“I thought that she was with you?” I state.

“I haven’t seen her.” Says Dutch.

“I left her with you.” He says, to me.

“And she left me, and went to you last night.”

“No... she didn’t.

His words cause my heart to skip a beat, this woman is going to be the death of me. She’s gone and done, what I specifically advised her to stop doing. Now it’s evening and she hasn’t returned.

“Wait, has anyone seen Eph? Asks, Alex.

“What did we miss?” Inquires, the animated Doctor, coming into the room with a smiling Cori. “Where were you?” The soldier’s question is dripping with jealousy. I don’t have to read her to know where she’s been, and reading the Doctor, he went with her on her all night excursion.

“I was out, with Eph.”

“All night, and... all day?”

“Don’t worry about where I was, where were you? I went to your room and you weren’t there, last night.”

“Oh... this is going to be good.” States, Dutch.

“Zip it Goldilocks...” States, Cori.

“You’re mad at me, I’m not the one....”

“Stay out of this, Dutch.” Warns, the soldier.”

“No... let her speak, you’re not the one, what?”

I pick it up from the resistance fighter, he was with her last night. Dutch remains silent, from the unpleasant looks cast in her direction by Alex.

“Being that London Barbie, has nothing more to add...”

“London Barbie? You’re insulting me, and i’m not the one cheating on you.”


“How is it that you’re not woman enough to keep a human and a half-strig from straying? The man I can understand, but the half-strig doesn’t have the necessary tools to stray.”

Now i’m being insulted, how did I get pulled into this petty squabble?

“Cheating with who?” Asks, Cori. Her eyes darting from face to face. Everyone’s silent as the old man struggles to his feet, and makes a slow but steady exit.

“It... was a mistake.” Says, the soldier. Wrong response. I’m over to her, before she can pull the gun. Removing it from her person, she latches onto my shirt. Her attempts to retake it, is almost comical.

“I didn’t touch her.”

“I saw him leaving her room this morning, didn’t even have time to buckle his pants.” Instigates, Dutch. Her words have Cori fighting against my restraint of her, to get to him. “And what about you!” She says, trying to shove me backwards.

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Except eyeball me with those weird strigoi eyes of yours.”

Beautiful on the outside, and ugly on the inside, comes to mind.
“I may be part strigoi, but I am a male. I do find beauty pleasing to look upon.” I would have been rewarded with a slap, If I wasnt quick to catch her arm mid-strike. “While you’re passing those around, maybe I should give you one.” I state, releasing her arm. “Try it!” I can only sigh in exasperation, I think that I’m starting to get ulcers, and I don’t even think that I can get those.

“She’s been hunting and killing the corrupted at night.” In the common area, the soldier has requested my knowledge on her whereabouts during the night. “That’s dangerous, why would she do that?”

“Maybe she hasn’t fully recoved from her mother’s death, as we’d thought. Maybe... killing them brings her some form of gratification, temporarily.”

“Well all that’s got to stop, she can’t risk her life for vengeance.”

“I tried, she’ll stop on her own accord.”

“Well, I just love how you can be so nonchalant about it.”

That woman isn’t going to send me to an early grave. If I had hair, it would be gray by now.

“Do what you will with the information.” I say, in parting.

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