The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 12

My father stumbled into the room. he wasn't drunk just clumsy. "Lucy, my dear" I kept my eyes locked on my phone. he sat next to me. "you look a lot like your mother, in fact you look exactly like her" I nodded keeping my eyes on my phone not paying my full attention. "I hope you know I-"
"I have to go and read" I stood up not wanting to hear his apologises for killing my mother. I walked out.

Upstairs I sat on my bed reading my phone. shiori said that she would call me down when it's here. I got a new message. I clicked on it. it was from natsu. "Hey Luce, I was wondering if we could meet up and hang out some where, text back if yes, just ignore if no" I replied to him with
"Sure I will try and get out of this place but I will text you once I have had my dinner" I pressed send then I heard shiori shout "it's hear!"I jumped up and ran down stairs where I could smell it.

6:26. I texted natsu saying "meet you at the tree at 20 too." I looked in the mirror and realised I looked like a mess. since I now realise I l-liked Natsu I-I decided put more effort into how I dress. I opened up a drawer and pulled out a pair of jeans. most of my clothes were sold by my father for money. i managed to save some of my favourite things. I then pulled out my blouse. it was blue with white spots on it. I looked really nice. I brushed my hair and put a bit up with a blue bow. I put not a bit more make up and slipped pumps on. I was ready. I sneaked down the stairs by the door. I reached for my umbrella just in case it rained. suddenly I heard a cough.

"Lucy? where are you going?" I turned to see shiori. I panicked.
"What?" I replied to her not sure what to say.
"Where are you going? it's fine your dads had a busy day, he's already asleep." I swallowed and blurted out
"I'm going to meet natsu". she giggled at me.
"Here" she gave me a key.
"What's this for?" I asked taking it from her.
"It's one of the copies of the house key. your 16 you should have one." I smiled and thanked her and headed out side.
I looked down the street. "please be there"

I reached the crossing. he wasn't there yet. I crossed over to the tree. I leaned against the old thing and sighed. "boo!" he jumped out from behind the tree. I jumped and fell to the floor in panic. "got you!" he exclaimed laughing at me. I got up and fixed my jeans. he looked at me and blushed. "y-you look nice". I blushed as well.
"Th-Thanks" he wore a pair of jeans and a blue top. "s-so where d-do you wan-want to go-o?" I asked nervously.
"Let's just go a wander."

We walked for ages. I don't know how long it was but I enjoyed it. we talked about everything. "there's something I haven't asked you" he said as we walked past another bin.
"What?" I answered.
"About your mum". I suddenly stood still. He stopped and turned to me. "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I know the basics but the news never tell you the full story" he explained. I sighed
"I will tell you". we sat on a bench and I told him everything. about how it began, about shiori about my father and obviously her death. at the end of it all tears were running downy cheeks. he placed his arm around me and pulled me in.
"It's okay" he said trying to comfort me.

I looked at my watch. it was 8:49. time goes by fast. we stood up and continued out walk. "we haven't covered one part" I began. what was I thinking bringing it up.
"What?" he asked. I swallowed hard and muttered.
"R-Rel-Rel-Rela-Relatio-R-Relationships" I blushed at the thought of me and Natsu talking about-
"Yeah about that" he began. I could see him blush with the moons light. "well you know how I told everyone I have some one I like". I remembered the fight with Lisanna and what he said to everyone. My curiosity to know who was enormous! but if i did know who he liked I would probably end up hating her. I know it sounds shallow but I- "eh, yeah I remember" I replied.

"Well,uhm, d-do you want t-t-to know?" he stuttered. I thought on it. did I or didn't i? if I did I would end up hating the girl but if I don't my curiosity will take over me....
"S-S-Su-Sure" I slowly answered. it was like my tongue was taking over my thoughts. "only if you want to- I'm not pressuring you" I added.
"Well, uhm, I like this girl" well he's not gay. "she's really pretty and nice" that could be anyone! "she has a hard time" shortens it down.... erza?... "I feel as if I have known her forever" didn't erza say they were fiends when they were kids? "her hair just well glows" it has to be erza he likes. she's a girl, nice, pretty, her family aren't easy, they have been friends for a long time, it's probably feels like forever and then there's the hair that confirms it. her hairs so different from everyone else's.

I felt liked heart was torn a part. I couldn't hate erza. her and levy are my first real friends. but the fact that natsu likes her just, kills me. "so the girl I like is-"
"It's fine I know" a smile grew on his face.
"Y-You do?!". I turned my back to him.
"Yeah, so, if I call her, would you simply just tell her how you feel?" I asked holding my phone.
"Sure call her" he replied. I faced him again. I opened it up and pressed erza's number. it began to ring. "are you sure?" I asked hoping he was joking.
"Yes" He calmly said.
"Hey Erza"

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