The Red Balloon (NaLu)

Chapter 24

Since when could my father cook? He never cooked at home, ever. He spotted Shiori and I. "Hey, We were just stopping by" Shiori smiled at him. Doan stood next to me.
"I will talk when I finish" he vanished into the kitchen. Doan whispered to me

"Your father acts different around you" I looked at him. Different? He has always acted one way. The way he is. There was no other him. "Anyway!" Doan spoke up "Your incredibly pretty Lucy. If I was straight I'd" Shiori looked at him in a serious way "Date you! What did you think I was going to say?"
"You do know that your 28"
"Don't remind me!"
"Also Lucy has a boy friend"
"You do, no surprise" He laughed. "I was kidding anyway" He seemed fun to hang with. "Your boy good to ya Lucy?" he asked. I blushed and nodded my head. "Thats good" he smiled widely and did a peace sign. "Anyway I will text ya after I've texted ma" He seemed to like is 'a's .
"See you around" Shiori kissed his cheek. He turned to me and placed his cheek in front of my face. I stared at Shiroi and she just nodded. I awkwardly kissed it.
"Nice to meet ya!" He waved us out.

We were walking home when she started talking about him "he is a looker isn't he" I blushed and replied
"What do you mean?"
"He is fit, hot, you could totally sleep wi-"
"okay, okay! You heard him though, we did date. Our break up was a bit unclear but he left me heartbroken. It was so awkward in college, well at first. after a while we got back to normal. It was weird when i found out he liked my brother" She looked at me and smiled "Maybe one day I'll tell you about it. Me and my wild adventures!" She did a weird pose and burst out laughing. I joined in "But don't worry about it. Sure he is hot and such, but your father is even better" I had no idea what she saw in my father. It made no sense to me.

From what I knew about my fathers youth, he seemed like a completely boring person. He went to a private school for boys and was a well behaved student. I'm sure, or at least hope he done something 'rebellious' in his life, at least once. I wonder how he met my mother though...that could be interesting.

We finally reached the house. We got to the door when we saw a present laying in front of it. it was wrapped in pink paper with daises on it. it was completed with a pink ribbon tied in a bow. Shiori picked it up. It had a card on it. Shiroi took it off and read it. She looked shocked. "What is it?" I asked.
"My sister!" I thought she didn't have a sister.

She ripped the present open. It was a cardboard box. She ripped that too. Inside the cardboard box was a photo frame. It was a picture of Shiori and a girl they were both younger."Why!" She yelled. She began crying. I comforted her. "My sister might be coming to town." She panicked, I didn't understand what was wrong. "Maybe I'm wrong, she might be busy and cancel again...I hope she does..."
"What's so bad about your sister coming to stay?" I said trying to look at the picture, I was pretty interested.
"She destroys my life every time she visits! She doesn't even know about you two" She buried her head in her knees.
"It will be fine" I didn't know what to say.
"Last time she stole my boyfriend off of me, the time before that she got me fired from my job, the time before that time I got kicked out of my old flat, the time before that time she got me arrested, the time bef- you get the point" I lifted her up by the arm.
"Lets just go inside"

"IM HOME!" He shouted as he entered the house. Shiori ran into his arms.
"Help me!" I was watching from the living room door. She gave him the photo. he looked at it shocked
"So this is the famous picture you famous sister gives you every time she comes over?" She nodded. Father shook his head.

He spotted me. "Lucy did you have a good day?" Shiori and I both froze. He was trying to make conversation with me.
"Eh, alright. I was surprised when I saw you though" It was weird talking to him, like he was a stranger.
"Yeah...I didn't know you could cook"
"I used to have servants, well you would know that" I awkwardly nodded. Shiori snapped out of it.
"I will get the dinner on" She left for the kitchen.

We both awkwardly stood there. We have known each other all my life, but we knew nothing about one and other. "I" He stared at me "I'm going to my room" I turned to go up the stairs.
"Same" He said. He began to follow me.

He came into my room. "It's nice what you've done to it" When he said same i thought he was going to his room. There was nothing different about it. It was just messy. I awkwardly stood there nodding. He sat on my bed and i pulled over the stool from my dresser. He spotted Michelle and picked her up. "You still have this doll"
"Of course I do" I replied with a stern tone.
"Lucy" He said putting her down. I nodded looking at him. "Would you like to know how your mother and I met?"

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