The League of Assassins: Arro


Part 2 of the Series: The League's been destroyed, and all but a few of the council survived with just one percent of its members. Chief Council Arro has enlisted the help of bounty hunters to secure Kylo and Nova's contracts. He's made one specific hunter "Rey" an offer to tempting to refuse, but even that comes at a price. Leia Organa has retaken control over the stormtroopers, and has waged war against "The Knights of Ren". Rey, alone and desperate is recruited by the League for one purpose, and that is to end Kylo and Nova. She desperately wants to be a part of a family, and taking on a mission such as this will grant her admission into a lineage as old as time. The League wants their child, and control over the Knights of Ren, and she'll be damned if she doesn't give them what they want. Finn pledging allegiance to the Knights of Ren, may have cost him his friendship with Poe, who's sided with General Organa. His relationship with Rey, has withstood the test of distance, but can it survive their need to belong, to be a part of something.

Scifi / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Walking the hall’s of our new compound, i’m livid. The legacy that we’ve created, has been almost completely destroyed by one man, Kylo Ren. My brother’s murdered, future members, the young ones, dragged from their beds and executed. I’m not prone to outbursts of anger, but a solid punch to the wall helps to alleviate some of my tension. With the death of our former Chief Council, i’ve been given the title, an achievement that i’ll be proud of, as soon as I’ve righted all of the wrongs done to us.

I know what must be done, and i’m willing to go to hell and back to acheive it. Nova, my ward... she’s a disappointment as was her mother. A shame that she’ll have to meet the same fate. I’ll have to rear her child, as I did her mother’s. “Chief Council, the bounty hunter is here.” So lost in my thoughts, I’d forgotten about my appointment with the hunter.

Choosing to remain standing, she’s pretty, dark haired, and young. A quick read, and I know what she is, a hunter negative, force sensitive affirmative. She’s looking for a place to call home, a family. Scavenging has only yielded meager food rations, and nothing else. “There’s no time to train you, i’m looking for experienced hunters.” I say, dismissively. “But I can do this, you haven’t even given me a chance.” She says angrily, staff grinding into the floor. She’s motivated by more than just monetary gain, although she’s severely under qualified. “I’ll do anything, please.” She states.

We do need to replenish our ranks, and her power should be passed on to at least one of her offspring. It wouldn’t hurt to just let her try, she may get lucky. “The League won’t sponsor you, but we’ll provide you with a limited amount of food rations.”

“I need more than just food rations, I came here for a full sponsorship.”

“You have no hunting skills whatsoever, yet you want us to provide a stipend for housing, food, and a means to travel.” I state.

“I wasn’t made aware that you were looking for experienced hunters, but I’m capable of completing the job.”

Her determination is admirable, and although our coffers are far from being moderate, we don’t do anything that isn’t beneficial to us. “We can offer you a full sponsorship, if you can complete two contracts, and bring me their child. Also, we’ll take you on as a League member, offer you a home, security, and a family.”

“I accept.” She says eagerly.

“We offer you this, in exchange for your first child.”

“Yes, I accept the terms.” She says, without thought.

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