The Waldrof Brothers: Book 1


Max Waldrof a succesfull lawyer in New York, has everything work out. But one night his brother calls him to tell him, that he has a clue on a case they have been 16 years on. Decided Max, Jake and Rose decide to go back and find the answers they need. "We are the Waldrof Brothers we hunt whatever scares you at night" Half wicked, half celestial.

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Chapter 1

March 25, 2005

Today was a normal morning or that is what I thought.

I woke up next of a girl, I think her name was probably Samantha I really can´t remember. She is someones assistent and last night things went wild again on the bar after work. She wakes me up and we start to get ready for another day.

Working on a lawyer´s firm means you have to look good all the time. It´s not hard to me.

I dress up listening to an old rock song, sweet emotion of aerosmith. After I dress myself nice, I take a cup of coffee. Like every morning I end up staring at the photography of my brothers and me, when we were hunting at the age of sixteen. If you don´t know the story you might actual think we are a normal family.

At work I arrive on my jaguar and Felicity, my assistent is probably watching Downtown Abbey, she is british just like me, maybe I like her because she reminds me of where I belong.

The meetings are just boring, only of what cases they recommend us to take. Today I have five cases at court, I am going to finish late today.

I like the court because I look like a pro. I don´t lose. Everybody always ends up surprised and the media loves me. My mom always said thats good I admire myself to much because no one else will do it.

The bad part of being a lawyer is sometimes you need to defend assholes, sick people. Monsters are more letal when they are human. I am sure someone someday will hunt them.

Like predicted my working time ended in the night. Hanging with the guys with lawyer Richards who is ten years older than me and very good looking said to me:

-Waldrof you did good today.

He said while touching my arm, on a very provocative way.

-Thanks Richards.

-Wanna join us Max?- Adolf said.

-I think I am going to call it a day, it was a very long day.

They left, I was finishing my Jack Daniels drink and Felicity arrived with some papers I thought there were of the office.

-Thought I would find you here.

-Felicity maybe you can join me and stop thinking about working.

-I really don´t want to be one of those girls touched by Max Waldrof, I hear there is a club.

-There is a club. Well, you can´t blame them. I don´t leave them unsatisfied.

-And you don´t know how offensive that sounds. I will join you when you take me hunting with you.

-I don´t know what you are talking about.

-We can act like nothing happened. But my grandma was possesed by a demon and you saved her.

-How is she doing?

-She thinks she is insane.

-She is kind of.

-You are hunting tonight, aren´t you?

-In New York what can you hunt? Addicts to LSD.

-Take me with me, I will help you.

-Felicity, you don´t know how dangerous it is.

-I am not scared.

-You should be. I won´t take you ever.

-You´ll change your mind. You need a side...

-I am not batman and you are not Robin.

-I could be your batgirl.

-I don´t think so. Do me a favor and finish that drink for me, and don´t think about following me.

-Have I told you how sexy you look?

-I don´t fall that easily.

I took a route to make sure that Felicity wasn´t following me. The papers she brought, I took them and they were a case. The case that I have been following for a couple weeks now. How the hell did she know?

I went to a secret place. Not mine, John Winchester , he is borrowing it for some information. He knows how I work so there is no trouble on that.

When I arrived. My monster was on the table, on the same place where I left him last night. I love playing the bad cop. And the interrogation.

-Mr. Killer.

-Is that the best you got?

-How the hell I am supposed to call you?

-Serpent guy.

-I like that, sounds legit.

-What do you want?

-Gonna play again pretty boy.

-Let me show you my toys.

I took from the desk some torture items and I began explaning him their use. He wasn´t scared.

-You are looking for something.

-Why now? Why demons coming to Earth now.

-Lilith is calling us.

-I know Lillith and she doesn´t call anybody. The last time I saw her she was ruling hell.

He started to sing something in latin. Something shoot him. I stood down, looked in the place but whatever killed him, was gone. The demon was death and the body started to vanish to hell.

I came home desilussionated but first I went to Gino´s and I had dinner. I was ready to hear a good album or a good movie and fall sleep. But really what I was going to do was to research more. Tomorrow I will tell in the office I am sick to find more, I need to find it.

The door was opened. I took a knife on my pocket. I am not great with knives but I am ready. Someone was sitted on my couch , there where photographies on the floor.


-Who the hell are you?



-Brother, how long?

-What are you doing in here?

-An older brother can´t visit his brother now?.

-You don´t visit.

-I like the place. The symbols on the ceilling, the salt and the weapons. Girls must like this place.

-They actually do.

-Thay always like crazy don´t they.

-What is it?

-The gates of hell are opening.


-We got a clue on Daniela.

-Are you sure?

-That´s why I am here. I need your help.

-You need someones life?, If it doesn´t bother your show I will put on the light, I can´t see this photographies.

-Be my guest.

-Wow. This is insane.

-Literally, c´mon we need to drive to the Hamptons.


-I have located them.

-What about Rose?

-We don´t need her.

-We won´t survive without her.

-We will.

Jake is my oldest brother. He obviously loves batman and is probably the best detective of the world. He knows by heart and memory all Sherlock Holmes stories. Maybe he is the Sherlock Holmes of the supernatural.

