Lovli a female alien from planet E.54, sent by Seyg-El to find General Zod, and bring him back, to atone for his crimes, of planetary genocide. Modified superhuman's reside on planet E.54, a mix of human and Kryptonian DNA, that mutated. They're fast, strong, and rely on blood to survive. Seyg-EL is the only authentic Kryptonian on E.54, he's the creator of the "E's", and hailed as a god. Grandfather to Kal-El, he's sent Lovli to Earth, with more than one mission. He's dying, and has chosen her line of descendants, to reign after he's gone. Kal-El has never met anyone like her, stronger, faster, but unable to fly. Someone similar to his people, and she wants him to go with her, back to her planet. He wants to meet his grandfather, his source of life, but he can't leave the woman, that he loves behind. He's afraid, afraid to choose between the woman that he loves, and the woman who holds a sway, over his body and mind.

Scifi / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Looking out my window, the sun’s shining brightly, the rays send a much needed boost throughout my system. Reveling in the nourishment that it provides my body, I hear his footsteps, as he enters my room. He’s treading lightly, and I have to smile inwardly, at his clumsy attempt at trying to sneak up on me.

Keeping to the shadows, I hear his quiet intake of breath, when I maliciously widen the panels. An entire wall of floor to ceiling windows, the room’s an instant sauna. I can feel his fear, as I’ve trapped him in one slither of shade. The sun’s beaming directly on this side of my home, the reason why I’d chosen this as my place of residence.

Only the one’s of high birth live in this district, where the sun is at it’s highest day and night. “You know that it’s forbidden, for you to enter my room of rest.”

“I’m sorry, your ladyship, I don’t know what came over me.”

“If one of my attendants should see you, i’d be scandalized.” I state, turning to face him.

His fear is instantly neutralized, and an expression of lust, clouds his eyes. “I couldn’t help myself, I had to see you.” He says, as a low growl escapes his lips, and the predator within takes hold.

The sun’s making him uncomfortable, and the predator within is manifesting to combat the threat. I do so love... the night stalkers, my one guilty pleasure.

Closing the panels, he’s upon me quickly, and a slight swipe of my hand sends him backwards into the wall. He’s up with speed, and coming for me again, his body connecting with mine, we’re on my bed. A quick twist of my hips, and he’s beneath me.

He struggles against my hold, but his strength is no match for mine. “Contain yourself, or I’ll have you removed.”

His breathing returning to normal, the unnatural glow of his eyes withdrawing, my tongue moistens his lips, before I give him free reign of my person.

“Mmm...” I respond, to his hand tightening around my neck, as his fangs dig deep. Drawing deeply, I tolerate him for a few seconds longer, before gently pushing him away.

Licking the blood from his lips, I nibble at his neck, but don’t break the skin, which agitates him.

“Not good enough for you to consume?” He asks, contemptuously.

And just like that, our magical moment is over. He’s out of the bed quickly, and heading for the door. “Tyse, wait...”

The slamming of the door behind him, echos throughout the room, as I heave a sigh of relief,that our little spat didn’t get out of control. We’ve had this argument times before, and I refuse to bow to his hurt ego.

Our creator’s DNA combined with the inferior DNA of humans, brought about profound mutations. Some of us are powered by the sun, and others have to hide from it, but we all crave blood to sustain us.

The ones powered by the sun, claim superiority over the ones who do not. We’re closer to our creator’s god like qualities, than the night stalkers, who are beastly in their traits. Uncontrollable emotions, that govern their decisions, too similar to the humans.

Tyse is one of them, consuming our blood is an honor, but to drink their’s would be a disgrace. I’ve insulted him, but I know that he’ll be back in my bed, within a few night’s, as he’s unable to stay away from me for too long.

He’s consumed my blood, and the more that he takes of it, the more influence that I’ll have over him. He’ll become my pet, hanging on to every word, obeying my every command. It’s illegal to allow the night stalkers to drink from us, inhumane is what our creator calls it, but I can’t help myself.

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