The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 23

When I finally reached home it looked like no one was in. I stuck the key in the key whole and twisted it around. I pushed the door open and as it creaked I entered the house. It was so quiet. There was no sign of life. Father was working and so was Shiori. I had the house all to myself.

My phone began beeping so i pulled it out of my pocket to see it. I had got a text from Erza. It read: "We are going to the Lolly Corner. It's a new cafe which has just opened across from the Little Bags shop. Want to come along?" I placed my bag where i usually place it and took my shoes off. I replied
"Sure, I will meet you there" I replied. My phone had plenty of charge in it so i didn't bother plugging it in. I ran up stairs to get ready. I quickly got changed into a skirt and a simple pink vest top. I added my grey cardigan which had little black bows on it. I yanked my converse out of my wardrobe and grabbed my purse. "£6.30" I mumbled to myself. I really should get a job. I took my small bag and headed out, grabbing they keys on the way out.

The town was quite busy. Only a few students were still in their uniforms. I looked to my left where there was a small bakery. I looked to my right. It was "The Mad Hatters Tea Party". I remembered Shiori telling me that it was where my dad had got a job. I stopped and looked into the window. I couldn't see him. He must of been in the back. I continued walking. It must be weird for him. He was the boss and owner of a big time, money making railway company. now he is a bus boy, well I think he is.
"Lucy!" I heard Erza shout. I looked from where I heard it. I saw her waving. Levy, Mira, Juvia and someone I didn't know were with her. The girl had brown hair and was wearing a cat jumper. I walked up to them putting a smile on my face.
"Hi" I greeted them.
"Lucy, this is my friend Milliana, Milliana this is Lucy" She smiled at me and said.
"Nice to meet you!" She sounded quite energetic.
"You too" I smiled back.
"I'm from Mermaid Heel High! Erza thought it would be a goof idea if I met you guys before our school entered yours. So I can make some more friends."
"Well I hope we can be friends" I said smiling at her. She reminded me of a cat, so cute.
"Well lets go in" Juvia said.

Inside was decorated like a candy store. There was lollies on the wall, retro sweets stuck every where, the tables were pink like cotton candy and the chairs were basic but had a swirly rainbow pattern on them. We sat together at a table together and opened the menus. A waitress came over to us. She was in a pink maid dress. She looked really pretty. Her name was Noa. She had pretty brown hair. She was like a doll. "Is that all?" She asked taking down our order. we all nodded at her and she left us.
"So" Mira began "How do you two know each other?"
"We're childhood friends" Milliana spoke up "It was me, Erza, Simon, Wally, Sho and Jellal"
"EHH?!" Levy gasped. "So you and Jellal go way back?" she teased Erza. Erza blushed to what she had said.
"So you two are together?" Milliana asked Erza. She nodded nervously. "Well you have always liked him." Erza turned red with embarassment.
"Can we change the subject please!" We all laughed at Erza being cute.

"So, Milliana, What do you like?" I asked
"CATS!" She shouted.
"Don't ask her any questions about...that" Erza instructed. I nodded and Milliana sighed. I guess she is a cat-lady.
"Well, that's one more single-ton" Levy joked nugging Mira. Milliana looked confused. She looked at me and said
"You have a boy friend?" I began blushing. She smiled at me as if she was laughing but didn't make a sound. "Who?!" She insisted on knowing. I was too embarrassed to reply.
"Natsu Dragneel" Levy spoke up. "Pink haired boy, not much taller than Erza. Gajeel and Wendy are his siblings. Gajeel's our age,Wendy's in Fairy Tail Middle school."
"Don't know him, but I will when I go to your school!" She sounded excited. They all laughed whilst I remained blushing.

A hour had passed and we were still talking. I learned quite a lot about Milliana. She seemed really nice. I also found out that Mermaid Heel High was a girls only high school. My phone began ringing. "One second" I said answering it. "Hello?"
"I can see you!" I was confused. I looked at my phone. It was Shiori. "Turn around!" I looked out of the window and saw Shiori outside. She was dressed quite smartly. "Wait there!" She said as she hung up. She began to walk fast towards the cafe.

She came in straight through the door. She spotted me and was going to walk towards me but Noa stopped her. "Shiori?" She asked. they both smiled and hugged. "Look Shiori! I did it" She spun showing her the sop. Shiori's face lit up.
"I told you, you were ready! This place is so cute, well sweet" She began laughing at the joke she made. "Anyway, I'd love to catch up but I have to go see my-" She didn't know what to call me "Friend" She said pointing at me. Noa nodded and she left her. My friends were all staring at the woman who was coming over to us.

"Hi Lucy!" She smiled at me.
"Hey Shiori" I awkwardly said. she looked at everyone at my table.
"Are you Lucy's friends?"
"Yes" Mira said. "I'm Mira, this is Levy, Erza, Juvia and Milliana"
"Well it's nice too meet you all!" They all said hello. "Oh! That reminds me Lucy! Come to your fathers work with me, I need to give my friend a letter, your dads boss"
"Sure, one sec" I threw my money on the desc and said "That should cover it, see you guys tomorrow" Shiori took my wrist and dragged me off.

We entered the shop I had saw earlier. I couldn't see him any where. The shop was normal. It did have hats every where though. A tall handsome man came out of the kitchen. "DOAN!" Shiroi hugged him tightly.
"Shiori! I-I n-n-nee-e-e-d t-t-to br-eath!" He said gasping for life. She let go and laughed.

"Oh yeah! This is Lucy Heartifilia, Jude's daughter" He came over to me. He looked like a model from a magazine. He wore a old pair of used jeans, a tight t-shirt and a checked scarf, oh and smart glasses.
"Nice to meet ya" He came close to my face and I said
"N-nice to meet y-you too" He smiled at me and said
"She is quite pretty" Shiori hit his arm and gave him an annoyed looked.

"So how do you two know each other?" Slipped out of my mouth.
"We go way back! We met in high school and ended up going to the same college" Shiori explained
"You missed out an important part!" Doan sighed.
"Your kidding! Our love, it was so powerful" He dramatically said. She rolled her eyes at him.
"Seriously, your my brother in law! Get a grip"
"Shiori! You can't stop this love storm!" He fell to the floor dramatically. She began laughing.
"I didn't know you had a sister" I said slightly laughing at him.
"Oh no don't get the wrong idea" She said picking him back up "This guy is gayer than...well gay"
"Tch, You had to ruin my fun!" He moaned. She pinched his ear and twisted it
"Shut up or I'll Tell Yuu!" I guess that's her brother. she let go and reached into her bag and took out the letter. "Here!" She handed him it. He opened it and began to read. "Mother said that she wanted you to go"
"Can't She go!" He moaned
"Listen, my mother is-"
"order for take away" I heard him say. We quickly drew our attention to the kitchen window. It was him. My father.

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