Vice & Virtue: Noa

Chapter 8

I saw him eyeing the petite trollop with the decent figure, and pretending not to care, I give my former suitor my full attention. I’ve drunk too much and what with the intoxicating smoke circling the room, my senses are on high alert. The masculinity of these wonderfully strong men, has my “nancy” doing flips. The seductive pull of the drums beating in tune with the pulsating throbbing between my legs.

I surrender to the music, letting my body do as it pleases, my fingers circling my breasts, and then drifting lower. His hard body pressed against mines, our fingers entwine as his lips softly graze my neck. A soft moan escapes my lips, as he guides my hand lower. My legs parting, he continues on without me, his tantalizingly slow teasing’s torture. I’m panting with need, my legs shaking as anticipation builds...


His voice booming and anger filled, brings me from my trance. The drums have stopped their magic pounding, and my eyes open to stares en masse. I should be embarrassed, but his premature intrusion only fuels my defiance.

“What!” I state, just as hotly.

We were supposed to stay on as M’Baku’s guests, but after my titillating performance, Erik whisked me back to the palace at full speed. He’s livid, and i’m pissed...

“What were you thinking... a queen doesn’t behave like.. like a...” Storming in behind me, struggling to insult me, I goad him on, wanting another reason to hate him.

“A What..?” I ask, confronting him.

“Loosely...” He says, watering down the slight.

“I didn’t ask you to choose me, we aren’t married yet, you can un-choose me.”

“So you can go running back to that Jabari, who’s foaming at the mouth over you?”

“Oh, i’m sorry, I didn’t think you noticed, you were so busy ogling the help.”

His slight smile, causes me to inhale softly. The man’s gotten under my skin, and has made his way into my heart. My nights are filled with pornographic dreams starring the king and I, and my days spent trying to convince him that I can’t stand him.

“I didn’t think that you cared.” He says, smugly.

“I don’t...” I reply quickly, too quickly as it sounds like a lie, even to my ears.

His mischievous smirk, as he advances towards me, sends a tingle throughout my body. Backing away, I end up backed against a pillar. Towering above me, those sexy brown depths watching me intently, a hand on his chest stops him from coming any closer.

My hand seems to have a mind of its own, slowly exploring his toned body. “Erik...” I say quietly, as the back of his hand makes a connection with my cheek.

“Say my name again...”

He’s impossible, impossibly sexy, and... damn him.


There’s a brief flash of anger, before its replaced by devilment. His gentle assault upon my person, his lips claiming mines, tender and sweet. Melting into his embrace, my hands freely roaming his body, inch lower.

His hard member straining against his pants, I intend to free him from the confines of his garments. Flushed and breathless with need, I take control... removing his clothing in a frenzy. His kisses making their way lower, the sound of my gown being ripped, echos loudly in the main hall.

His warm tongue circling my taut nipples, i’m lifted up against the cold marble column. He’s no longer playing nice... Inhaling sharply from his thickness filling my sex, the onslaught of his body pounding into mines, the hard marble battering my back, I grip his shoulders, drawing quick deep breaths, with each stroke.

“Say my name...”

“No...” I reply, breathlessly.

Relaxing into his rhythmic tune, our bodies joined as one, I match his stroke, forcing him to slow his tempo. The drum of our bodies working to an intense crescendo, my arms circle his neck. Increasing his speed, the pressure building... my attempts to regain control are quickly suppressed.

“Say my name...”

Not wanting to submit, I try desperately to hold back, but his relentless hitting of my sweet spot, sends waves after waves of pleasure through my core.

“Erik...!” My orgasm hitting hard, and quickly, his name’s even louder in the quiet hall.

“Now let’s see how many more times tonight, I can make you say my name.”

I hate him...

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