Vice & Virtue: Noa

Chapter 4

“My King, I’m proud to introduce my daughter, Sabian.”

A young girl of sixteen stands before me, smiling brightly. Her hair braided, hangs loosely down her back. She’s pretty, but way too young, as are the other females that were brought before me.

“Are there any that aren’t fresh out of pull-ups?”

“Pull-ups, my King?”


“Oh... I see... leave us!” He says, with a clap of his hands. “The King will not see anyone else today!”

The father’s confused, but quickly ushers his daughter out of the room.

There’s a commotion at the door, as one of the Dora’s blocks a woman’s entry.

“We were asked here by the King directly. My husband is the leader of the Kubu Clan, and we did not come all this way, to be turned away.

“Everyone here was invited by the King, and he isn’t seeing anyone else today.”

“I demand to see him!”

Looking to me for a response, I nod my head in affirmative.

“Let her in!” Says, Lethu.

A dark brown skinned woman, enters with a young woman of the same complexion. She definitely gets it from her mama... sexy curves, high cheek bones, a set of piercing brown eyes, and a smile that turns into a frown, etched with confusion, as she draws closer.

And then she speaks.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Noa...” Says, the mother in reprimand.

“Noa.... pretty name, I’m King, N’Jadaka.”

“King of what?” She asks, with a attitude.

“King of Wakanda.” Says, Lethu.

“Where’s T’Challa?”

“That name isn’t to be uttered in here.” I state, my anger roused.

“Well it was nice meeting you, King.”

Making her exit, my eyes stray to her round, full ass. “Ahem...” Says the mother, drawing my attention. “Yes?”

“Ma-ma...” Says Noa, with a meaningful look.

“Give me a moment.”

With a roll of her eyes, and an audible huff, she’s gone.

“The former King is dead?”

“Yes, defeated in ceremonial battle.” Says, Lethu.

“Well... We thought that we were invited by the former King. We will take our leave.” She says, backing away with a bow.

Lethu is watching me, waiting for my directions, which I approve with a nod. Turning to leave, she’s stopped cold.

“The invite specifically asked for a certain type, your daughter doesn’t seem to be that type.”

“She was just a little disheartened. that you weren’t who we thought you were.”

“Was it your intent to deceive the King?”

“The former King knew my daughter, her father was good friends with his father. Your accusation is misplaced, but if you want my daughter, then all you have to do is ask.”

I take my time answering, as she’s beautiful, but I’m not sure if I want to deal with the headache, thats sure to come with all that ass. But, ass trumps sass in my book.

“Fine, I’m interested in your daughter.”

“Well it’s a shame that she’s not interested In you.” She snaps.

It’s obvious where she gets her mouthiness from.

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