The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 18

I woke up this morning with my cheek still in pain from yesterday. I didn't know how to face the day. I decided to just get along with my morning preparation.

I got dressed and sat in front of my mirror. My make up was laying on the table ready for me but I just sat their, staring at my reflection. I stared into my brown eyes. I felt so in love and lost at the same time. I shook my head and pressed my hands against my cheeks. "Get it together" I told myself.

I began to put my make-up on my face to cover the mark from yesterday. I could still feel the slap from the red mark. I finished covering it and moved on to my lip stick. I was about to put it on when i stared at my lips. "Natsu..." I mumbled. My face turned bright red, embarrassing myself.

"Lucy you awake?" Shiori shouted. I took the cap off of my lip stick and applied it whilst replying
"Yeah I am" I quickly did my eye make-up and put my hair in a pony tail.
"Alright well breakfasts ready" She shouted replying. I stood up and ran over to my bed. I made my bed and looked at myself in the mirror again. I nodded at my reflection. I was going to face this day like any other day, well apart from the fact that i really hope and wish that Natsu will...will kiss me again. I blushed again and ran out of my room.

I got to the bus stop faster than i expected. Natsu wasn't there yet. I checked behind the tree in case he was going to jump out and scare me. He wasn't there. I heavily sighed and leaned against the bus stop sign. I took my phone out of my pocket. I had a text from Erza. "Hey lucy, I have something really important to talk to you about at school, in private. so be prepared to give me advice!"I sighed again. Why would anyone ask me for advice? of all the people she knew how could I help? maybe she wants cooking tips? I don't know, or writing something, nah that can't be it...
"okay but I'm not good at giving advice" I pressed send. there was no other messages so i slid my phone back into my bag.

That's when i heard him shout "Hey Luce!. My head spun in his direction. He had a massive grin spead on his face. There was two people behind him. I couldn't make them out, but they were talking. When he finally reached me he gave me a big hug. He squeezed me tightly. I was able to see the two people. It was his brother and sister. "Natsu let go of her" Wendy said. I was confused but interested in why she was asking. He let me go and faced his younger sister
"Why?" She ran up to me and hugged me
"Hi Lucy!" she smiled. I didn't really know her but she seemed sweet so I awkwardly hugged her back.
"hi.." I replied.

My eyes averted toward the taller one. Natsu was standing next to him. he had long black hair. He also had piercings on his face. He looked like he was ready to attack at any moment. I was slightly scared. Wendy let go of me and Gajeel stood forward. "I won't give you a hug if that alright" He gave a laugh which sounded...different. "Anyway, so your this dorks girlfriend?" I suddenly blushed from being called Natsu's girlfriend. Natsu started arguing with him for calling him a dork.
"What was that you iron beast?!"
"You heart me you fire freak!" I had no idea what they were calling each other but Wendy and I laughed anyway.

"Oh yeah Lucy, We will be taking the bus with you and Natsu from now on" she smiled at me tilting her head to the side.
"Great" I said even though in the back of my mind all I was able to think was that I wouldn't be able to kiss Natsu when i see him.
"Our mother is making us" Gajeel sadly sighed. "Usually I walk so I can miss Homeroom, I can't stand my teacher"
"And usually I take my bike or walk with my friend. she goes to a different school so I only get to see her when I'm home or I used to when I walked, I was always late though, Which meant i got into a lot of trouble since I'm younger" We heard the bus horn blast. It was driving towards us. I could hear them already. people were laughing and talking over one and other. that bus is something.

All of us got on to the bus and sat up at the back with Loke. Natsu sat next to him and Wendy and I sat in front of him, Gajeel sat in front of us.
"Hey babe" Loke had started his morning flirting. He leaned forward.
"I don't know how many times I have told you this but I'm going to tell you again, but I'm not your babe, honey, sweetie, sugar, girl or any other thing like that, I'm your friend." Natsu pulled him back into his seat and he sulked.

"So what did you have for breakfast" Natsu asked. This morning when I went down stairs Shiori had made bacon rolls. I didn't want to eat though so i put it into a bag and said I would eat it on my way to the bus stop. I lied. I hadn't ate it at all. I gave it to our neighbours dog.
"I had a gigantic breakfast, to cheer my father up. Shiori and I made a fried breakfast. It had eggs, sausage, beans, bacon, you name it! it was on that plate" I lied so he wouldn't get worried.
"Really! I had a measly old piece of toast" He bought it.