When we were nine years we came to America, when something terrible happened in our family. He decided that we needed to something about it, started hunting, hunting what scares you at night. We were determinated because we were looking for something. But we weren´t alone. We were adopted by a woman called Ellen, she had a baby girl, Jo. They were friends of a man called Bobby Singer, he became our mentor. He at the beginning didn´t want us to be involved in that but when we told them about our true nature he was determined to help us. The Waldrof Brothers.

I slept a little. This man was driving insanly fast. Jake´s plans usually never work out. Rose´s do work.

We arrived and his plan was to pretend to be demons to know their plan and then attack them. I am going to die at my 26 years , what a tragedy.

Inside, Jake and I were trying to hard to not get anyone killed. But at some point the demons started smelling us so Jake turned them agains each other while we ran away. Probably they will be hunting us next, they know who we are some assholes. We didn´t even carry guns. We stopped at a McDonalds on the way.

-This hamburger is an american miracle.

-We need Rose.

-We don´t

-We almost died today.

-Max, getting killed is part of the job.

-Reason number one why I left.

-But somehow you hunted again. We can´t run away from the only thing we know to do.

-Speak for yourself . I am an excellent lawyer, I belong to multimillionaire firm. I have never lost a case.

-Answer this brother, without your touch will you be where you are?


-This is what we are. We are hunter. You know it, you just have to accept it.

-Let´s just find Daniela, and then you can leave.

-Why would be different now?

-Because now we won´t make mistakes. Doesn´t matter the cost. We will bring her back.

-Doesn´t matter the cost?


England, London.

The elevator goes down to the floor of forensic work. Casually thats were the interrogation takes part. Professor Xavier is heading to ask the best Doctor there about this report he just can´t understand.

This Doctor is drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper. He stops her and asks her about the report she just answers, looking away of the newspaper.

-Maybe I made this report for people smart enough to understand it.

-You do know I am your boss right?

-I do know that. If you excuse me, I got job to do.

Then Detective Marrow interrupts her reading again telling her

-You were again interrogating my witness.



-Your witness is innocent you should let them go?

-And why would I listen to you?

-It´s like a gift, I know when people lies.

-I have told you to stay in the lab, this will be the last time.

-Why? because you tell me. I don´t take orders from you, now go back pretend that you are a detective.

-You are dead , Singer.

-I am more scared of a child asking for candy.

Doctor Singer arrives to the lab, where her friend is checking the new corpse.

-Visited Dorian´s library?

-Yeah. I brought you lunch.

-Thanks, Rose.

-What we got.

-Male 30 years. Stabbed.

-He doesn´t look stabbed.

-That´s what the label said, maybe they are wrong.

-Or not.

-This is something supernatural right, spooky.

-I am never taking you again.

-C´mon we make a good team.

-When you stop saying spooky. This is something serious, the things I kill are monsters of the darkness.

-I am seriously trying to hard not to laugh.

-Make me a favor and stop messing around.

-Are you in your period or something? You seem nice today.

Doctor Rose Singer heads to her department. She changes and at night she goes with other people that calls themselves the Shadow hunters, she says they have a stupid name and she is right. They enter to a hunted house. Before they enter she is already handling it like a pro. She is a pro, she has been hunting since the age of nine. Then one of them asks her out as usual and she turn him down, she is not ready for dates. She is ready to kick asses.

She goes back to her department, plays a little with her knives and then she falls sleep.

At the next morning Magnus Bane, is at her room. Watching her sleep, she looks like an angel, she even glows.

She wakes up and one of her knife is at her bed instead of the ceiling.

-Look who is awake.

-If you come to my department, who else are you expecting to wake up?

-Where is him?


-The vampire on our custody.

-You think that I killed him?

-You have wanted him dead for too long.

-That is true. I don´t have him and if I had him I wouldn´t tell you.

-Find him.

-You can´t play games with me.

-You neither. You are a hunter, find him.

-You really don´t know how this works. Do you?

-Do it. Or Zelena will find you here?

-One day Magnus Bane, I will fucking kill you and that will be the happiest day of my life.

-I thought your happiest day was when you killed that spirit last week.

-I have happy days.

Magnus Bane left. Rose changed and she took her knives. She noticed a note, that said "Find me, DW". It could mean Dean Winchester but she was not new in business, she knew that is not Dean´s style. She knows her people.

She arrived at a dinner and she asked the regular. Black coffee and a donut. She found Jake Waldrof on her table, with some photographies on his hand.

-It has been a while.

-It has.

-Now you steal. I didn´t know the business was to bad brother.

-Tell me, why are you guarding a vampire and not killing it.

-First place I don´t guard anything and seconds place, I am waiting to kill him.

-You are becoming slow.

-Don´t tempt me. What the hell are you doing in London?

-The gates of hell are being open.

-So what?

-We got a clue on Daniela.

-I´m in.

Rose Waldrof left to America with her brothers for the second time. They arrived at the Hamptons and they stayed in a house near the next reunion. Max researched everything he could and Jake and Rose were preparing everything. They were driving a ´67 red camero. Max wanted to put an album of Beyoncé but Rose doesn´t listen pop. Plus she is the one who drives. She only told him "The driver chooses the music, the co-pilot shut its hole, if the co-pilot doesn´t like it, you can walk and listen that music of yours".

So we are back. Like a band back on the road.

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