The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 10

I slowly opened the door. I could hear her sniffing. I crept in carefully closing it behind me. "who's there?" she turned around and spotted me. I stepped out into her view.
"Hi" I awkwardly said. She turned towards the sink.
"What do YOU want?" she replied. I walked towards her saying
"Are you okay?" I was about to confront her when she hit my hand away.
"I will just come out and say it then!" she exclaimed. She was shaking. "I LOVE NATSU!" there was a silence. I could hear people outside gathering around the door.
"That's great and all but I just wanted to check your oka-"
"Is that lisanna?"
"Who knew she liked Natsu that much?"
"Hey Natsu come here!"
"Lucy is in there too" I was worried.
"Lisanna calm dow-"

It was a few minutes before I replied "We aren't sleepin-"
"Together" natsu suddenly burst into the toilets."Sure last night with just a one night thing but-"
"NATSU!" I shouted at him. He realised what he said.
"So you are" lisanna calmly said.
"No I didn't mean it that way." suddenly Gray and Erza came in. Erza took my arm, Gray took natsu's and they dragged us out side where a load of people crowed around the toilets.

They threw us on the floor. "explain then" Gray demanded. We looked at each other.
"It's simple really" natsu began
"We want the truth!" lisanna shouted coming out the toilets. I sighed and stood up.
"It's embarrassing but I had a nightmare which terrified me. I woke up screaming when natsu rushed over to me" I began
"We were awake for half a hour or something and she still couldn't get to sleep so I decided to comfort her by lying in bed with her" he continued
"That's all" I finished.

Natsu walked over to Lisanna. She looked embarrassed. "Look Lisanna I don't like you that way, your more like my little sister, I'm sorry" she sighed
"Is that all?" she mumbled.
"No" he replied "I like someone else". she sighed again
"I thought so" she looked at me "I'm sorry for taking my anger out on you, but" she looked at natsu and swallowed "I-I-I won't give up on you" she ran off into the school.

"Natsu likes someone?" wandered over my mind "I bet it's the prettiest girl in the school or something. Maybe it's Mira or Erza or Cana?" I listed names in my head. Everyone began to split into their groups.

The girls looked annoyed at me "sorry, we had a plan to avoid the confusion" they under stood. The bell went and the whole of the outside suddenly emptied. Classes went on with a strange aura surrounding Natsu and I.

School had finished. I was waiting on the bus with everyone. Levy was with me. Natsu stood next to loke. Today had been a busy day. Especially this morning. I heard people have been asking Natsu over and over again who he likes. I want to know but I wouldn't want to bug him. Levy was looking in the other direction from me. She was looking at gajeel. Natsu's brother. "say Lu-chan?" she turned to me "who's that?". I stared at her. Natsu told me him and gajeel are the same age but gajeel's father died a while back, they say they share a mother but she is actually Gajeel's aunt. At the time gajeel was 6 so he knows.
"it's gajeel, natsu's brother, why?"
"Oh we'll today he helped me out so I was just wondering" she blushed. I laughed at her.

"Ladies" loke came over to us. Natsu following behind.
"Hey loke" levy said.
"Levy, Levy, Levy, how are you my sweet?" he is such a play boy.
"Oh Uhm I'm fine.". He turned to me and smiled
"Lucy, my darling I-"
"Hold it there I'm not your darling" he froze. "What?" I asked staring at him? he sorted himself and started again
"Lucy my swee-"
"I'm not your sweet either" he froze again.
"Okay". He coughed and started AGAIN. "Lucy, how are you"
"Tired" I replied calmly.
"You want to go to bed with me?" he leaned in close to me.
"No" I stood and walked around him.

Natsu was staring at me. I blushed and rushed to the side of the pavement. Levy quickly followed me and stood next to me. "sorry just guys like him bug me" I told her. The bus pulled up.
"Quick! Let's get the good seats!" levy instructed. We jumped on and sat grabbed the best seats on the bus. They were like new. I saw loke who came on two after us. He looked confused. And then natsu. He was looking at the floor. Suddenly he looked at me. I looked at him and blushed again. We stared into each others eyes. He blushed as well.


He blushed?! At me?! "oni-chan!" I heard from the front of the bus. It was Wendy. "don't leave me!" natsu stopped and turned around
"Wendy? Didn't you cycle"
"Nope I walked today but mum said I was to take the bus with you and-" she looked over at me. "Lucy!" she ran over to me and levy and sat in front of us. "oni-chan sit here" she pointed at the seat next to her. I sighed and sat down.
"Please sit down we will be leaving now" the bus driver called. Off we went.

The bus stopped and we got off. "oni-chan I-"
"Why are you calling me that" Wendy rolled her eyes and began
"Isn't it obvious? All the girls in my year call their big brothers oni-chan so I thought I would too"
"Just call me natsu, oni-chan is creepy" she nodded.
"Okay then". I looked too the distance in which shioris house was.
"I should get going". I turned to natsu "th-tha-thanks for yesterday" I blushed as yesterday ran through my head.
"No problem" he replied. They walked their way and I crossed the road. And headed up the hill to the house. I wondered if my father had sobered up.

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