The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 16

"Where were you Lucy?" Cana asked throwing the ball to me. We were in the middle of class.
"When?" I replied tossing it back at her.
"At break" she caught it.
"Oh I was with a new friend" I explained tightening my pony tail a little more.
"Really what's her name?" mirajane asked joining in.
"Mavis vermilion" Cana dropped the ball in shock.
"Are you serious?" she asked, she stared at me unsure.
"Yes and i don't need any of the cursed shit it's not true okay" she bent down staring at me and picked her ball up.
"Right..." there was a silence.

"any way natsu was by himself, well with Lisanna" so when I left him he went to Lisanna?
"Oh that's nice"
"Pretty sure she was all over him" I should be annoyed about it but I did leave him.
"Well she does like him" I replied. she sighed and said
"How come you aren't annoyed, if anyone touched my Gray-sama who knows what would happend." .Juvia joined us and said
"Why should I be annoyed?" It confused me the thought, they were child hood friends.
"Well she does like natsu so I'm not surprised." I laughed. Hearing what they were saying made me think things over. What if Natsu ended up falling for her? I don't dislike Lisanna but I- suddenly a ball hit my head sending me flying to the floor.
"LOKE!" Mirajane shouted. I sat up holding my head. It hurt like hell. I tried to look up. It was all blury and the room was spinning.
"Oh no! babe you okay?" he shouted running towards me.
"I'm fine- don't - don't call me ba-" I fainted. I must of hit my head hard. I could hear them shouting
"LUCY?!". until I could no longer hear them and all I could see was darkness.

I woke up in the nurses office. I could hear someone talking "will she be okay?" a boy asked.
"Natsu?" I sat up in the bed and rubbed my eyes. a boy walked around the corner. it wasn't natsu. it was Loke.
"Lucy thank god your okay, I'm so sorry"
"It's okay" I said focusing my vision. He sat on the end of the bed and stared at me "what?" I asked looking back at him. He grined at me.
"You're so pretty" He explained himself, sort of.
"Thanks?" I said looking away. Suddenly the door slammed open.
"Excuse me but-" The person ran over to the bed. it was natsu
"Thank god your okay!" he ran up to me. he suddenly stopped and looked at Loke. he was smirking.
"Looks like i saved the day." he told natsu.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Oh when you fainted I picked you up and ran out of class bringing you here" I was shocked. I didn't know he had done that.
"Thanks again". natsu looked annoyed. he can't really say anything as he spends a lot of time with Lisanna.

"The nurse said your going home?" natsu said sitting right next to me.
"Am I?" I asked.
"Yeah so I said I will walk you home" natsu told me.
"I will see you later lucy" loke gave up and walked out
"Thanks again loke I owe you one" he laughed and walked out of the room.

I thought about what natsu said. if I go home father will probably shout at- wait father is working, I could go home. what about mavis though... I'm sure she has heard. "if I do go home will you look after mavis for me?" I asked natsu. he nodded and said
"Anything for you" it made me blush. "we will go in about 10 minutes so you can rest for a while" I lay back and closed my eyes. I hope shiori will let me be at home.

We had been walking for a while. we finally reached the house. "Lucy, I need to ask you something but I don't mean to be the kind of guy who pushes you into things" I nodded and he continued "would you stay away from Loke?" I stared at him waiting to know if he was serious. "I'm just scared that he will sweep you off of your feet and take you away from me"
"Would you stay away from Lisanna?" I asked the same question.
"He loves you and-"
"Lisanna loves you" I didn't mean to be pushy either. it does scare me that she could take over natsu's heart.
"I guess your right" he said
"But" I began "if it will make you feel better I will keep my "attitude" up with him" he smiled and hugged me
"Can I visit you later?" he asked.
"Of course" I replied "just text me" he kissed my cheek and walked away. I loved him so much. I blushed from the kiss. to be honest I have never kissed any one before. I wonder how you even do it. I sighed and headed in side.

"Hello?" I shouted. no one was home. I laid my bag on to the floor and slipped shoes off. "any one home?". I noticed a note of the coffee table and went to read it. it said"Dear lucy, shiori here! I got called out to work! i got my job back so I won't be back until later, so sorry. love shiroi" I threw it in the bin and headed up stairs.

