The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 13

"Hey Lucy what's up? why you calling". I looked at natsu who looked confused.
"Eh Natsu wanted to talk to you".
"Why are you calling Erza?" he asked me. what did he mean? he was going to tell her how he feels, even though it killed me inside.
"You were going to tell her-"
"Tell her what?"
"Eh Lucy I have to go, text me what he wanted to tell me be" she hung up.

"That- That you like her". he began laughing
"I don't like her" what! he didn't. "why did you think that?" he asked me.
"Well the girl you like is pretty, nice, has troubles, you feel as if you've known her forever and well her hair" I explained. he laughed again.
"Sure the first parts true but I said her hair glows, Erza's hair is different but it doesn't glow, glows as in blonde" I thought on it. who's hair is blonde?
"Lucy I like you, idiot". I froze.

He-e liked me?! "y-your kidding?" I said waiting for him to say it's all a big joke and he was joking with me.
"Nope- but if you don't feel the same way i-" I jumped and hugged him tightly.
"I thought I was the only one" I whispered. "and don't call me an idiot, idiot" I added. he hugged me back. I was happy. he liked me and I liked him. we both let go.

"so what now?" he asked.
"Are we dating?"
"I-I thinking so" we both blushed. I peered at my watch to look at the time. "ahh, it's late, we should probably head home."
"Yes" he agreed. we headed back together.

There wasn't any conversation on the way home. we both just blushed. we were dating... it happened so fast. we came up to my street. I faced him and said "well I will see you tomorrow"
"Ye-Yeah" we hugged and I walked off.

I could still feel him hold me. his words echoing in my head. "Lucy I like you" he did like me. I couldn't help but smile. Natsu Dragneel likes me. Natsu Dragneel was my boyfriend.

The next morning I woke up thinking it was a dream. I checked my phone where Natsu messaged me
"It wasn't a dream... was it?" I replied
"No, we're dating" I pressed send and got up.

I was so happy! I looked in the mirror. "Lucy today you shall be more feminine!" I told myself. I got changed and fixed everything. I put a little bit more make up than usual on, I really don't want to loose Natsu.

I headed down stairs where father and Shiori were. "morning Lucy, here" she handed me a brown bag.
"Oh thanks" I took it from her and put it in my bag.
"What do you want for break fast-"
"Nothing thank you" I sat at the table and went on my phone.
"Lucy, why aren't you eating?" father asked.

The other day I weighed my self. I'm getting heavier and if I get heavier Natsu might not like me any m
"Oh i just find break fasts too filling I can never eat my lunch" I lied.
"Oh okay" father replied with his head in a news paper. I texted Erza saying
"Forget about the phone call, I will tell you what happened at school" I pressed send when I got a message. it was from Natsu's little sister

"My friend said she saw the bus drive by her house, hurry or you will miss it" I quickly stood up and said
"the bus is early" I ran out side, slipping my shoes on, on the way.

I reached the bus stop out of breath. Natsu wasn't there yet. I heard a bell. I turned. he was on Wendy's bike, well on the back, Wendy on the front. he hopped off and Wendy peddled on. "hey Luce" he said catching his breath
"Hi" I replied. he came over to me and wrapped his arms around me.
"Hey girl friend" I blushed.
"H-Hi". he laughed
"So can we tell people?" he asked
"Of course" I replied. we both smiled. we heard the bus. it stopped and we got on as usual. we sat up the back in front of his friend loke. the bus went off

"So Lucy i was thinking if me and you got together, you know all romantic and stuff" I rolled my eyes at him and replied
"No I have a bo-boy-fr-friend" everyone turned and stared.
"Oh yeah and who is it?".
"Natsu" everyone was shocked.
"Is it true?" Loke asked him.
"Yes" he replied.
"Eh?!" the bus shouted.
"Since when?!" someone shouted.
"Since last night, didn't I tell everyone I liked someone"
"So that someone you liked was Lucy?!" another added
"Natsu..." Loke looked annoyed. "how dare you take her after you know how I feel! we are love rivals!" I stared at Loke
"I don't go out with play boys" he looked like his soul was crushed. I turned away and faced the front. today would be another exciting day.

We got off the bus, I could already hear everyone talking, things spread fast. "hey Natsu, Lucy" Gray walked over to us.
"Hey gray" we both said.
"Oh I heard about you two, nice".
"Really it spread that fast?!" gray nodded
"Well now she'll be happy that we have someone else to go on double date with"
"Huh? who do you go out with?" I asked
"Juvia, we have been dating for three months" huh! three months usually something that long you get told.
"Yeah sure gray... eh Lucy I will talk later, I need to hand in my later home work to Mrs Loan" I waved goodbye and him and gray walked off.

"LUCY HEARTIFILLIA COME HERE!" I heard her shout. I didn't want to turn, but I did. I saw them, the angry girls. I walked over to them.
"Yes?" I asked.
"How come you never told us!" Cana whined.
"We only told the bus, it spread fast"
"Juvia is so happy for you!" she hugged me. I saw a dark shadow. I looked over everyone. it was Lisanna.
"Lucy" she shouted. everyone moved out of the way. "you said you didn't like Natsu".
"I lied, I'm sorry, I just didn't want to become your enemy".
"Who confessed?" she asked
"Natsu, at first I thought he liked Erza, oh! that's why I called you, but he liked me and I like him"
"Well I'm not your enemy, I'm your love rival" I stared at her. So Loke was Natsu's and Lisanna was mine, I think mine is tougher. I smiled
"okay then" so much happened in such little time.

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