The League of Assassins: Arro

Chapter 3

His kisses moving upwards, a gasp escapes my lips as he touches a sensitive spot. His lips softly caressing my erogenous zone, my moans come quickly and louder. Lifting me onto the table, my legs open automatically to allow him access, he shouldn’t be here, in my home. But, ever since that day at the market, he’s been in my dreams, my thoughts, I can see my future, and he’s a part of it. “Finn....”

“What?” Kylo inquires. Damn, this is getting out of hand. I love my husband, he’s my world but another man has infiltrated my every waking moment. Finn, he’s a vendor, dark brown skin, a kind heart and an inner strength, that has my honeypot dripping with anticipation.

I can’t have this and knowing Kylo, he won’t either. I don’t want to, but I can’t stop myself from peering into the future. I see us together, in his arms, in his bed, but this can’t be. I would never hurt Kylo, I love him.

“You said a name.” He states.

Lying in bed, my back to him, the heat from his body’s comforting.

“Finn...” I say, quietly.

“Who is he?”

I’m not ready to share who he is to me, but I can at least be honest, he deserves that. “A vendor.” I’m not crazy...

“Should I be concerned that my wife just uttered another man’s name in our bed?”

“Now you know better...” A light kiss on the back of my neck, let’s me know that he’s being playful. Snuggling even closer to him, his fingers entwine with mines, and I exhale loudly. i don’t know what is gong on, but my plan is to remove this man from my life completely. All thoughts will stop, and no more peering into my... our future. The loss would be too great, if I what i’m seeing in the future comes to pass.

Upon entering the temple of the ’Knights of Ren”, i’m met by Amil. “Congratulations.” I say in acknowledgement of his official “Knights of Ren” attire. Orphaned at the age of four, his parent’s were murdered by the “first order”, and because of this, he’s advanced quickly to knighthood.”

“I’m a part of his personal guard.”

“Good, he needs someone of your caliber to watch his back.”

Seventeen years of age, he idolizes Kylo, who’s shown him favor and taken him under his wing. Age holds no weight when achieving knighthood, one’s talents, and abilites is the true measure. “Amil, i’m ready.”

His voice gives me pause, and my heartbeat quickens. Butterflies in my stomach, I hesitate before acknowledging his presence. “Finn, this is Master Kylo’s wife Nova, Finn’s a new recruit.” Says, Amil. “I know who she is.” States Finn quietly, watching me.

I can’t read him without touching him, but Amil’s unease and troubled scowl, is evidence of where his thoughts may lie. “What are you doing here, I thought that I told you to leave.” I manage. “I’m glad that you accepted my offer.” Says Kylo, joining our group, forcing Amil to halt his attempt at going for his sword.

Wait... what? “So am I, everyone’s been so welcoming, well everyone except one, but i’m sure with time she’ll quickly come around. His gaze upon me, i’m literally blushing. Which doesn’t last long, when I chance a glance in Kylo’s direction. There’s a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“We’ll, only time will tell.” Says Kylo. I’m graced with a quick kiss on the cheek, before he departs. “Amil... a word please.” Making sure that they’re a safe distance away, I pull Finn to the side. “What was that, you do know where you’re at right?” I state, angrily.

“Yes, the “Knights of Ren” temple.” He says, uncaringly.

“So you do know that most here are force sensitive, some can read your thoughts.”

“I know, but your husband asked me here, and I know who he is and what he’s capable of.”

“So you should be afraid, but instead you’re antagonizing him.”

“He knew my thoughts of you, and yet he still asked me to join his ... whatever this is” He says, with a swipe of his hand. “He sought me out, so who’s antagonizing who?”

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