My head was still soar so I decided to get changed into my pjs. my bed was comfy, comfier than it had ever been. I instantly fell asleep. I dreamt of natsu. he was sitting next to me. "so Luce" he said. I smiled and replied
"Yes?" he leaned into me a kissed me. it was warm and it felt amazing. I suddenly woke up. I checked my phone. it was 4:02pm. I had three new messages. one from natsu, another from shiroi and another from levy. natsu's said

"Hey Luce, how's it going? you okay? sorry I'm just really worried about you. I'm guessing your asleep so reply to me when you can." I replied
"I was thanks". levy's read
"LU-CHAN ARE YOU OKAY?! I'm so worried! all of us are! PLEASE REPLY PLEASE!" I replied with
"I'm fine levy calm down see you tomorrow". finally was Shiori's. It read
"Hey lucy, the school nurse contacted me. I hope your alright, I will be home soon." I replied
"Thanks" and laid my phone down.

Suddenly the door bell rang. I ran down the stairs and opened the door. it was natsu. I stood there blushing in my pjs. I wore long checked pink bottoms and only a vest top, well I had my bra on but yeah. he blushed looking at me. "h-hi l-Luce" he said drawing his attention some where else.
"Hey" I replied calmly.
"Uhm I came here to look after you..." he stated. I invited him in and he set his stuff down. He was changed into other clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. "want to go into the living room?" I asked. "sure" he replied.

I turned the fire on and got the tv remote. I then grabbed the big blanket and sat next to him on the couch. he put his arm around me, making me blush again, and I gave him the remote. "what to watch" he mumbled.
"I don't mind" I replied calmly snuggling into his arm.
"How about My Neighbour Tortoro?" I nodded and he pressed play.
"Cat bus..." he murmured. we both fell asleep on the couch. we were so comfortable. I wanted to stay in that position forever. I heard the door open but I didn't move. I couldn't care who it was, even if it was my father. I heard her giggled and I opened my eyes. it was shiori.
"Shiori?" I looked up at her. she was wearing her work clothes. She looked smart.
"Shh" she said putting her hand over my eyes to pretend i didn't see anything. she tiptoed out of the room and I fell asleep again.

I suddenly woke up to the living room door slamming open. my father stood there furious. natsu and I both jumped up immediately. "LUCY HEARTIFILLIA WHO IS THIS BOY?!" he came right up to my face.
"N-N-Na" I tried to say his name but I was frightened. "NATSU" I shouted back at him.
"WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP?!" he screamed again.
"We're dating" natsu interrupted. my father froze. he turned like moving stone and replied
"D-Dating sir" he turned back to me and slapped me right across the face. it stung like hell.
"YOU WHORE LIKE HELL YOUR DATING! I BET HE IS PAYING YOU! YOU SLUTTY WHORE!" he yelled at me. it hurt but I had to stand up for myself
"I'm not a whore or a slut, he isn't paying me I lo-" he slapped me again and shouted
"YOUR INTERRUPTING ME AGAIN! DONT FORGET WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME" I was about to cry when I gave it one last shot
"I CAN SAY AS I WANT I HAVE A FUCKING VOICE! IM NOT YOUR FUCKING SLA-" he punched me strait in the face. I was still conscious.
"STOP IT" natsu yelled at my father. I stood up slowly and painfully. "stop this at once. I love your daughter so your going to have to deal with that." he told him straight. i got to natsu's side .

"I told you, I would protect you" I was worried. he didn't know how far my father would go.
"No natsu it's fine I-" my father shoved me onto the couch.
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH" natsu rushed to me when my father pulled him back "Oh I'm not done with you!" he declared. he aimed for natsu's head but natsu dogged it.
"I don't want to hurt you sir can't we tal-" father tripped him up and he fell to the floor. father grabbed my arm and placed me in front of him.
"Why talk when we can just get to the part where you fuck my daughter?!" suddenly he had ripped my clothes off. I was in my bra and pants. I had no idea how he did it. I could hear shiori cry in the distance. next he yanked my bra off and my pants and I was naked. I went red, embarrassed in font of natsu. my father threw my down on top of natsu and said "ENJOY YOU SLU-" he stopped. all my scars were showing. the deepest ones. my most hidden ones. my cuts and bruises I had given myself. natsu noticed them too. he continued with "JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY YOU SLUT" he stormed out of the room. I heard the door lock and I froze. I sat naked on top of natsu.

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