The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 19

"Popcorn for one miss Scarlet" Jellal said in a funny posh accent.
"Why thank you my good sir" Erza coppied it. They both laughed and he sat with her on the couch.
"Press play then" She instructed him.
"I heard it's meant to be very good" Jellal said grabbing the remote. They were watching 21 Jump Street. Neither of them had seen it yet. They cuddle up together to stay warm. Jellal had a fancy house. It was decorated smartly. His parents were visiting his cousins for the next few days so Erza had been spending a lot of time there.
"America looks like a really fun place" Erza said watching it.
"yeah..." Jellal agreed. "OH YEAH!" he said pausing it. he jumped up and faced Erza. "I have a brilliant idea!" Erza sat up and said
"I'm listening" Jellal picked up a book. It was a traveling book.
"I got this and was just looking but i found a small place, not far from here. it's a hot spring for couples. also it's really cheap. So for our year aniversary I was wondering if you'd like to go?" He asked her showing her the page.

Erza was nervous. a holiday, just the two of them, alone, sharing a room, also a hot spring... if it was for couples it meant they would be sharing and that would mean he'd...she went red from over thinking it. "Thats a-a really nice idea" she started out
"I know right" he smiled. she didn't want to hurt him.
"there's a but?"
"no it's nothing, I will just need to think on it, you know about my parents..."
"you're right, well tell me when you know" he sat down again. The rest of the night Erza couldn't watch the movie. She could only think of what Jellal said. she thought about it too much. she panicked. she didn't watch even one part of the movie, Jellal noticed. when he laughed she just stared at the TV.

When she was going home he stopped her and said "You didn't really like the movie did you?"
"It was alright but I guess I like more super hero type movies"
"It's fine haha" he stared into her eyes. they were sparkling like the stars. He brought her close. She was blushing, he could see her blushing. He kissed her. Everytime he kisses her she falls more in love with him. she always feels like it's not real. it's so amazing it's as if jellal is some mythical being made for her.
"I should go..." she said as they came a part.
"bye.." he said letting go of her. she smiled and leaft. she didn't tell the girls about.. the kiss

"help me i don't know what to tell him!" we both stared at her.
"wait..why did jellal ask you on holiday..ARE YOU GOING OUT?!" she shouted
"shhh!" erza silenced her and nodded.
"REALLY!" levy shouted again
"Yes now shut up!"
"What do you want us to do?" I asked
"tell me what to say!" Erza pleaded. She seemed really confused and scared.
"why don't you go?" levy said, getting over her shock of finding out her friend had a boyfriend and she didn't know about it.
"Because I don't want to rush things" she sighed. Levy and I stared at each other. Then we both suddenly realized what she meant.
"Just tell him straight" Levy explained.
"But what if he-"
"He will understand. He wouldn't be with you for a year if he only want you so you could...well fuck" Levy said.
"Alright..." erza said giving into Levy. She turned around and saw Jellal with a bunch of guys who I didn't know. "wait here" she said.

She ran off towards Jellal. "oh Erza He-"
"Just come with me" She instructed and took him by the wrist. She dragged him towards us with him friends staring confused.
"Alright lets do this" she said to herself. jellal stared at Levy and I.
"do what?" he was confused.
"I-I" She couldn't say anything. it was as if she was learning to speak. I decided to take over
"Erza doesn't want to go on holiday with you"
"why not?" He looked sad.
"because she doesn't want to rush things, even if you've been together for a year she wants to wait" Jellal stood back thinking on what I had said.
"She doesn't want to hurt you, she just want your first to be a special, memerable time" Levy joined in
"Wait i never said-" I put my hand over Erza's mouth. She was going to say something which could change Jellal's thinking.

He suddenly went bright red with embarrassment. "No, wait I-I didn't mean I was going, no, I didn't mean that when I asked you, I-" He was too embarrassed to speak.
"Eh?" she went closer to him.
"I just, I just meant we could have a holiday. I also don't want to rush things for, for that" Erza sighed with relief.
"Well if thats the case I will go" He smiled at her and she smiled at him. she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him.

It was really awkward so Levy and I looked away. Then we noticed it. People had crowed around. "psst Erza!" levy sharply whispered. Jellal and Erza broke a part. They then both stared at each other, panicking. they realized where they were. They both froze with Erza's hands around his neck.
"Prez has a boyfriend!" someone shouted.
"I thought she was soulless!" another replied
"Isn't that Jellal?"
"I heard they had been out for a year"
"who said that"
"they did" people were pointing as more crowed around

"Erza?" Mirajane asked coming out from the crowd "are you two"
"Yes we are and yes for nearly a year" he said unfreezing "and Erza is anything but soulless. He stared at the boy who said that. Erza smiled slightly.

The bell rang and they saw their chance. they grabbed hands and ran off."Levy I'm in your class" Cana said taking levy's arm.
"okay bye Lu-chan!" she shouted. They both ran off.

I was standing alone by the time everyone left. "Luce?" I heard. I turned around and saw Natsu behind me.
"Hey Natsu" I said hugging him. I was going to kiss him but I was too nervous to do it first.
"looks like our mornings are going to be fuller from now on" he giggled
"yeah" I sadly agreed. I was looking at my feet. It wasn't that I didn't like Wendy or Gajeel it was just that we had just started dating. Natsu noticed this and he lifted my chin. he kissed me again. it was so warm. I could feel our tounges touch. It was like magic. He let me go and said "We have biology"
"ye-yeah" I said catching my breath.

We were walking towards the doors when I noticed someone. It was Lisanna. "Actually I forgot something, I'll see you there" He nodded and headed in side. I walked over to her. she was sitting against the school wall, her head was burried in her legs. "You okay?" I asked sitting down next to her.
"I give up..." she tearfully mumbled

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