The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 2

The boy looked at me. he looked me up and down and the said "are you going to fairytail academy?" I folded my arms and said
"Y-yes I am"
"The bus comes this way" he said. I placed my self next to him, not making eye contact, looking at my feet. he smiled and said "hi my names Natsu what's yours?" I rubbed my arm and answered
"You new here?" he leaned against the post and stared at me
"Y-Yes I-I am" I didn't want to talk. He seemed nice but all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. There was a horn sound
"Hey Luce, the bus is here" I looked up and he was standing in the door way "hurry up" he ran on and say down next to a bunch of boys.
"Get in already!" the bus driver said. I hopped onto the bus and the doors quickly closed behind me.

I looked down the bus and there was lots of people sitting down. A short girl with blue hair looked up at me "You can sit here if you like" I slowly sat down next to her and she opened up a book. she bean to read.

I looked strait ahead out to the road. I was feeling so much that I felt travel sick. I tried to glance over to that girl with blue hair to see if she was going to talk to me, but her head was deep in her book. I glanced back to see that Natsu boy laughing with his friends. He seemed so happy to be with them. I hoped to at least make one friend. "Luce" suddenly flashed back into my mind. He called me that didn't he? There was only ever one person who called me mother

I entered the school gates to find it covered with teens. People of all sizes, hair colours, and skin tones. I felt so lost and out of orbit. I was approached by a short man with a golden pin which read "Head Master". "You're Lucy Heartifilia right?" He asked.
"Y-Yes, how did you-"
"Being head master I need to know every student and you're the only new face around here" I nodded following him inside my new hell.

"Here a Fairy Tail Academy we believe that students must work together to become one and find their place in the world. In fact the name Fairy Tail represents the "sense of adventure for one to be able to discover more about mysteries and fate". It goes back generations of the school." He told me as we walked down the corridor.
"How old is the school?" I managed to speak up as we continued.
"It is guessed over 100 years old but the grounds age further back than that." He replied. "Ah here we are" He opened the door to his office.

Inside he sat across from his desk and asked me to sit down. "Now as we weren't expecting you today you're time table hasn't been finished yet. So sadly there isn't much for you to do here. However there is plently of forms your mother hasn't filled out yet so-"
"My mother?" My voice broke as I spoke of her.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, you're step mother?"
"I guess..." We both fell silent for a moment.
"Well...anyways, if you take these forms to the library, which is just next door and fill them out for me that would be a lot of help. After that you may stay in the library or wait for the bus home at the end of the day."
"I understand sir" I picked up the tower of paper and bowed before exiting the room.

The rest of the day I ended up hiding from socialisation in the library all day. I felt so droopy and slept all through lunch and break. When the home bell sounded it forced me awake. Outside it was pouring it down. The horn blasted me through the puddles until I threw myself into the damp carriage. When I looked around that girl from this morning wasn't there. I sat where we had sat before and looked around again. Natsu was there. I quickly faced the front and glanced out the window. The puddles were so full and the rain was so loud. It made me remember a memory which I had forgotten.

"Mummy it's raining out side!" I said looking out the window
"Well then lets get our wellies on!" she said bringing out our jackets and Wellington boots. She put my lady bug jacket on me which matched my boots. she wore a pink jacket to match her daisy boots. "shall we go and play?" she said smiling
"Yes!" I said jumping in the air.

A tear fell from my eye. I quickly made it look like I was yawning. I looked behind me and that Natsu boy was staring at me I quickly faced the front. I looked at the mirror and the front of the bus and he was still staring at me. I wanted to ask him why but I couldn't everyone on the bus would make a fuss about it.

"Stop number 14" the bus driver called up. I got up off of the seat and walked past everyone. The rain was getting heavier the more I walked down the bus. "Natsu it's your stop!" a ginger boy said. Natsu quickly got up. I get it now he was day dreaming, makes sense.

I got off of the bus and ran under Neath a tree. Natsu got off the bus as well and joined me. Shiori's house wasn't far away but the road was blocked by water. I decided to call him. I took my phone out and called my dad. He picked up, suprisingly. "hello?" he answered.
"Hi dad it's me could you pick my up, it looks like the roads flooded"
"Who you talking to?" a woman said
"Shh! it's my daughter" he answered her
"Ooh! cute could she join us?" another one said.
"ehm, Lucy I'm sorry I'm busy" he said making up excuses.

I had had enough! I couldn't take it anymore, my anger had suddenly reached it max point and broke through the cage i had locked it in "Listen dad! I don't care if I made a promise to mum that I wouldn't hate you or blame you for her death, but I can't take this anymore! it's your fault! she wouldn't of killed her self if you didn't go around sleeping with every girl you see! No any girl that moves! we would still have our house and I would still be at that school mum wanted me to be at! Just get your act together!" I shouted through the phone
"Where do I go?" I asked.
"GO TO SHIORI'S HOUSE AND PACK A BAG! SLEEP OUTSIDE I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW DO AS I SAY" he hung up on me. I then realised that Natsu had heard the whole thing.

"Hard life" he said itching his head. A bike bell sound rang. It was a small girl with blue hair she was riding a bike.
"Here" she handed him an umbrella "you asked for one, I don't no why" he took it off of her
"Here, hope your okay with your dad" he handed me it and then hoped onto the back off the girls bike. she peddled fast. it was like a gust of wind. I looked down. he gave me his umbrella to go home. I guess there is some nice people left in this world. I put it up and began to walk up to shiori's house. "hope your okay with your dad" I remembered him say i don't think he understands. what my father says goes no arguments.

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