The League of Assassins: Arro

Chapter 2

I remember a time when I was happy, when I had a mother and a father... when I was a child. And then they came...and everything thereafter was nothing but sadness and regret...

Until I met her, Rey... she was there when I gained my independence from the first order. Refusing to have anymore blood on my hands, I escaped with her. She was to be murdered with the other villagers, sadly everyone but the children were terminated.

Escaping into a shabby dwelling on the outskirts of the village, she was there to beat me back out the door with her staff. A warning shot had to be fired, to get her to back off, which sent a hail of stormtroopers our way. If it hadn’t been for the resistance, we would’ve been hunted down and killed also.

Thanks to a resistance pilot named Poe, we were rescued and taken to the resistance’s headquarters. I wasn’t impressed with the gathering, nor was I well received. I was the enemy, and so I parted ways soon after. Rey chose to stay, after an extreme amount of imploring from me, and I’ve yet to see her again.

Exchanging work for food and travel, i’ve ended my journey on Naboo. Finding work in Theed was easy, but I soon grew tired of the routine and put down my roots in a not so small town, a ways off from the city. Choosing to try my hand at farming, I was able to make a meager living off of it.

I was never truely happy, until she entered my life... A child securely strapped to her back, she’s fingering my vegetables, testing their quality. I feel it, a pull, a sensation like two magnets, a force. I’ve felt this before, with Rey. Her inspection comes to an immediate halt and her eyes lock with mines. Beautiful. “You’re new.” She says. “Not that new, I’ve been here for awhile.” I state.

“How fresh are your wares, this one may be rotten.” Taking the potato from her, she grasps my hand in hers.

“What are you doing?”

Her eyes have glazed over, and she seems to be staring right through me. Quickly releasing me, she takes a step back, her breathing coming to quickly. “Are you okay?” I ask. This is a first... “I’m fine...” She says, turning her back to me.

It’s a brief moment of confusion and an awkward silence before she faces me again. She’s watching me, searching... I’m literally at a loss for words. “It was nice meeting you.” She says, making her way to another vendor. What, that’s it? I can’t let her get away that easily.

Following her, I touch her arm to stop her advancement. “Hey, what was that all about?”

“Have we met before?” She demands, shaking my hand free.

“No, I would’ve remembered.”

“Why did you come here?”

“I don’t know... I...”

“Being here doesn’t bring you happiness, you should leave.”

When i’ve finally found a reason to stay, I think not. “I didn’t get your name.” If looks could kill, I would definitely be dead. “I didn’t offer it.”

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