Wendy was texting he friend when she turned around to speak to us. "Say Natsu me and Chelia were wondering when you and Lucy are getting married?" We both stared at her in shock.
"Ehm, Wendy we have just started going out" Natsu explained.
"Obviously! but you two have kissed right? So you will then have kids and get married, then me and lucy will be sisters. You first born will be called Nashi she will be like Natsu. then you will have a boy called Igneel, after dad. He will have an attitude like natsu but look more like lucy. Then finally your third will be called after Lucy's mum. She will be a timid girl whom is really pretty. she will look like Lucy! you will all live in a big mansion as one big family, oh and happy will live with you. AH! I almost forgot the best part! All the kids will look up to me. By the time their my age I will be all grown up and be a beautiful adult!" Natsu and I stared at her waiting for her to say "kidding" or "that will never happen" but she didn't she continued. "Anyway, I was wondering, for your wedding could I be the head bridesmaid?"

At this time the bus was staring at us. "We aren't getting married Wendy" She huffed at him and looked at me.
"Lucy can I?"
"eh...a..ask me in the future?" I didn't know how to answer her with out hurting her. she smiled and faced the front again and went on her phone. I turned back to face the two boys. Loke looked pissed off.
"Natsu" he sharply said to the salmon haired boy.
"What is it Loke?" he asked
"If you dare marry Lucy I will speak up, and if that doesn't stop it I will make your life a living nightmare"
"WE AREN'T GETTING MARRIED!" he shouted making his point clear.

The bus stopped. Levy was outside, this was her stop for her grans house. She got up on to the bus and looked about. she spotted me. she walked over and saw the empty seat next to Gajeel. "could I sit here?" she asked. he nodded and looked out of the window.

A girl with hot pink hair got on to the bus. It was tied up in pig tails. "Chelia!" Wendy shouted. She ran up to her. "Why are you getting this bus?" she asked.
"I'm going to the dentist today, It's just around the corner from your school." she smiled. The girl was wearing a Lamia Scale Academy uniform. It was a white shirt with a gray skirt. she had it rolled up to make it shorter, as many people do, me being one of them. Their blazer was a dark green colour with their school symbol on it. It looked like a mermaid. It was black though, the logo. She brought Chelia over to us. She sat next to me and Chelia sat on the chair next to Wendy.

"Alright so, that's Natsu and Gajeel, my brothers and that's natsu's girlfriend Lucy, that's her friend and that's Loke, we aren't meant to talk to him" Loke looked shocked
"nice to meet you al-"
"what do you mean you're not meant to talk to me little lamb?" Loke started playing with Wendy's hair. Natsu slapped his hand away
"Thats my little sister you idiot!"
"So I'm not aloud any girls?!" Loke huffed again.

I looked forward again. Levy was being awkward, as she is with strangers. "Alright" I said and they both turned to face me. "levy, Gajeel, Gajeel, Levy" I introduced them to each other to break the silence.
"ehm...Hi" She nervously said, her voice was shaking. she can be so cute when she's nervous.
"Hi..I'm Gajeel, Nastu and Wendy's brother" they both nodded and turned away from each other. I tapped Levy on the shoulder. she turned around again.
"Why are you getting the bus today?" I asked.
"She has went into hospital" I felt bad for her. she only had her aunt and her grandmother. her aunt was always busy with work so Levy looked after her gran. They were extreamly close.
"You okay?" natsu asked. she nodded and smiled again
"I will be fine" She reached down into her bag and brought out another book. she is always reading.

"Shrimp" Gajeel suddenly said. We all stared at him. A shrimp? was he hungry? or thinking aloud? or...sorry what a shrimp?
"What?" Natsu asked the question we were all thinking. Gajeel turned to levy whom was also staring at him confused.
"You remind me of a shrimp" he said to her. she closed her book and placed it on her lap.
"Dunno you just do I guess?" He laughed wildly again and patted her on the head. Levy looked so confused as did the rest of us. I still haven't said much to Gajeel, but from what I have seen so far I would say his traits are probably apathetic, easily irritated, strong, self confident and well strange.

When we got to school I saw Erza. She looked worried. "Lucy! and Levy?" She looked confused at levy. "nevermind not important erza!" She said to herself. "I NEED HELP!" she grabbed out hands and ran off.

We were out of sight when we stopped. "What the hell erza?!" Levy said catching her breath.
"Not important, I just need to spit it out before I punch a wall"
"why would you punch a wall?" I asked, was she angry?
"Because I'm so helpless it bugs me!" He sighed heavily calming her self. "alright, so it was late last night..."

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