Vice & Virtue: Noa


Newly crowned and ruling as a tyrant, Erik Killmonger wants to share Wakanda's wealth with the world and in doing so wants to conquer it. His advisor thinks that he has the resolution, to his King's ill-temper and destructive ways. A wife, who's kind, honest, obedient, demure, and virtuous. The chosen bride was slightly misrepresented, she's rebellious, assertive, and brazen, qualities that Killmonger despises, but secretly finds attractive in her. His pride won't let him accept her as she is, and he aims to bring her to heel. Labeled an outsider, because her mother was an outsider, who was brought to Wakanda after the leader of the Kubu Clan, met and fell in love with her. Noa doesn't want to marry and does everything she can to deter her ambitious father's suitors away. Until she's paired with Killmonger, who accepts the challenge of breaking her strong-willed spirit.

Action / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I’m in my rooms, admiring the view, it’s beautiful. Watching the sunset on the fourteenth day of my reign as King of Wakanda, my father’s words ring true. The sunsets in Wakanda are the most beautiful in the world. It’s a shame that he didn’t get the chance to see me, get crowned King, he would be proud.

A knock on the door interrupts my thoughts. “Come in.” Lethu my advisor, the only one that I kept after I disbanded the other council elders, enters. The man’s ninety-four years old, but doesn’t look a day over fifty, I definitely want whatever’s in Wakanda’s waters.

“How is my King this evening?”

“Good, any news from the war dogs?”

“No, not yet your highness, we’re still...”

“We’ll somebody better “reach out and touch somebody soon” or it’s going to be a problem.”

“I don’t understand the meaning my King.”

“It’s simple, somebody better get me some information and soon, because if I have to get it myself, somebody’s going to die.”

“I understand, I will reach out immediately, but I’m here about another concern.”

“What is it?”

“The way you handle the people...”

“What about it?”

I chose to stay as your advisor, because I saw the man, the King, that you could become. Not just Powerful, but good, honorable, a humanitarian, a king worthy of respect. You’re new to your position, so we have time to gain the people’s trust and favor.”

“I don’t need their favor.”

“The people, they don’t like you.”

“I don’t need their likes.”

“N’Jadaka listen, if you want to remain King for a very long time, you need the favor of the people. What you don’t want is a nation of Wakandans, banded together in their hatred of you. Keep with that attitude, and you’ll be our first King, to fall at the hands of his people.”

“Get to the point.”

“You rule with a harshness, that’s barbarous, we need to make you... less severe.”


“A wife maybe, family is everything to us...”

“Now that’s something that I definitely don’t need or want.”

“Just take some time and think about it.”

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