Vice & Virtue: Noa

Chapter 7

Watching her as she interacts with the pilot, he’s too familiar with her. Laughing at his comment, she touches his arm and he whispers something to her, which causes another fit of giggles from her.

Before I realize it, I have him by the throat, and leaned backwards against the controls. “What in the hell!” Exclaims Noa, trying to stop me. “What are you doing?”

“She’s my Queen, and you’ll respect her as such.” I state, applying pressure.

“She’s a friend.” He makes out, as he attempts to take in air.

“We were just talking, let him go!” She declares, angrily.

“And you should know your place.” I add, releasing him.

“My place... I like your nerve.” She says, going to him.

“Yes, you belong to me.”

“I’m sorry.” She says, to him.

Taking her arm, I lead her away from him, depositing her in the seat next to mines,

Her face’s a mask of restrained anger, the fire in her eyes threatening to consume me. I have to look away, as the beating of my heart has increased. With a shake of my head, I put the inclination of affection aside, lust... I want her, it’s nothing more than that. Leaving her challenge unanswered, I take my seat beside her, my arm brushing hers. Not wanting anymore physical contact with her, I move another seat over, and her anger turns to confusion.

She’s silent the rest of the trip, and i’m glad... my mind’s troubled, my thoughts are disorganized and muddled. I’m supposed to be meeting with M’Baku, and this woman’s unsettled me, i’ll remember to leave her behind next time.

The mountainous region’s cold, and shivering I offer her my coat, as we disembark the jet. Denying my offer with a swipe of her hand, I wrap it around her shoulders anyways, and she shrugs it off. M’baku appears in time to save her from an overdue roughhousing.

“King N’Jadaka, you are most welcome.”

Greeting us with four Herculean men at his side, I’m impressed by their mammoth size.

“Queen Noa, finally we meet.” He says, taking her hand in his. I’m itching to remove the offending body part, but refrain as I want him as my ally. These giants will make for a formidable militia.

“Come, I had a feast prepared in your honor.

There’s music, the thump of the drums beating loudly, calling to me, begging me to release the troubled soul within. The real man hidden behind the combative, warmongering miscreant. The stimulating smoke filling the large hall calms me, as the women dancing, their bodies swaying seductively to the music, tempts me.

One in particular, her gaze keeps straying to me, and I offer a small smile in encouragement. She’s pretty, her body’s slender, with small curves in all the right places. She has my attention, but my thoughts are of someone else, Noa.

A look in her direction, she’s overindulging in the wine, with a man who hasn’t left her side all night, if I recall correctly.Clinging to his arm my jealous nature’s roused, and I find myself tempering my rage with little effort, damn this aphrodisiac filled vapor.

“He was a chosen suitor, I wouldn’t worry about him though, if anything we’re honorable.” Says M’baku, following my gaze. A woman, with a rich dark skin tone, pulls Noa to her feet, her refusal ignored. The man coaxing her into acceptance, she reluctantly agrees.

The swing of her hips, as she relaxes into the beat, eyes closed, i’m mesmerized by the serene expression on her face. I’m not the only spectator, her hand delicately exploring her body has captured the scrutiny of a few of the men nearby.

“I wonder who she’s thinking of.” Says M’baku.

I know for a fact that isn’t me, the woman hates me, and lets me know it with every narrowed eyed hostile glare and every word coming forth from her enticing full lips. Sighing in resignation, I accept the fact that i’ve fallen under her spell.

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