The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 15

We both stared at her, she looked so young. "what do you mean?" natsu asked. he looked like he had never saw her before. she sighed heavily and repeated her self
"Can I help you?!".
"No, no you can't?" I replied confused.
"That's not what I meant" she explained sounding annoyed "this area is off limits to students"
"Aren't you a student?" natsu replied. she tutted and shouted
"It's a senior area!" we both looked her up and down. she was a senior? she sighed and pulled out her student book "see" I took it and read the school rules. "number 12: the roof top shall be for senior students only" I then flipped to her identity page. it was true she was a senior. "m-mavis vermi-milion" I read aloud. suddenly natsu gasped. I turned to him and asked "what?" quickly he grabbed my wrist and stood up making me drop her student handbook. he pushed the door open and we ran out.

I was confused. we continued running down the stairs to the bottom. I stopped him from running after 4 flights of stairs. he was out of breath, as was I. "what was that about?" I asked looking at him. he stood up and faced me and explained
"She's a bad luck charm" I stared at him. waiting for another answer. believing he was joking. "I'm not joking"

I sat on the bench by the fountain. "isn't that her?" I heard coming from a group of girls.
"Yeah I heard that she's a bad luck charm" another replied
"More than that! she's a failure charm! she'll curse you!" they were talking about me. "Just ask Sam, he sat next to her for a whole year in history and he broke his leg twice, arm three times, nearly died and his cat was set on fire"
"What about lily Anna?! she had to leave school!"
"Then there's Izumi!" a silence fell. "Lucy's only friend"
"Came at a great price" I began to cry. I stood up and ran away hearing their words
"She did die"

"You shouldn't say that" I felt bad for her. I began to cry.
"Luce?" he looked at my face and realised I was crying. "Luce I swear it's true! ask the seniors so much has happened" I looked at him
"Let me guess there's a guy who's leg has been broken two times, arm broken three times, nearly died and his cat set of fire? then there's a girl who was forced to leave? and finally there-" I stopped "h-her only friend who paid the greatest price?"
"What are you-"
"She died right?" I couldn't stop my tears flowing.
"Luce?" he said again. I could feel my makeup washing off. he wrapped his arms around me "what happened to you?" I pushed him off.
"I will talk with you at lunch" I looked up the stairs "see you later" I ran up them leaving him standing confused. I wanted to talk to her. I'm sure she is close to where I was, maybe even further.

I opened the door to find her sitting where we were. she looked like a doll. she had her student book in her hands. I sat next to her. her hair was tied back in a long pony tail. "I'm Lucy heartifillia" I greeted her.
"I-I'm mavis vermilion" she replied. I wiped my tears away and she noticed. she reached into her pocket and pulled out a packet of tissues. she gave one two me. I took it and wiped my eyes
"Thank you". she smiled at me.

"You know" she said "no one has ever tried to even talk with me before" I guess her only friend isn't dead, or there isn't even one.
"I believe it's the rumors" I tried to explain. her smile faded
"Yes I know the rumors." I laughed
"I believe they're funny" she stared at me
"Funny?" she asked confused
"Why would any one believe something like that?" I laughed again. she joined in with me.
"I don't know" she had such a joyful laugh.
"I have an idea" I turned her. she stopped laughing and replied
"I have a friend who would love to meet someone like you" she stared at me in disbelief
"Really?!" she asked.
"Yes" I laughed again. the bell rang and we stood up
"I will meet you at the library" she nodded and we both left the roof. Next i had double P.E., god take me now!

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