Vice & Virtue: Noa

Chapter 3

It’s cold, dark, and I’m unable to move. I hear the sounds of people, movement, chatter... “I’m here T’challa.” That voice, I know it... “Ramonda...”

“Shh... don’t talk...”

“Where... am ... I?”

“The Jabari tribe, we found you here.”

“My kingdom...”

“Don’t worry about that now, you worry about getting better.”

The darkness gets even darker, as the sounds can no longer be heard.

Upon waking, the Sun’s shining brightly, and I have to shield my eyes. My body feels stiff, and there’s pain with even the smallest of movements. A few quick breaths, and I try to sit up. The pains excruciating, and I give in, falling back onto the bed.

I hear a door opening, and quick light footsteps. A face looming above me is hazy and out of focus. “How many fingers do I have up?”

There’s the sound of a door opening again, followed by more footsteps.


A surprised gasp from the second visitor, at my response.

“He’s alright, he’s just kidding.” Says Shuri, as I try to sit up again.

She comes into focus, as she assists me, propping the pillow behind my head.

Slowly shaking my head, my mother comes into focus. “You have to take it easy, brother.”

“I have to get back, and retake my throne.”

“You can’t go anywhere until you’re healed.” Says, Romonda.

“There’s no telling what he’s doing, in my absence.”

“From what we know, he’s getting ready to arm the dogs of war with weapons to take down nations.”

“We have to... stop him.” I state, trying to get out of bed. The room spins, and I lay back on the pillow, breathing deeply.

“I have a plan, that’s already been set into motion.” Says Ramonda, sitting on the bed.

“What. Plan?” I ask, trying to normalize my breathing.

“An exchange of power.”

“Not only is that dated, but it won’t work on him.”

“Like I said, you worry about getting better.” A kiss on the forehead, and she leaves with Shuri.

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