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Chapter 3

His face is the last thing that I see, as the light slowly fades. I’d been placed in a shuttle, with the destination being Earth. The planet, where half of our DNA stems from. Seyg-EL, oversaw the required genetic modification, which I wasn’t privy to as to what was being modified.

But... I’m here, on this planet, in the middle of nowhere. Dry heat and an endless path greets me, mapping the coordinates to my shuttle, which is unable to be seen by human eyes, I take in my surroundings once more, before slowly making my way down the trackway.

Sure that I’m alone, my pace increases, passing by a moving object. Coming to an immediate stop, I wait for it to catch up to me.

People in an odd shaped transportation device... It slows, coming to a halt in front of me. Smiling at this wonder, I reach out and touch it. A metal, and the front of it’s warm.

A loud sound coming from it, startles me and the occupants have a laugh at my expense. Two males, similar to us in appearance.

“Hey, did you see something large, it passed by us in a blur, it was moving so fast.”


“What are you doing out here by yourself?” One inquires, looking me over.

His thoughts are of the carnal kind, and the other’s are of the taking advantage kind. I don’t like him.

“Taking a little stroll, through this land.” I answer.

“Do you need a ride, we have plenty of room.”

Might as well, make nice with the locals.


“You can sit in the front.” The one that I don’t like, offers. Holding the entrance open for me, a noise from his lips captures my attention, and he smiles wickedly.

A quick read of him, and I hesitate. His plan’s are of the unsavory type, and with a sweet smile, I enter the transportation device.

“What’s this thing called?” I ask.

“You’ve never seen a car, where are you from?” Asks the operator.

“A foreigner... just my type...” The one in the back, chimes in.

His arm around my neck, I’m expecting it, and with little effort, I separate the offending body part from the rest of him.

“Ah...!” Screams the perpetrator, in horror.

“What the fuck!” Yells the operator, as the transportation device swerves off the path.

“You need to pay attention to the path.” I state, tossing the body part to the back, with it’s shrieking owner.

“You stupid bitch!” The operator has lost his mental functions, and with a hand on the steering mechanism, he attempts to assault me with his free hand.

A quick blow of air from my mouth, and his head hits the side window. A crack in the glass forms, and he grabs the wheel with both hands. Staring straight ahead, his eyes wide and round, he navigates the path without another word.

The other one has passed out on the seat in the back, and I smile inwardly. This might not be as bad as I thought it was going to be, these unmodified humans are a strange lot.

Waking, i’m outside... It’s dark, my body directs my steps. Walking while sleeping... this hasn’t happened before.

I’d taken refuge in an uninhabited home, and now I’m... I don’t know where I am.

And then I feel it a pull, a need to be somewhere. The modification... “Seyg-El...” I state, with agitation.

Closing my eyes, I draw images from my subconscious. A man... linking to the thread, that connects everyone on this planet together, I search, hard and fast.

“Superman...” That’s what they call him. Going deeper into the mission, that I was unwittingly tasked with, I see my purpose.

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