Vice & Virtue: Noa

Chapter 6

My strengths returning and I can finally venture out into the sun. My eyes closed, I absorb the rays, the heat’s amazing.... “What are you doing out here?”

“Ah... finally something that you don’t know, little sister.”

“Getting darker?”

“Getting my dose of Vitamin D, and it is wonderfully refreshing”

“Eh? Come back inside, before you pass out from the heat.”

“In a minute...” I state, with a smile.

Still basking in the sun, my thoughts stray to the heated argument that I had with Ramonda. She’s using my friend, to seduce my cousin, with a total disregard for her life.

Her hunger for me to be restored to the throne, may end up costing me much more than she realizes. Unbeknownest to her, Noa was my chosen bride. Nakia is lost to me, she’s accepted her purpose as a missionary, and wishes to stay on the outside.

A friend of the family, her father gave his blessing months ago. After waiting for Nakia to change her mind, I decided that it was time to move on.

But now this has happened, beaten and dethroned but healing fast, I’ll reclaim my throne and my bride. I hope that it’s not too late. He’s seen as a monster, and it’s true that he plays the part really well, but the man has good intentions, he’s just going about it the wrong way.

M’Baku has been accommodating, tolerating and giving us asylum. His charity is not without cost, he wants cloth, seeds, things that we give freely, as we all work for the better of Wakanda as a whole.

“I have requested an audience with the King, and he has accepted” I’m wandering the village with the assistance of Ramonda, when M’Baku’s words halts our steps. “Does he know that I’m here?” I ask.

“If he did, I think that he’d be here to finish the job.”

“May I ask why you seek his council?” I inquire.

“I want to know if this new King, is a threat to me and my people”

“The other tribes have accepted him, will the Jabari tribe fall in line?”

“If he poses no threat, he is not my enemy.”

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