The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 11

I entered the house. "SHE'S GOT TICKETS TO HER OWN SHOW, BUT NOBODY WANT TO GO-O-O-O!" I heard shiori sing. I sighed. I put my bag on the floor and took my Shoes off. "SINGING ALONG LIKE THERE NO TOMORROW! LA LA LA LA!" she was going to burst ear drums.

I walked into the living room where she was ironing with the radio on blast. She noticed me and turned it down. "oh hey Lucy!" she switched the iron off and ran over to me. "how was school?" she asked.
"Fine" I bluntly replied. I plumped myself onto the couch.
"Oh I almost forgot!" she did this weird dance thing and sat next to me. "your dads got a job!". I stared at her. Was she serious?
"Really?" I asked.
"Yes, he's working at my friends cafe. There like best friends now. He won't be back until 5" I rolled my eyes. Like he could keep a friend very long never mind a job. "any way mind if I continue.?" she asked.
"Sure" thank god. I reached for the magazine which was on the table. She turned up the radio again.
"That was maroon 5 tickets. This is music 48295. Your listening to music 48295! Music all day everyday! Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook do whatever. Text us for a request! Only 20 yen! Music all day everyday! Your listening to music 48295. We shall now be playing pink here comes the weekend on music 48295! Music all ah every day!" why do radios always do that? Their like "music all day every day!" when it's more like "let's repeat our selves until we drive the listeners insane!"

"Ooh I love this song!". She turned it up. "WE DON'T WANT NO PROBLEMS! WE DON'T LIKE THEM KEEP IT MOVING! HERE COMES THE WEEKEND!" she looked at me. I directed my attention back to the magazine. "oh come on Lucy! Let's have fun!" she ran over too me and took my hand making me stand up, "HERE COMES THE WEEKEND!" she began again doing some strange dance whilst holding my hand"WE DON'T LOOK FOR TROUBLE!" I stood there awkwardly. "come on Lucy don't you know this one?" I shook my head. I never listen to music, I was always with my mum who only listened to Amy whine house, Queen and Katy Perry. Sure I heard a few but I don't no many. "fine then" she changed it to another radio station. I knew this song. "this one?" she asked. I nodded to get it over with. "TASTE OF HER CHERRY CHAP STICK! I KISSED A GIRL JUST TO TRY IT! I HOPE MY BOYFRIEND WON'T MIND IT" I did a little sway thing. "there you go" she took my other hand and did another weird dance. I laughed at her. "join in!" she exclaimed.

"Us girls we are so magical soft skin red lips so kissable hard to resist so touchable" we sang together. "Maybe shiori isn't so bad" I had been thinking all of her negatives since my mother died whilst she was with my father, but it's more of his fault than hers, she didn't really know what she was getting into.

It's was 4:56. Father should be home any minute. "what shall we have for dinner?". I looked up from my phone. I had been texting Erza.
"Anything I don't mind" she opened a drawer where a whole load of leaflets were.
"Shall we order in?" she asked bringing them out.
"Sure" I replied. Shiori was actually quite nice. She laid them on the coffee table.
"This Italian is really nice but don't order their pizzas they buy the cheep ones they don't actually make them, but this one makes nice pizzas but not so nice pastas, ooh or there's the Indian, it's usually quite busy though, and theres always Chinese, Chinese food can either be really good or really bad, last time I had it, it was bad but before that time it was good." I looked at them.
"Why don't we have Chinese then" she nodded.
"Now we just have to wait for your father to find out what he wants." I opened the menu. I quickly scanned it and decided I would have chicken chow mein. I closed it and placed it on the table.

5:14. Father still wasn''t home. "I will call mark, oh he's my friend by the way" I nodded and went back to my phone. Erza had replied to me. It said.
"Hmm I'm sure mrs brooms wart isn't a planet like Horton hears a who, you shouldn't always listen to Cana. Sometimes she comes out with the smartest things that have been said but other times, it's the complete opposite, what you doing now?" I laughed at what she said about Cana. I replied.
"Waiting on my father :/. We are having Chinese for dinner, I think I will have chicken chow mein. What about you?"

I pressed send then closed my phone. I sat back at looked at the ceiling. It was plain white. It reminded me of summer. I have know idea why but it did. Maybe on a dress, like a white summers dress. I was so bored.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Shiori ran too it. "where have you been?" she asked.
"Sorry I had to do over time"
"On your first day?! I'm giving Doan a call- oh actually we are ordering a Chinese what do you want?"
"Sweet and sour chicken"
"Oh same haha! Go through into the living room Lucy is there, I will order it" I heard the door open so I quickly grabbed my phone and pretended to be busy.

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