Vice & Virtue: Noa

Chapter 10

Entering Egypt, more specifically Sinai... where our spies have located a torture camp. Our Eritrean, and sundanese brothers and sisters abducted, raped, abused physically and mentally... and Wakanda does nothing.

Under my reign, we’ll take down the governments that sit by and do nothing against the injustice, the annihilation of a people from whom all races stem.

We don’t come under the cover of darkness like bandits, we greet them in the morning, when the sun is just beginning to show her beautiful face. A small force, as this won’t take long... The Bedouin kidnappers greet us with gunshots.

Targeting the snipers on the rooftop, our acoustic weapons suffocating them, they drop like flies. Making a quick entry into the building, we’re momentarily intercepted by guards, their heads exploding.

Damn! I didn’t expect that, the Wakandan soldiers dispersing down different hallways, screams follow in their wake. Cautiously moving down a semi-darkened passageway, a bullet whizzes past my shoulder. Going old school, I pull my pistol, waiting... an arm pops out, and the elbow takes the bullet. A painful yell, before the weapon’s dropped. Cradling his arm on the floor of the room, two young girls hover in a corner whimpering.

Tossing him out of the room, his head hitting the wall, I don’t want them to see his death, they’ve been through enough trauma. Roughly bringing him to his feet, using him as a shield, two men appear brandishing rifles. It’s an easy task, putting them down.

Making my way to the door at the end of the passage, I check each room on the way through. Abductees frightened, and battered huddle together upon my entrance, leaving them, I get the “All clear” from my mic.

“Their leader?” I inquire, finally reaching the door of interest.


Shooting the keypad, I kick the door open, using the lackey as a cover. Empty...

The sound of a helicopter starting up can be heard from above, as a rumbling laugh coming from the terrorist, irritates me. Pushing him to his knees, his laughter’s silenced with a bullet to the back of his head.

An explosion follows...


We make our way south to assist our fellow war dogs, we’ll win this war one country at a time...

Returning to the Palace, I encounter Noa, in her haste she runs right into me.

“Oh, i’m sorry... I didn’t see you.”

I’d been gone for two days, and that’s all that she has for me? I’m too tired to point that out, when I pick up on something peculiar.

“Have you left the palace?”

“Yeah, I went shopping, why?”

“You have a multitude of scents on you, so many that I can’t smell yours.”

Leaning into her, I inhale her scent deeply, and draw back confused, when I scent her anxiety.

“Where did you go?”

“I told you, that I went shopping.”

“Did you buy anything?”

“No, I didn’t see anything that I wanted, what’s with the million and one questions?”

I don’t care for her attitude, when she’s the one being deceptive.

“Going out again?” I ask, noting her coat and hat.

“Yeah...” She says, being elusive.



“Be sure to buy something nice to wear, we’re going out tomorrow.”

“Sure.” She says, hurrying past me.

Rising late, I make my appearance long after the palace is sleeping. Lethu is awake, pacing the front hall.

“I thought your potent days were long gone.”

Startled, he faces me unnerved, fidgeting...

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Um... My King... um...”


“Queen Noa, she has yet to return.”

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