The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 21

So much has happened to me since I came to Fairy Tail Academy. I have made so many memories, good and bad. I was sitting at the table. It was lunch. I wasn't eating again. I know that I really should but I felt really bloated. "Aren't you eating" Levy asked.
"No, I had a massive breakfast. It was huge!" She nodded and continued to eat her roll.

Erza was walking towards us. When she reached us the girls gave her the cold shoulder. "Hey..." she said awkwardly. No-one replied. "Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! I never told you!" She bowed appologising. Suddeny the table began laughing.
"We were just kidding!"
"Your so cute together!"
"Their ship name would be JeRza!"
"Haha! So cute!" Erza began to blush. I moved over slightly so she could sit next to me.
"Sorry I'm late!" I heard someone shout. I turned to see Mavis running towards us.

"Hey Mavis!" Mira greated her. She let Mavis sit beside her.
"hello" she replied
"what have you got today?"
"Just a plain old sandwich, you?"
"My mum made me a lunch box"
"It smells delicious!" Mavis said looking at the neatly laid out food.
"Thanks" They had gotten really close. I heard, since Mira is so smart, Mavis is in a few of her classes.

"Why hello ladies" I heard Loke say. We turned around to see they guys walk towards us. "my, my if it isn't Lucy my-" I gave him a cold look and he froze still.
"Hey!" Nastu greated me jumping in front of Loke. I could feel the girls stares which were directed at us. I was blushing.
"hi.." I awkwardly said.
"GRAY-SAMA!" Juvia Jumped up, throwing her arms around Gray. If only I wasn't socially awkward. I would of gave Natsu a hug or even a kiss, but that would be impossible. I don't know how the couples do it!

"Did you guys hear?" asked Alzack.
"Hear what?" Asked Bisica speaking up.
"how could you not know?" He replied
"Just tell us!" She insisted. Alzack looked at Freed and he steppeded forward
"Lamia Scale Academy, Mermaid Heel High, Sabertooth High and Blue Pegasus Academy are all going to merging into this school"
"WHAT!" Everyone yelled.
"Apparently the council have decided they want to have a 'super school' Fairy Tail Academy has the biggest campus so the schools will be coming here" He continued.
"It will be so busy!" Natsu said looking at the people who were already here
"What did you think they built behind the school?" asked Alzack.
"some leisure centre?" he guessed
"Well it's more class rooms"

I heard that not everyone gets along with the other schools. I really hope I don't get anyone who hates me. "oh god!"
"What is it Gray-sama?"
"Lyon will be here!" He paniced. I heard from Erza Lyon was Gray's half brother. They shared a mother, well they were adopted but shared a adoptive mother. I also heard that this Lyon had a crush on Juvia.
"Don't worry I will never fall for him Gray-sama" He sighed but smiled at her. Gray completely trusted Juvia, he just didn't trust his annoying brother.

"Hey shrimp" Gajeel greated Levy.
"Well this is new" Cana teased.
"hi...Gajeel..." There was an awkard silence. It was broke by laughter though.
"Lucy!" I heard Wendy yell. I stood up and asked her
"What is it?"
"Chelia is moving here! She never even told me! I'm so excited!" She noticed the others and suddenly piped down. Wendy can be shy when theres people she doesn't know. A boy ran after Wendy.
"Oh yeah, this is Romeo" She introduced him. She was slightly blushing which was cute.
"nice to meet you romeo, I'm Lucy" he smiled and replied
"Hey! Anyway Wendy, we were dealing with an important matter, we have to go back!"
"Okay, see you Lucy! Oh Natsu and Gajeel are here as well" She said noticing her brothers "Bye!" they ran off together.

"Thats our english teachers son" Juvia said. I stared at him. They looked nothing a like! That lunch went by so fast. It only felt like a second. It was fun but I was so hungry. I may of been hiding this but I didn't want them to worry.

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