The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 22

"Well it's broken" The bus driver explained. The bus wouldn't start so we would have to walk. One of the first years thought it would be hilarious to cut the wires. I looked at Wendy's friends who looked guilty. I didn't know she wanted to walk with Chelia that much!

Gajeel came towards Natsu and I. "Wendy and I need to go into town, See you at home, oh and explain that to mum" He nodded and left with Wendy. I would be walking alone with Natsu? My heart skipped a beat.
"Not so fast" Loke said behind us.

Loke followed us. Well he would of followed us all of the way if it wasn't for the fact he got a phone call from his mum and had to leave. We were alone, together. I hadn't been alone with him since this morning. It was so nice. Natsu took my hand and smiled. I smiled back. It was such a perfect moment. Until I saw her.

The girl who made fun of me the day that my friend died. it was her... Why was she here? Of all of the place she could of been, why? "Lucy?" She said spotting me. She was compleatly branded with labels. "CHUB CHUB!" she shouted running towards me in heels. She kissed each of my cheeks and hugged me. As usual she was so pretty. The only one I could think that could compete with her beauty would be mira.

Natsu simply stared at this tall girl confused. "My, my fattie haven't you gotten slightly, very small percentage, prettier" I didn't understand the need for the names. Last time I checked my name was Lucy. I was too afraid to say anyhting though.
"Thanks Kani"
"No problem Fatty" She looked at Natsu and seemed shocked. Her eyes followed down him until she saw us holding hands. she made an annoyed faced and lifted her hand above ours. She karate chopped our hands so we would seperate. It didn't work though. "Haha, just kidding!" She luaghed at herself, nervously.

She fixed her shirt and continued "So melons, who is this hottie?" She winked at Natsu.
"this is-"
"I'm Lucy's boyfriend Natsu"
"Boy friend?" She burst out laughing "Oh my, I thought you were gay Lumpy! What a surprise!" I wish I could of died right there and then. She drove me nuts, I was too afraid to say anything. It would be hard on Natsu but I'm sure she would get over my death.

She stood between us and wrapped her arm around his "So, Natsu, Why don't we leave Fatty here and come and see what a real girl is like" She began to take him away. I looked at the floor wanting to cry, Just leave! I wanted to yel but I couldn't.

She stopped and turned saying "HAHA! JK! anyways, I'm staying in town for a short while I might see you again" She kissed Natsu on the cheek and he looked disgusted with her, "What you want one on the lips?"
"Stop it..." I mumbled
"What Fattie? You want food?"
"STOP IT!" I exploaded
"OMG I was just joking!"
"I don't care If you were joking or not! You don't go around kissing other peoples boy friends! Just leave this place!" I stormed past her.
"LUCE!" He yelled running after me.
"Who was she" He asked me. I stopped and looked at her.
"Just someone from my past" He hugged me and said
"I told you, I'm not going any where. You can't get rid of me that easily" I smlied and he kissed my forehead. He took my hand again and we continued to walk.

Why did she have to invade here? Why?

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