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Chapter 2

“Seyg-El’s searching for his successor, and there’s to be a naming ceremony soon.” Says, Saevi.

Attending a social gathering of a friend, she’s prouder than most, as one of her son’s is in the running to not only take the creator’s place, but to physically embody all of his gifts. “I hear congratulations are in order.”

“It’s too soon, but soon...” She replies, with a laugh.

I have no offspring as of yet, so my bloodline isn’t even being considered.

“Hello, ladies...” It’s our hostess, Laera.

Dark haired, beautiful, and much to tall for a female.

“Laera...” I reply, in greeting.

“I don’t remember, extending an invitation to you.” She says, in reference to me.

“I invited her, she rarely goes out anymore.” Saevi states, delicately.

I’ve been all but shunned this season, it’s all about the children this year. No children, no invitations to social affairs.

“Terrible, by now you should have been joined with another. Maybe there’s further anomalies at work, here.”

Offering a small grimace, my best attempt at a smile, I bow out gracefully.

Verbally attacking her would be social suicide. Rumored to be the creators latest fancy, everyone who’s anyone will do anything to be in her good graces, up to and including disliking whom she despises.

The room erupting in a crescendo of murmurs, our attentions drawn to the source.

Seyg-El, his appearances at personal gatherings are very rare indeed. Hurrying to greet him, Saevi and I exchange a look.

The excitement literraly shooting out her pupils, I shake my head.

I can admit, that he’s wonderfully attractive, his tall frame’s stunning, and those eyes, when they come to rest upon me, sends a electrifying spark down below in the depths of my...

“He’s coming this way...”

A confused Laera, leads him in our direction, and my companion nearly swoons, when he comes to a stop right in front of us.

“Seyg-El, this is my friend, Saevi-Yce.” Says Laera, making introductions.

Applying a kiss to her hand, I stare wide eyed at her audible intake of breath.

“And you know Lovli-Ilex...” Her barely concealed jealousy, has me smiling smugly.

We don’t know each other, I’ve never made his acquaintance.

“Saevi, I need you.” She states, ushering my awestruck friend away.

“Your ladyship, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise.” I state, wondering why he’s apparently come here for me. He didn’t speak to anyone upon his arrival, besides Laera.

Earth, recruited... I’m at a loss for words. My mother and father were generals, I’d only done what was required of me by joining the family business. It’s not what I wanted, and completing one tour, I’d retired soon after their deaths.

General Zod, he’s the reason why I’m all alone in this world. He’d killed them mercilessly, honorable deaths according to him. Waging a war upon the planets that he considers lesser, my parents the leaders of our military interfered, and paid the cost with their lives.

“You’ve been recruited, to locate General Zod...” I mimic, in his official although sexy voice.

Tyse enters the conservatory, interrupting my mental malfunction.

“I heard you having a conversation with yourself, are you feeling well?”

“No, I’m not... I just got enlisted to hunt down Zod, of all people.... Zod...!”

He’s silent, as I take a deep breath, and try to come back from where I just went.

“Maybe he feels, that this is something that you need.”

He’s too close to me, to throw the drink at him, and have the desired effect.

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