The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 20

"What do you mean give up?" I asked being careful of what I said in case she was going to- well you know. She sighed and looked up at me
"Natsu really likes you. At first I thought it would end after about a day, but it hasn't. I've known Natsu all my life, well from what I can remember, and when he is with you, well, he-he has never acted that way. I'm even beginning to like you! I haven't got a chance" She slumped her head back into her legs and crossed her arms.

Thats when I noticed it. Her sleeve was rolled up. I suddenly got really upset and angry. I lifted her head and slapped her cheek. Tears began to run down my face. "YOU IDIOT!" I screamed. She looked shocked and confused.
"wh-what? w-why did- what?" she stuttered. I bent down and rolled her sleeve up.
"WHY?!" I yelled again.
"I'm not pretty enough for Natsu" She admitted. I fell onto my knees. I was still crying. "Why are you crying anyway" she asked.
"How long has this been going on?" I nervously asked.
"to be honest since you and Natsu went out"

It was my fault. the idea of her killing herself because of me. Love is a powerful thing. it brings both good and bad. I wanted to rewind time and ask Natsu to keep it a secret. If they did, sure it wouldn't be the same but Lisanna would be happy and safe from her own thoughts. It sounds rediculous right? Having to hide from your own brain. But it's true. Monsters inside are harder to deal with than the ones on the outside.

I rolled my sleeve up. She stared at my arm for a long time. I rubbed the make-up off slightly to reveal more. "Why would you-"
"I have my own reasons. I really don't like talking about it though" she smiled at me
"But your so pretty a perfect" she said slightly laughing
"I'm not" I disagreed

I hadn't really told anyone anything about the...things. I kept my feelings hidden. I knew to save her I should tell her. "I used to get teased and bullied when I was younger, I didn't ea-" I suddenly stopped talking. I tried to open my mouth but nothing came out. It was as if I had a mental blockage. "we will be late for class" Suddenly came out of my mouth. She noticed me panicing. She took my cut arm and roled my sleeve down again.
"I have an idea, meet me at the toilets." She smiled at me and ran off. I wondered what she had in store for me. Lisanna is a really nice girl, I don't want her to get in too deep.

At break I entered the toilets. She hadn't gotten there yet. I stood in front of a mirror. I stared at myself like I did this morning. All I could see was my imperfections that everyone pointed out to me. I felt my cheek again. The redness had gone away but I could still feel it.

The door suddenly swung open. It was Lisanna. She checked all the stalls. They were empty. "Alright so I will get straight to it" She began. "There is this place I think we should go to" I stared at her waiting for her to continue. "It's like a rehab but not as serious, I have been going since my mother found out. It's every Thursday after school. It really does help. Everyone there has their own stories. Their all so nice though, so would you?" She asked. I thought on it. Was I ready. How could I tell a bunch of people, I don't even know, my story? I paniced. she wanted me to say yes so badly. I also wanted to help her.

"Well, on Thursdays, I-I, ehm, I have to help my fathers partner around the house, but I can try at times, I don't know how long it will be until I can go" Lisanna smiled at me. If I was going to sink to the bottom of the bottomless darkness I was going to push people up to the light, to save them, as many as I could. Lisanna would be one of them. She's a kind hearted girl who just fell in love with a guy who never liked her back. I remembered I said I would meet Mavis again today so I had to leave.
"I have to go see Mavis, see you later!" I said running out. She waved at me as I did so.

I burst through the roof door. Mavis wasn't there. "Shit" I said catching my breath. I turned around and ran back down stairs and out side. I ran over to the girls table. They were all crowed around as usual. I stopped next to them. "Hav-Hav" I tried speaking but I was out of breath. "Have you seen Mavis?" I asked fixing girls stared at each other.
"Actually we meant to say something..." Cana started.
"What?" I asked.
"Well basically we have never talked to Mavis before, she was so quite and we heard things from the seniors. We weren't sure how to react to her joining us" Cana explained. I was about to say something when I spotted her long flowing blonde hair around the corner.
"One minute" I said running towards her.
"Mavis!" I yelled her name catching up to her. She spun around. She was cradling a gardening book.
"Oh, hi lucy! Are you okay? I heard what happened" She felt my forehead.
"I'm fine, just follow me" I said taking her wrist. We began running to where they were.

Mavis was very shy with them. Even though she was our senior she was scared of her. She is short and small built, like Levy. At least Levy has friends. She was an easy target.

"Everyone meet Mavis" I said introducing her.
"H-Hello" She quietly spoke up. She twiddled her thumbs.
"H-Hi Mavis" Juvia didn't quite know what to say. A sigh of dispointment came from Enno's direction. She shot up and put out her hand.
"Hey Mavis! I'm Enno!" She ran over to Mavis so she could reach her hand. She shook quite roughly. It made Mavis jump. "Your our senior right?" Mavis nodded at the girl. "Wow! That's so cool! I can't wait until I'm a senior! Wait that means your our Mavis-senpi!" Enno laughed. Mavis joined in. Enno was surprise she laughed. So surprised she let go of her hand. "There you go, I knew you could do it" Enno smiled at the small girl laughing.
"She smiled?" someone from another group spoke up. Mavis's smile began to fade.
"Yeah she did! Also if anyone at this school has a problem with Mavis or her smile they can come talk to me!" Cana stood up for her. The girl who said it quickly ran off in fear. Cana stood next to mavis.
"Don't worry I have got your back" She smiled patting the small girls back.
"Thank you" she smiled again. We all began laughing and they made room for her.

Mavis and Lisanna, I will help both of them.

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