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Unrequited Love

Chapter 3

The man’s infuriating... how am I supposed to bed that monster. He killed all those people, my people! The King hasn’t a clue, and seeks to find the fiend responsible, for such a deplorable act.

Little does he know, that the beast’s in his home, stalking the halls... ooh, I do so hate the man!



My one true joy here...

His small smile, before he bows, lets me know that he got my thoughts in real time.

“I’m sorry...” I state, embarrassed.

“For what?”

“For my thoughts, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“Well then, there’s no need to apologize, as I’m pleased that you find pleasure in my company.”

The man’s wonderful and beautiful, but I have plans, that need to be completed and soon. I wish to be free of this place, and the monster.

“Corym, I need your help.”

“Yes, anything...”

“I need you to procure a few things for me.” I reply, shielding my thoughts.

“Of course.”

A ball in our favor, it’s supposed to be our union ceremony, but he didn’t show. It was a humiliating situation, until Corym stepped in, dancing with me all throughout the night.

His light banter keeping me entertained, I entertained the thought of inviting him to my bed.

His hand making contact with mine, stops me from refilling my glass.

“No more.”

“But I’m okay, one more cup wouldn’t hurt.”

“I don’t want your decisions tonight, to be influenced by the wine.”

“And neither do I...” I state, relinquishing my hold on the jug. The man makes me blush, and causes a heat to slowly emanate from between my legs.

His hand on mine, I wish the roles could be reversed, but Nuada has the first claim of my body. “I’d like to retire to my rooms now.” I state, rising.

Soaking in a bath, I mentally prepare for the task at hand. The warm water’s soothing, the fragrance of the oils calms me.

I’d sent Corym away for the night, but refusing to leave his post, he’s my escort to Nuada’s rooms. Hooded and cloaked, I follow him...

“You can retrieve me in the morning.”

“You know that I cannot leave your side.”

“I’m safe with the Prince.”

I don’t need him standing outside the door, while the Prince takes what should be rightfully his. He makes no acknowledgement that he’s received my thoughts. Instead, I receive a small bow, and he’s gone.

Fingering the small vial, I knock on his door. When he doesn’t answer, I enter.

It’s empty, and in the semi darkness I locate a wine tray. Quickly pouring two glasses, I add the potion to his. “Why are you in my room?”

His voice, loud in the quiet room, scares the life out of me! He’s posted up, by the window. Where did he come from, I almost knocked the glass over. “I wanted to call a truce, in honor of our unification.” I state, raising the glasses.

Drawing closer, I watch his every move with trepidation. My heart’s beating fast, and I’m relieved when he takes the offered cup. Sniffing the contents, I wonder if magical creatures can detect magic.

He doesn’t respond, just watches me, his scrutiny makes me uneasy. His eyes narrowing in suspicion, my confidence in my plan starts to falter.

“A truce... but that would mean that we are at war with each other, and we are not.”

“You hate me, and you know nothing about me.”

Sampling his drink, I wait... hoping that he’ll finish it.

“I hate, what you are... what you represent.”

“And what is that?”

“Dishonor, greed, abomination...”

His anger growing, I turn him away from his ill thoughts.

“We are not all bad, let’s drink to new beginnings, and a...”

“Leave me, seek me out again, and I won’t be so kind.”

Disappointed, I almost stamp my foot in anger. Instead, I choose to bow out, giving him a small grimance, before exiting.

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