The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 17

I blushed extremely hard. I was cold. I could feel the icy breeze coming from the floor. "Lu-luce" Natsu spoke up.
"Ye-Yes" I said trying to cover myself.
"Are you okay?" I quickly stoof up and grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around me
"Fi-fine". He slowly stood up and walked over to me.

He had seen my scars. the cuts at the top of my legs, the bruises on my stomach, the cuts at the top of my shoulders. I can usually keep them hidden out of eye site with make uo and clothing but I forgot today. "Luce" he walked over to me "Why do you hurt yourself?" he hugged me tightly. I began to cry
"Because" I mumbled "No body liked me" He let me go and looked me in the eye
"Everyone likes you" I shook my head and replied
"I can't foget about my past, what they said to me, no matter how hard i try, i can't" he wiped my tears away and asked me
"Can i know what happened?" I nodded and we sat on the couch.
"alright, well, it all started a week after I started school"

"So your names Lucy right?" she asked me. I had only met her that day. She had been a week late since she was in hospital, I don't know why.
"Yes" I told her with a smile on my face.
"Nice to meet you Lucy, my names Izumi"
"Nice you meet you too"
"Say can i call you lu-chan?"
"sure". She sat next to me in every class we were in together. she was kind and sweet, but at the same time knew what to say if you said anything to her.

About 8 months after our meeting was the day of horror. We were going home for the Easter holidays "text me okay" She told me.
"Look who it is, it's big fat Lucy" A bunch of girls giggled.
"Enjoy the chocolate fatty!" Izumi went up to them and told them off. Everyone listen to her as she was the head masters daughter.
"Ignore them Lucy" I hid my scars and lied by saying
"I always do".

We walked out of school with me when we heard a gun shot. We quickly turned and a person covered with black clothing was facing us "Lucy Hearifilia" he began walking towards us. "Yors god dame father shut down my train company! I told him he would pay, he didn't believe me, let's see if he will now, right my sweet" He was about to shoot me. I was terrified. I couldn't move at all. He pulled the triger and the bullet began flying towards my head.
"NO" Izumi shouted at it. She then threw herself in front of me and the bullet pierced her skin and went straight into her heart.
"IZUMI" i screamed. she fell to the floor and the person paniced
"SHIT!" he screamed. suddenly police officers gathered him and locked him up.
"IZUMI!" i began crying. i fell to her body. she was nearly dead. her last words to me were
"It's okay i only had a few months left on me anyway. I'm sorry i didn't tell you, may as well hurry it along right? Remember stay strong" She bled to her death. No one could save her. after that the bulling continued. they blamed me for her death, i don't know the logic in it. I couldn't leave there though. it was my mums dream.

"I even tried to kill myself once" I told him. "I failed though, the knot was loose so i ended up breaking my arm" He hugged me again
"Luce, I'm so sorry I didn't know you before" I hugged him back
"It's fine, I'm here aren't i" he let go and said
"why do yo continue to hurt yourself now?"
"Three reasons, one i can't forget about they said, two if i do maybe my father will stop hurting me and three i-" I stopped and looked at Natsu. He seemed so sad. "I'm scared"
"For what?"
"That I will loose you" I began crying again. I couldn't stop at all. I didn't want to blame him bt it's true. i was terrified he would think the same things as they did
"Luce I will never leave you, i love you" he told me. i blushed. my heart began to race
"I love you too" he took my hand and said
"Lets get out of here" the door suddenly opened and Shiroi stood there

"Thank god your okay!" she ran over to me and hugged me. I hugged her back. "Your father is in his bed room, he is just stressed from work" She keeps lying to herself.
"I think I should go" Natsu said standing up.
"I will go check up on your father, bye Natsu" Shiori ran out leaving us alone.
"Okay?" i said. I stood up to say goodbye. He hugged me again. It was warm and nice,
"Luce i really do love you" He told me. i looked up at him and replied
"I love you too" He turned towards me. I closed my eyes. I could feel him breathing into my mouth. he placed his lips on to mine and i placed mine on his. we kissed. it was amazing. i could feel our love growing bigger and stronger. he backed off of me and said "That was my first kiss" I replied
"Same here" we kissed again. it was magical as the first one. he let go of me and said
"I really should go" I followed him too the door.
"I will see you tomorrow" I told him. he kissed me again and said
"Yes i will" I ran back into the house running up the stairs into my room. my first kiss. I hope he is also my last.

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