The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 14

Second period, my head was spinning. I had been asked so many questions, had so many answers. I just needed a rest. I was in history. we were learning about the beginning of our country, I couldn't be bothered with it. "so the three men decided..." our teacher, mr hues literally puts you to sleep. he has no tone in his voice. it just slows everything down.

I sat next to Levy in this class, but she paid attention. she was making notes. "does anyone know who sir Lewis was?" there was always a way you can get out of questions you simply answer with "Maria" Maria was his ex wife, who he still loves. yes it's sad but it works. "mr fullbuster" he also called us by our last names
"Maria" Gray replied. mr hues shivered and then continued with
"Sir Lewis was the man who..." I reached into my pocket and slipped my head phones on. I pressed play and Maroon 5 came on, lucky strike. "Lucy!" levy whispered to me. I could tell she was annoyed. I literally just put them in and she was telling me off? I took them off and she went back to her notes.

When the period finished I picked my bag up and left to my next class. whilst walking to my next class, which was English, I felt like everyone was talking about me. not sure if it was good or bad but I'm sure they were talking to me. "Lucy!" I heard. I turned to fun Cana and juvia coming towards me, they're in my class. I waited in them coming when he tapped my shoulder.
"Hey babe" I turned to find loke standing behind me.
"I'm not your babe" juvia and Cana caught up and stood next to me.
"Oh hey loke, you moving to our class today?" Cana asked.
"I sure am". for god sake, sure he's nice but the way he acts bugs me. if you like a girl that's fine but if you flirt with every other girl, not fine.
"Who else is going to be in our class?" asked juvia.
"Hm, gray-"
"GRAY-SAMA?! I GET TO BE IN A CLASS WITH GRAY-SAMA!" juvia started dancing with joy.
"Yes, Lisanna and natsu are also going to change class". I'm sadly not very good at English, which of course gets me in bother with my father. those three have been moved down a class but, Lisanna and me and natsu? I wonder how this will turn out?

When we entered the class natsu was chatting to alzack. Lisanna was awkwardly standing at the other side of the class, I felt bad for her. she's lost the one she wants to be with. unlike loke she's liked him for a long time, I guess loke is like me a bit, but I don't go around flirting. Alzack and natsu stopped talking and came over to us. "so your in this class?" natsu said to me. I blushed and replied with
"Yeah I'm a real blonde in English" there was an awkward silence between us. I looked over at Lisanna. she looked lonely and upset. "we'll talk later" I left and went over to her.
"Hey Li-
"What?" she interrupted me.
"I just wanted to say we may be "love rivals" but can't we get along, your a really nice girl, I think, basically I want to get to know you better" there was a moments silence. she was thinking. did I say that right? I hope I didn't sound pushy. or I was being mean. I'm bad with words.
"Sure don't see why we can't try" she replied. I smiled at her. Cana and juvia joined us. bisca and enno entered the class, they're also in out class, followed by bickslow, max and krov, the rest I don't know their names.

The class started and our teacher walked in, mr Macao cornbolt, he's alright he doesn't really mind what we do in class. "morning everyone, ehm, ah yes we have three new students, natsu dragneel, Lisanna Strauss and loke lion, since there new we are going to have a seat change, we shall do this by the box game."
"WHERES GRAY-SAMA!" Juvia stood up looking around the class.
"Ah Mr Fullbuster won't be moving class, there was a mix up" she sighed and sat back down.

We all stood up. mr Macao began to put small bits of paper in a box. he then drew the tables on the board ad wrote random numbers on each table. the aim of the game was to pick a number out and what ever number which was on that card would be a number of a table, that was your new seat, not exactly a fun game, or even a game but you get the point. I was the second to pick a number. "22" it was a table in the back row! thank god, I had been sitting in the front since I came here, it was 3rd from the window. I went to the back as sat down.

After it all I ended up Cana to my left, bickslow to my right, loke infront of Cana, natsu in front of me and some one I don't know in front of bickslow. Lisanna was at the front next to juvia. enno sat next to krov and max sat by himself in the middle. "alright let's get started, today we're starting a new book called roar of thunder, hear my cry, well then let's pass these around" we each got an old torn up book. I already had my head phones in, listening to Katy perry, erza said she's giving me some artists to listen to since I don't know a lot, levy also said she will as erza listens to some different music than people usually listen too. we opened the book and me Macao began reading. "I'm usually the queen of figuring out" I mimed the lyrics. Cana also had her head phones in, bickslow, well was already asleep, loke was flirting with the girl next to him, Lisanna and juvia were chatting, enno and krov were on their phones, max was also on his phone and natsu was, reading!! he was doing his work? I ripped a pice of paper out of my jotter and rote "Why are you reading? - Luce" I tapped him on the back and threw it onto his desk. he noticed it and opened it up. he looked around and then wrote something back. he have me I back. I opened it up and it read

"Well obviously this is a class I need to get back up into the top class or my dads going to kill me" I wrote back and said "I asked Cana and juvia and they said all you have to do to get moved up a class is do the assessment and the end which asks who three questions:
1. What's the title of the book
2. Who wrote it
3. The main character

Juvia done it before and got moved up but didn't like the class so she moved back down." I gave him it back and he wrote something back to me, it said
"Okay then, text me I will be bored" I took my phone out and began to text him. the period went by fast, since I could talk to him.

After class me and natsu were walking together, it was break, when we saw erza an jellal walking together. natsu ran up to them and scared them. "haha, hey love birds" he said to them, I caught up to him.
"Love birds?" erza asked confused.
"Aren't you two dat-" erza placed her hand over natsu's mouth and replied
"Not another word from you got it" natsu nodded and she let go. how many people are dating?! seriously? how long have they been together.
"You two are-"
"Yes" erza replied "but my mother and father are so serious they won't let me be with anyone until I have,well gradutated school, so we have been keeping it quiet so they don't find out, if they did they would move me"
"How long have you-"
"A year now" jellal replied.
"I just found out yesterday after school" natsu said
"How?" asked erza
"Went through jellals messages" she punched him strait in the face.
"You shouldn't put your nose in places where it's not wanted" she shouted at him. I helped him back up and he apologised. "we have to go, our biology teacher said she graded our project, see you at lunch lucy" they walked off in the other direction and we continued to walk. Our hands kept bashing into each other. I was so happy. I didn't want anything to spoil this ever.

"Want to go to the roof?" asked natsu. I nodded. he slipped his hand into mine and we walked up stairs. He opened the door. no one was there. it was really sunny today to we sat against the wall of the entrance. I felt sleepy so I laid my head on his shoulder. he still had my hand in his. I wanted to remain there, forever. The wind blew through my hair. "Luce" he said. I turned to look at him.
"Yes?" I asked. he blushed and said
"I don't like you". it felt like my heart exploded into a million pieces.
"What?!" I shouted. "why did you say that to me then?!" I started on him.
"Don't you know how I feel?!" I began to get really upset. why didn't he like me?
"No its-"
"I love you, you idiot! w-why did you tell me you liked me if you don't?!" I began to cry. "why?!" I screamed. he sighed and said
"I was going to say i don't like you I love you, too" I suddenly froze. he loved me? why didn't he just say that to me instead of me embarrassing myself. I went red. I took my hand and hit his head
"Idiot" I mumbled he laughed and said
"Yup I am". he pulled me into his chest. I could hear his heart beat. it was fast, like mine. he closed his eyes and I closed mine.

"Uhm excuse me?" I heard a voice. we both suddenly fell a part. I opened my eyes too find a short girl with long blonde hair standing in front of us. "can I help you?"

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